You turn your AC on to beat the scorching heat of Lake Zurich, and you are surprised by a strange sound. You immediately start panicking as you know something is off with your air conditioning system. The air conditioners today are modeled to operate silently. And the minute you hear strange noises from the system, know it’s time to call the AC repair Lake Zurich, IL, technicians. 

The mysterious noises should never be ignored for it will take no time for minor problems to shape into a major ones. The unusual sounds from the AC are an early warning sign that signals it’s time to call the AC company Lake Zurich, IL, for servicing. The sooner you find the problem of the unusual noise, the better it is for the system. 

Troubling AC Noises

The following are a few of the common unusual noises that your HVAC system may make and the reason behind it. 


If your air conditioner is making a weird banging noise, then it possibly is because of loose connections or broken parts. Sometimes, if the indoor blower is balanced not right, it can lead to a banging sound. The issue can range from minor to major, which must be addressed immediately.

The parts inside the compressor can be the cause where if the piston, connecting rod or crankshaft is broken or loose. If the banging is loud, then it may indicate that the system may need a replacement of the compressor. 

The banging noise usually occurs if the system is not maintained properly. This is why you must call the experts for AC maintenance Lake Zurich, IL, annually, for better performance. 


AC Repair Lake Zurich IL


Clanking is the next sign that indicates out-of-balance or loose part. The interior sealed unit parts may have failed likely or the compressor must have undergone repairs, signaling replacement.

It can also mean the outdoor fan or the indoor blower must have gone out of balance or may have gone loose, resulting in hitting other parts of the unit. These are serious issues which if left, would guarantee you with heavy repairs and replacement. 


The most common reason for buzzing sound in your air conditioners are,

  1. Loosely connected parts
  2. Accumulation of dust and debris in the outdoor or indoor unit
  3. The motor of the outdoor fan has become loose and is about to fall off
  4. The condenser coil is dirty
  5. Dirty and clogged air filter
  6. The blower is repaired and needs replacement
  7. Refrigerant leak

Another common reason for buzzing can be electrical problems. If you are dealing with buzzing issues, get help from the professionals of AC repair Lake Zurich, IL. 


If you hear a click while starting and shutting the system, then worry not, as it is normal for the electrical components to click. However, constant clicking is not normal as it could be an indication of failed thermostat or defective control.

The unit is comprised of many electrical components, making it very important to pay close attention. If this issue is taken lightly, it can lead to other serious electrical issues. Therefore, get it repaired before it forces you to spend heavily on other major repairs.


AC Repair Lake Zurich IL


The squealing noises can be because of the issues with the blower or fan which are transmitted through the unit’s duct system. The sound can also be because of malfunctions. If the unit is not maintained properly, it will give these squealing, rattling, and other related sounds. 


A humming sound is usually not considered serious and is most often ignored by homeowners. A silent humming sound from the system is normal, but if it troubles you with its loud volume, then it is a matter of concern.

The reason for the sound can be mostly because of loose parts or something wrong with the interior part. It also indicates electrical problems. If the compressor refuses to start and gives the humming sound, then the issue may lie with the motor or loosely connected wires. 

If your air conditioner is suddenly making noises, then don’t ignore the problem and get help from Aaron & Trecker Heating & Air Conditioning by calling 847-665-1596. Ignoring the issue will only worsen the problem, so act smart and get it repaired at the earliest.