The trend for antique white kitchen cabinets is very much in the USA and also in Europe as it looks beautiful and elegant. It is a timeless design that is very much attractive and one will like its kitchen, even more, when one has these cabinets. 

There is a slight difference between the regular white and the antique white. Antique white is light in color and has a bronze undertone. It looks quite different than the regular white and you will get some change from the normal white objects often seen everywhere. It will give you a warmer look in the kitchen as compared to the normal white. 

You can match these antique white cabinets with any light color scheme in your kitchen so that is not a worry. Today, we will provide you some information on what all things you should consider while designing a good kitchen with it.  

Add Traditional Look to the Cabinets

antique white kitchen cabinets


There should be a traditional look combined with the antique white cabinets to give an amazing look to your kitchen. This combination of traditional look and antique white color will give a warm and inviting feeling to your kitchen. The traditional look will have raised panel cabinets instead of the flat ones and this will look great. 

Get some Dark Colored Metal Hardware

antique white kitchen cabinets


Now for the cabinets, you will be needing some metal for the pulls and knobs. It will be great if you can have some dark touch in these pulls and knobs, like black and brown colored metal hardware. 

Bronze metal hardware is widely used, you can go for it. Light-colored metal hardware won’t be visible in the antique white-colored cabinets so it is highly advisable to go for dark-colored metal hardware.   

What Color to Choose for the Walls?

antique white kitchen cabinets


The paint color for the wall should be carefully chosen such that the aura of the kitchen cabinets doesn’t get disturbed. Your paint color should be such that it enhances the beauty of the kitchen without disturbing the show of the cabinets. 

You don’t need to go colorless, there are several light color tones available that will add real value to your kitchen. Historical colors will be perfect for your white kitchen cabinets.

Grey, Soft ivory is the perfect color to go for. The colors should be such that they fade away in the wall and don’t reflect. Muted colors are perfect and never go for bright and dark colors. 

Contact your interior designer, painter, or some paint color company for this and they will guide you perfectly as to which color will look perfect for your kitchen. You also need to check the colors in your lighting. It should look good with your chandelier or normal lighting turned on. 

What Shape will be the Best for the Cabinets’ Arrangement?

antique white kitchen cabinets


Now, what shape you can have in your kitchen depends on the architecture of your house. You can consult with your architect and ask for his suggestions. What kind of shape will perfectly suit your kitchen and let him know your thoughts as well. 

Depending on the space you have in your kitchen, you can get the various cabinets arranged. Many kitchens have a U-shape of the cabinet’s arrangement. U-shape cabinet arrangements will give you proper symmetry in your kitchen and will look great. 

You can have a linear arrangement of the cabinets too. If your kitchen has a long length then you can set all your cabinets in one row across the length of your kitchen and the dining table and the island will take the space in the center. 

You can have an L shape arrangement of the cabinets too which is also very popular. Remember that the shape of your cabinets’ arrangement doesn’t matter. But, the look and feel that your kitchen provides at the end gets the marks. You can get any shape as per your needs.

Contrast Color for the Rest of The Kitchen Components



The wooden flooring of brown color will be perfect with these off-white kitchen cabinets. If you are planning to have tile flooring in your kitchen then make sure you have dark-colored tiles to match up in contrast. 

Whatever flooring you have, the dark color theme for the flooring will make your kitchen look amazing. Light color wooden flooring or tile flooring will not match up with the light color of the cabinets. It will look dull.

The dining table and the chairs should in dark colors like black, and brown to make your kitchen look marvelous. When we select our pair of clothes, shirt, and pants then we take in contrast colors. The same way you have to get the other components of your kitchen in contrast color.

Antique White Cabinets with Dark-colored Island 

off white


A dark-colored island with off-white cabinets will look marvelous, it will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. It will give a bold look to the kitchen which will be worth noticing. Your guests are gonna appreciate your creative sense and choice of colors for sure when they visit your kitchen.

So, here was an overview of the antique white kitchen cabinets and all prominent things you should consider while designing your kitchen with them. Get the best cabinets from a good vendor, gather the other necessary things, follow these ideas and get your best kitchen designed! For more designing ideas, visit Homedesignnow.