Miami’s blend of culture and diverse architectural styles speaks volumes. Over the years, Miami has become popular for its Mediterranean-style and Spanish Colonial villas. This is changing as innovative architects continue to redefine the city’s residential scene. Today, Miami portrays a mix of the late 19th century and modernist architecture. Here we will talk about 77 Residence by SDH studio architects in Miami.

In today’s residential markets, people are gravitating towards space and natural lighting. The blending of historic design elements and modern lifestyle trends such as swimming pools is another key trend. Today, architects are designing homes that win many hearts. These designs create a balance between structural efficiency, design, and aesthetic value.

Large windows to let in natural light and the right choice of colors are the other design aspects. All these create an ambient living space that prioritizes space and comfort while maintaining privacy.

One of the Miami architects that’s pushing this transformation is the SDH Studio. Founded in 2009, the firm is highly innovative and constantly challenging the status quo. Among the firm’s recently completed projects is a spec home in Bal Harbour, the 77 Residence. We’ve highlighted the design aspects of the project, from the exteriors to the interiors.

SDH Studio Design Style  

77 Residence


SDH Studio is one of south Florida’s architecture firms that focuses on modern designs. Most of the firm’s projects have a strong emphasis on lighting, form, and function. To meet the expectations of their clients, SDH is often keen on details. The 77 Residence is a perfect example.

With this single-family home, the outside world integrates with the interiors. This creates a harmonious relationship between the homeowner and the immediate surrounding.

SDH studio uses expressive materials and simple lines for the home’s interior and exterior. They understand the nature of each material, allowing them to create inherent designs. Most of which establishes a dialog between modern architectural form and its environs. 

As one of the best architectural firms in Miami, SDH Studio has a place on the high table. Their portfolio of projects reflects a mastery of stellar designs. And most of them focus on sustainability, comfort, and well-being. The firm’s dedication to blending all these aspects sets them apart in the competitive market. 

SDH’s designs are generally geared towards individuality and creativity that enhance people’s lives. The Studio’s work has attracted many developers and homeowners. Some of the firm’s work features on sites such as Ocean Home and Tropic Magazine. Other publications include Miami Home & Décor, Luxe Interior & Designs, and OD Casas. 

The 77 Residence Spec Homes

Miami’s real estate market for modern and elegant residential homes is on the rise. Architects in South Florida know this to be true, and most are shifting their focus to this growing niche. SDH Studio is one of Miami’s architecture firms that are well-positioned for this transformation.  

The 77 Residence project features single-family homes built for a developer. That is, not individual homeowners. The home features spacious, well-lit interiors with unobstructed outdoor views. This creates a blend of beautiful indoor and outdoor living, a modern home design admired by many. 

To bring the project to life, SDH Studio partnered with TREO Construction. The choice of materials is intentional and well-formulated. According to SDH Studio’s lead architect Stephanie Halfen, natural stone and smooth stucco make up the exterior finishes. This creates a unique mix of textures that underline the volumetric composition of the exteriors.

With the interiors, the same texture applies, creating a calm and serene ambiance. Natural stone finishes inside the living room reflect a true connection to nature. Every window is a gateway to the adventurous outdoors.

And with the keen selection of stacking and sliding glass doors, this becomes even more fun. There’s a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living from the living room, family room to the kitchen. And the sight of swaying palm trees to the welcoming pool waters are just but the highlights.

77 Residence Leads the Way in Miami Modern Architecture

77 Residence


It’s without a doubt that people love the spacious designs of modern homes. This transition is cutting across both the residential and commercial markets. For instance, people prefer offices with more natural lighting and ample space. Similarly, homeowners want structures that minimize wasted space and maximize outdoor views. 

Florida residential architects are moving towards modern architectural designs. Some of the famous Miami architects are also following suit, and the trend is only getting better. The rise in demand is partly due to millennials entering the home-buying market. Considering their taste for sustainability and stylish minimalist designs, modern homes will likely keep up with the reputation.

Some benefits to modern home designs are their emphasis on energy efficiency and natural, non-toxic materials. These homes also put a premium on recycling and maximizing energy whenever possible. And with efficient airflow and abundant natural lighting, the design is both economical and earth-friendly.