Are you finding something unusual in your air conditioner or unable to determine the problem? Every individual would wish to have an excellent conditioner AC mostly during summer. You may expect it to function without any problem. But still, be it an expensive or reasonable AC model, it will face problems after a time of usage. Do not worry if your AC fails. Before lodging a complaint or requesting air conditioning repair in Tomball, TX, ensure to check the following list of things. Let’s see air conditioner repair in Tomball TX.

Evaluate the Vents:

Check the vents in all the rooms and see whether they are free from blockage. At times, the vents have chances to get blocked because of the box of tissues, dust, etc. It has to be in the exposed status. 

Evaluate the Electrical Fittings in the House:

When the air does not receive power, it would not function. Before approaching the experts for AC services in Tomball, TX, evaluate the circuit breaker. It may sound odd or abnormal but there are possibilities to experience tripping of the circuit breaker. The external unit may have a disconnect switch and it may have switched off at the time of maintenance. If you are finding this issue, you can switch it on and see whether the unit is functioning well. 

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Evaluate the Condenser Unit:

One of the important parts of the AC is the condenser unit. When it fails or has issues, it will cause the humming sound in the air conditioner. The condenser unit is enclosed with vents to safeguards its subtle coil. However, there are possibilities for the vents to get clogged, thus resulting in a lack of airflow.

It can even result in shut down or poor functioning of the AC. Eliminate the debris and see whether there is any weed or plant developing within the condenser unit. Make sure to evaluate the drain tubes as their failure can result in water pooling. When the water occupies the condenser pan and the drain gets blocked, the air conditioner’s inbuilt safety facility that is the float switch will automatically shut the air conditioner

Evaluate the Air Filters:

Dirty or clogged filters result in the breakdown of the AC. It directly affects the blower motor, thus resulting in high energy bills or increase overall cooling expense by almost 15%. Also, the air filter should be replaced frequently. If you do not replace the filter, it can motivate the AC to fail prematurely. Check for the blocked filter when the AC is turning off and on frequently. 

Evaluate the Thermostat:

Evaluate the batteries in the thermostat as they can be inappropriately set. The batteries may require replacement or can be enclosed with dust or grime. When the battery requires replacement, ensure to change the batteries in your thermostat gently. Allow the air conditioner to modify to the fresh settings and then change the temperature. If possible, try to change or refresh the entire settings. Evaluate the thermostat to find out whether the AC setting is in automatic or cool mode. 

If your AC starts to function after performing the above checks, then there is no requirement to schedule AC repair Tomball, TX. But if in case, if the AC does not function after these measures and checks, you have to call in the experts. 

air conditioner repair in Tomball TX


Why Is It Bad to Function AC Without the Filter?

It is an important doubt many AC users ask their HVAC contractors. When you want to use and keep the AC in an excellent position for a long period, you have to keep it free from damages. The air filter aids in eliminating the debris and dirt that is accumulated in the inner part of the AC. Never attempt to function the AC without the filter. If you do so, it can cause several potential problems like:

  • Air quality issues
  • Freon tube issues
  • Condensate drain issues

These issues may start in a very mild and small manner. But as it continues, it will severely damage the unit. If you have doubts regarding air conditioner repair in Tomball, TX, you can call and speak to the Wrightway Comfort team at (832)772-5642.