Acrylic paint is a popular artistic medium because it is forgiving and easy to work with. If you make a mistake, let it dry before painting over it. One of the key reasons that this medium is appreciated by newbie painters is its ease of application. Acrylic is also used by more accomplished artists for a variety of tasks, and they blend it with a variety of other mediums to get distinct results.

Check out some of these acrylic painting ideas if you want to experiment with this form of paint. There are some projects that will help you improve your general technique and others that are simply entertaining. Choose one and let your imagination go wild.

The first step in learning how to paint with acrylics is to gather the necessary acrylic painting art tools. This guide for acrylic paint contains a list of important acrylic art ideas that you will require to begin painting with acrylics. 

If you’re a complete newbie who is just getting started with acrylics, have a look at the list of acrylic painting artist supplies given below. You can also read an overview of these fundamental acrylic painting supplies.

Try Out Pouring Technique

Acrylic pouring produces results that are akin to tie-dye in that each creation is unique and unpredictable. The following article explains how to pour acrylic paints and answers some frequently asked questions.

Mountain Painting

Acrylic Paint


This mountain painting appears to be created with watercolours at first glance since it appears to be light and airy. We can confirm that the painting was created with acrylic paint. Check out Ink Struck’s tutorial to learn how to duplicate this technique.

Use a Palette Knife

Painting abstracts isn’t as simple as it appears. You could read this headline, pick up a palette knife and some acrylic paint, and start painting on a canvas at random. If you want to make an abstract painting that looks professional, go to Feeling Nifty’s guide and read through all of the steps.

Heart Family 

Pick a simple design and have everyone paint their own painting inside the shape using the same colour palette if you wish to paint with the whole family. Each painting will be unique to the family member, but when hung together, they will look great.

Set Clouds 

Because combining colours on the canvas isn’t always an easy option, painting clouds with acrylic paint might be difficult. This acrylic painting lesson will show you how to make a realistic cloud texture with cotton swabs that also looks mystical.

Try Painting Flowers

Acrylic Paint


Painting in a specific style is one approach to make a painting endeavour more engaging. Shape, colour palette, and general vibe are all factors to consider when choosing a style. This tutorial from The Postman’s Knock will explain retro style before showing you how to paint these flowers in it.

Bubble Painting Technique

This acrylic painting project is a lot of fun to do with kids or a group of friends who are young at heart. Like any other painting, the main painting is created with acrylic paint. The hydrangea blooms will next be created with acrylic paint and bubbles, as demonstrated by A Piece of Rainbow.

Paint Your Favourite Animal

Consider turning your favourite animal into a cartoon character painting if you’re stuck for ideas. Then, using the procedures outlined here, make your own animal painting.

Paint Birch Trees

You might wish to paint this piece of art for your home if you like a modern farmhouse design with a hint of rustic. This birch tree painting tutorial walks you through some basic techniques for adding texture and depth to trees.

Paint Your Shoes

Acrylic Paint


Try rethinking your canvas if you’ve run out of acrylic painting ideas. Acrylic paint is a versatile media that may be used on many different surfaces. This painted shoe project is one of our favourites, and we believe the finished product is fantastic. Learn how to stencil your own shoes with a few low-cost materials.

Paint Your Pillow

Another acrylic painting concept based on rethinking your canvas is this one. Instead of painting a piece of wall art, consider incorporating it into a throw pillow. This blog post will walk you through the process and help you choose colours that go with your existing decor.

Paint Houseplants and Herbs

Acrylic Paint


When they don’t overthink things, most painters believe that painting with acrylics is the most pleasant. Remember that the completed product does not have to be perfect in order for the art to be appealing. This article will teach you how to loosen up your brush strokes and enjoy the process of painting.


Acrylic paints available in a variety of formats, including tubes, bottles, and jars. They’re also available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2oz to 32oz. Stick with the 2oz size if you’re just getting started. You may then determine whether or not you like the brand before investing in more. Depending on whether you paint large or little, those 2oz tubes can last a long time. I’ve had a lot of my 2oz tubes for a long time. As a result, if you’re just getting started with acrylics, go for the smaller tubes or jars!

Acrylic paints can also be purchased in sets, which may lower the price per tube. As a result, an acrylic paint kit may be a fantastic investment for novices, as you’ll be beginning from scratch with your colour palette.