The average charges for air duct cleaning in Jacksonville FL would range from $500 to $700 or more. Some of the factors that decide the cost include:

  • The contractor you are hiring
  • The level of dirt settled in your ducts
  • The location of the ducts
  • The size of the residence

If you are thinking of getting an estimate for air duct cleaning Jacksonville, FL, you need to check the following factors. Once you get a clear knowledge about the steps involved, you would know whether it is worth spending that amount for duct cleaning. 

1. The Contractor You Are Hiring:

Air Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville FL


It is one of the important and biggest factors to evaluate when you have decided to get duct cleaning Jacksonville, FL. Experienced and high-quality contractors are usually expensive. However, you should remember that you get the best level of service when you pay a little bit extra.

Such experienced contractors do excellent work and even offer guarantees. It means when you face any issue after a month or two, you can still contact them and get their services free of cost. 

When you approach a low-priced contractor, there are very few chances for quality work. Apart from charging, their services can result in various issues. 

In simple words, a bad contractor would create problems such as:

  • Developing damage to ceilings and walls
  • Damaging the ductwork due to their carelessness
  • Releasing dust from the ducts inside your house

2. The Location of the Ducts:

The majority of the ducts are set up in the ceilings and attics and it is simple to access. However, some house owners would have installed behind the walls or difficult to access areas or crawl spaces. In this case, the cleaning cost would be expensive.

The contractor would usually give a quote after seeing the accessibility of the duct. If they find it hard to access various portions of the ducts, they would charge accordingly. It is best to inform the contractor about the location before he asks.

This way, you can also avoid surprise bills. Some house owners forget to say about their duct’s location while getting a quote. But when the contractor charges after the service, they would find the bill expensive or not as per their expectation. It is always best to maintain a transparent association with the contractor. 

3. The Level of Dirt Settled in the Ducts:

Air Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville FL


If the ducts are dirty or have not been cleaned for a long time, then the cleaning task will be challenging. The duct cleaning engineer would use advanced and special tools and equipment to remove excessive formation of debris and dust. Due to this, their cleaning cost would be a bit high. 

What Are the Signs of Dirty Ducts?

  • The airflow would be weak from the supply vents
  • The air filter remains dirty most times
  • Symptoms of allergies appear frequently for you or your family members
  • Settlement of dust on furniture close to the vents
  • You can easily see the dust-busting out from the vents

4. The Size of the Residence:

The cleaning process will be expensive when the house is big. It is because big houses will have more ductworks and are more complicated than small houses. It would also be challenging to clean the entire ductwork. So, if you have a big house or more than fifteen vents, then you have to be prepared to pay an upper-end cost. 

Most contractors give a quote before starting the cleaning task. If they have not given a quote, ensure to request a quote, compare their services and then schedule for duct cleaning services. 

Top reasons to schedule duct cleaning service:

  • Certified technicians thoroughly clean the duct system in such a way as to eliminate the entire harmful particles.
  • Some of the common elements present in the air ducts are rodents, mite feces, pollen, and dead insects that eventually affect the air quality. If you have family members who are suffering from asthma, then this situation is risky. The particles circulate throughout the air conditioning ducts and pollute the entire indoor space. 
  • Specialized filtration devices assist in removing even tiny or microscopic air duct elements from your house. 

Safeguard your employees or family by scheduling proper duct cleaning services. Call the Envirovac team at 904-503-7702 and schedule for air duct cleaning in Jacksonville FL today.