The world of roofing can be a complex place. Many people struggle with water-proofing flat roofs, pitched roofs, or barrelled roofs in particular, due to their unusual shape and that relationship with falling rain and pooling rainwater. Due to the nature of waterproofing, it’s something that can simply never be skipped over or skimped on, because nobody wants their roof to leak and to have to deal with the consequences. It can be a real problem and an absolute headache to resolve, but fortunately, there’s a solution, and it’s actually a lot more accessible than you think: alwitra roofing.

What Is Alwitra Roofing?

Alwitra roofing is a single ply, fleece-backed, synthetic waterproofing membrane with purpose-made metal flashings. The metal flashings are individually constructed and are laid on top of the waterproof membrane with the synthetic fleece backing. In order to work with Alwitra roofing, it is necessary to hold a license, which then allows the holder to purchase roofing materials and install them (usually this will be a roofing specialist or a contractor).

A Wilson Roofing is a great example of a business that specializes in different types of roofing solutions including being licensed to install alwitra roofing.

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It’s a very high-quality material that’s not only incredibly effective, but it also has a wealth of other benefits in the installation, the disposal, as well as the properties of the material itself. In fact, Alwitra covers some 120 million square meters of roofing across the world, making it one of the most popular and impressive roofing products available on the market.

What Are the Benefits of Alwitra Roofing?

Single Ply Is Strong and Durable

Alwitra Roofing


Obviously, it goes without saying that you want your roof to be strong and for it to be that way for as long as possible, which means you want a roofing material that can fulfill those needs.

The alwitra roofing is incredibly hard-wearing which makes it appropriate for harsh weather and slightly more extreme conditions. The strength and durability mean it’s less frequently in need of replacing, causing less waste and meaning it’s more economical.

It’s Easy to Lay and Maintain

For a roofing company, this is an enormous benefit. It’s a simpler job, faster than other options, less time on the top of the building, and much easier to train people in the process. For the customer, it’s equally beneficial.

They end up with the strong, effective roof design they’re paying for, but they also don’t have to pay the excessive time of the roofing experts, as it’s a much easier and faster installation process than alternatives. Ease of maintaining the roof is also a key benefit that this will be an ongoing and consistent job throughout the lifetime of the roof. 

It’s Weather and Chemical Resistant

This is an excellent feature because, in most places, these are things you need to consider – very few places have a consistently neutral and clement climate, and as such, your roof is going to have to be capable of withstanding a range of weather.

The benefit of a near-universal material means that it’s ideal for opposite ends of the globe and can be sourced, installed, and maintained by a wide range of professionals as a result. The other benefit to weather and chemical resistance is that they’re some of the most common causes of roof degradation, and as a result, alwitra roofing lasts longer and is an investment. 

It’s a Natural Flexible Material

Alwitra Roofing


This is one of the reasons that it’s so apt for pitched roofs and barrel roofs in particular. It can alter to fit specific spaces as the flexibility in the material provides the give necessary to accommodate the shape and angle required of roofing for such places.

As a result, it can perform effectively and is a strong option for this type of roofing. The other benefit of the flexibility is that it is natural, so the roofing specialist doesn’t need to use energy, money, or resources trying to imbue other materials with this property.

It’s Eco-Friendly

The material itself is 100% recyclable and compatible with bitumen, which is an unusual and incredibly important feature, now more than ever with the increasing progression of the climate crisis. For this reason, it’s also very attractive to roofers and clients wishing to find an effective solution that still abides by their environmental morals.

What’s more, the thermal management properties of this roofing mean that it contributes to the heating and insulation of the building, and as such, has financial benefits as well as energy usage benefits.

All in all, alwitra roofing is the ideal solution for a vast majority of roofing needs. Its flexibility in meeting diverse needs is another feature on top of its material flexibility, which just adds to the expansive list of reasons it’s such a good choice for any client, as well as an ideal option to work with for any trade professional too.