Apartments often have cookie-cutter layouts with little to no difference between each unit. But even if this is true for your new apartment, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into something unique and really yours. You can show off your style and personality, feel more comfortable in and be prouder of your home with the right apartment decorating tips.

Another upside of sprucing up and adding your personal touches to your apartment is that you only need two things to pull this off — a little apartment decorating tips and the confidence to implement them in your new home.

If you are ready to elevate the look of your apartment and make it more elegant and truly yours below are the best apartment decorating tips and tricks you can follow:

1. Get the Right Furniture

apartment decorating tips


The right sofa set, coffee, side, and dining tables, dressers, and other furniture pieces can take your apartment to greater heights and showcase your impeccable taste.

If you need a new living room set, go for one with velvet and tufted chairs. A tufted sofa quickly adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Faux fur benches and stools are also fun yet glamorous furniture that can be impressive additions to your living room and bedroom.

When shopping for glam pieces or any type of furniture, make sure it has the right scale for space.

Careful and thoughtful space planning can help you create an optimal look and ensure seamless flow in any room.

2. Choose Multifunctional Pieces Whenever Possible

Even if space is limited in your apartment, you can still have a variety of furniture. The key is to get multipurpose pieces.

Ottoman storage stools and boxes are perfect examples of multifunctional pieces. They are pretty and sturdy enough to double as sitting features.

More importantly, you can use these to store some of your possessions, like magazines and other reading materials.

Other multipurpose furniture pieces that can instantly glam up your apartment include a desk with a bookshelf, a coffee table with drawers, and a sleek entertainment rack with drawers.

3. Prioritize Cohesion

Colors and patterns play a significant role in making your apartment look and feel classy.

If you have neutral-hued walls, introduce splashes of color to boost the room’s appeal and make it feel more sophisticated.

Hanging gold-framed photos and other art pieces on white or charcoal gray walls, for instance, can instantly elevate any room.

However, make sure you focus on creating cohesion in any room. Start by sticking to similar shades or themes of colors and patterns you can trace throughout your apartment.

For instance, if you have gold-framed wall art pieces in your living room, continue the trend by choosing throw pillows with golden threading, getting a shower curtain in the bathroom, and so on.

Keep in mind that small patches of cohesion can make your apartment feel cohesive, cozy, and more relaxing. As such, choose a motif and incorporate it in the different rooms and features in your new home.

4. Spruce Up the Entryway and Hallway

apartment decorating tips


Whether your entryway is also your living room or kitchen or you have one or two tricky transitional zones like landings and hallways throughout your apartment, you will do well not to overlook these little corners and nooks.

Although they are small, these entryways and hallways can also be great features that can complete the chic look of your apartment.

To elevate your entryway, add a few stylish items to the walls. Install eye-catching sculptural hooks for bags, coats, and hats or a mirror you can use for last-minute touch-ups.

Another option is to get a perfectly sized dresser and style it with vases, decorative trinkets, and other art pieces.

5. Divide Open Spaces with Area Rugs

If you have an open floor plan, use area rugs to define the different spaces in your apartment.

Put a rug by your sofa or coffee table to denote this space as your entertainment and social area.

You can also place a rug by your bed to convey the boundaries of your bedroom.

Although you can also use dividers to delineate spaces clearly, laying out beautifully designed rugs strategically is a simple way to do so.

6. Choose the Right Type of Window Treatment

apartment decorating tips


Window treatments do more than give you privacy and control the light you receive in a room. They can also make the entire apartment look sophisticated or drab.

As such, you have to pick the right window treatment for each room.

Roman shades and flowing curtains are excellent options for giving rooms a polished and elegant look and feel.

If you have large windows in your bedroom, make the room appear dreamier by using drapes.

However, make sure you consider the wall color in your bedroom and think of cohesion when getting new drapes.  

7. Enhance Your Lighting

Lighting influences every element of your apartment’s design, including your wall color, floor, and decor. Because of this, you have to make both natural and artificial light work for your home.

To let natural light in, opt for sheer white window curtains or woven shades. These can make any room appear brighter, thereby amping up the appeal of the space.

Also, if you have overhead lights, consider replacing them with lovelier, modern fixtures since those can provide better lighting aside from updating the look of a room.

Additionally, don’t forget to incorporate mirrors throughout your apartment since they reflect light, thereby brightening up space. They can also make a room look more spacious than it actually is.

8. Create a Gallery Wall

apartment decorating tips


Lastly, one of the easiest things you can do to spruce up your apartment is hanging a collection of art pieces on a wall.

Hang framed paintings, puzzles, and photos, and other kinds of art on an empty wall. Doing so can give room for interest and depth instantly.

Moreover, your gallery wall allows you to fill a room with color and character and keep things out of the way even if you don’t have a lot of space to spare.

If you do not have any wall art ready to hang up yet, consider splurging on one or two statement pieces. Also, you won’t go wrong with choosing a theme for your first personal gallery.

With these apartment decorating tips, you can elevate the look and vibe of your new home within days.