If your taste turns towards the ornate and jewel-like design style then this 1920’s furniture style is the best fit for you. The 1920s and 1930s Furniture – Art Deco Furniture was the personification of sexy. This design style instantaneously evokes lavishness. Art deco furniture style which is elegant, sleek, and glamorous was popular as the embodiment of modish in the 1920s. 

So, before diving deep into art deco decor, let us first understand what exactly art deco style is. 

What is Art Deco Style?

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If to live in The Great Gatsby is your wish but you cannot pass up a geometric pattern then the Art Deco Style can bring the glamour of the roaring 1920s to your space in today’s 21st centaury space. This furniture style is characterized by well-off colors, bold geometry, and decent detail work. This deco style was primarily useful as a categorization of the visual arts, architecture, and design.

At the time of World Wars, there was a feeling of hopefulness and advancement that was afterward reflected in arty expression. This Art Deco Style was coupled with the development in technology and machinery and then this style was born and rapidly spread to the home furnishings. 

This design style is tactically miscellaneous. The Art Deco Style is decisively select features that are blown up, magnificent, and over the top. This classic furniture is making a huge comeback these days and Art Deco chairs, tables, sofas, armoires, are in hot demand today. 

How Can You Incorporate the Art Deco Style in Your Home?

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If you are already living in a modern home then it is not easy to adopt the Art Decor Style. It may be a quite challenging task for you. 

These days, not every home has the capability and expediency to convert itself to a full-fledged Art Deco conversion. This style has been always a combination of modern and classic and it pulls from different styles. Therefore, you can easily bring in little touches for some glamour and grace. 

To include this style in your home, you can start with small. You can paint your home’s wall with dark paint or can add a large, decorative mirror in your bedroom. You can even opt for simple touches like changing your bathroom tile to a geometric design or you can also swap your stairways railing for sleek aluminum. 

In short, the best way to begin your planning is to do research. You can look at the books and online photos of Art Deco homes, buildings, and decor to get some inspiration.

Now, without further ado, let us take a look at how you can adopt this style into your home decor to achieve an Art Decor Style.  But, before diving deep into it let us first go through some characteristics of this furniture.

Characteristics of Art Deco Furniture

1) Lacquer

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At that time, to add extra glamour, the manufacturer treats the wood with some high-gloss lacquer finish. It gives the wood a rich and sleek look. They take less expensive wood and do several coats of lacquer on top.

2) Wood Inlay

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During the art deco style, the wood inlay was very trendy and can be seen in classic Art Deco Sofas and armchairs. 

3) Marquetry

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At that time, another popular style was marquetry. It is a technique of covering a structural case with a veneer forming decorative patterns, designs, or pictures. During that time, in dressers, armories, and dining tables, this kind of marquetry pattern was useful. These patterns were geometric in shape.

4) Mirrored Furniture

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Between the 1920s to 1930s, the Art Deco Style was at its height. At that time, the economy was thriving. Therefore, society has started taking interest in purchasing luxury goods. During that time, one of the most lavish and enchanting investments would be mirrored furniture. Dressing tables, coffee tables, vanity tables were being manufactured using mirrors. Isn’t it glamorous? 

5) Out-of-the-box Wood

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During the Art Deco era, Ruhlmann and some other premium furniture designers were special in making furniture from exotic wood. At that time people tend to believe that the rarer the wood, the better it is. At that time, Violetwood, Amboyna burl, mahogany were the most popular woods.

6) Metal

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In the 1920’s industry and manufacturing saw a huge explosion. In factories, people started building products at lightning speed. This kind of rise in stylish machinery also influences the furniture to have an ultramodern machine aesthetic.

7) Leather

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During the roaring twenties, to keep the theme of opulence and glamour, rich and buttery soft leather was being used for furniture. Armchairs, sofas, and other furniture were being made from the finest leathers. The most common colors were black, brown, and tan. Because of sustainability and animal cruelty reasons, leather is going out of fashion these days.  Therefore, if you are in search of Art Deco furniture choose faux and vegan leather.

8) Luxurious Embellishments

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Another furniture trend during that time was the use of lavish embellishments in furniture such as stones, quartz, and jewels. They use it in lamps, wall clocks, and radios that create a very rich, modern, and luxurious look.

Top Trends for Adding Art Deco Style into Your Interiors

1) Begin With Bold Geometric Design

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To establish a strong bond with the Art Deco movement, you should start off with using bold geometric design wallpapers. It will instantly catch your eyes and will make your room alive.

2) Bring the Lifestyle of Art Deco Movement Into Your Home

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During the Art Deco era, travel was popular and started to flourish.  At that time, African safaris were popular animal prints. Also, the bold use of materials in glass, shiny fabrics, metallic paints, and mirrors will help you to achieve the Art Deco look in your home.

3) Exhibit Artwork and Sculptures in Your Art Deco Interiors

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If you want to bring instant Art Deco appeal into your room, make use of bold oil paintings, metaphorical bedroom furniture, sculptural table lamps, and so on. 

4) Make Use of Bold Colors in Your Art Deco Finishes

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Bring the art revival vibe to your home instantly using high-contrast color palettes. You can make use of black and white bathroom and kitchen tile. You can even use ceramic or porcelain tile as it has a high gloss in contrasting colors. Complete this look with beautiful mirrors and mirrored finishes. 

5) Opt For Modern Renovations With Art Deco Additions

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Whether you want to revitalize your older homes back into their original charm or make your brand new constructed home appear outdated and give it retro look, you can opt for modern renovations with Art Deco Additions. You can make use of modern materials like curved countertops to bring artistry appeal.

Now, you are aware of a few trends that you can use to achieve Art Deco style. So, now let us take a look at a few tips for finding and buying art deco style furniture.

Tips for Searching and Buying Art Deco Style Furniture

1) Auctions

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The easy and quickest way to find authentic Art Deco Style furniture is to search for online luxury auction websites like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Also, you should prepare to pay pretty enough if you want to purchase this furniture. Remember, genuine Art Deco furniture can be quite expensive.

2) Online Classifieds

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The other good place to find this kind of furniture is online classifieds websites like eBay, Kijiji. Keep in mind that one person’s trash can be your treasure. And the best part to go this way is that you can do bargaining with the seller. 

3) Antique Stores

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If you have done enough research on online sites and you are tired of it then you can visit some antique and vintage stores in your area. All you have to do is search for some antique furniture dealers in your local directory and try to call them. These people usually have lots of information. And if they do not have the information they can at least guide you to steer in the right direction.

4) Furniture Retailers

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If you are still not able to find furniture then check local furniture retailers in your city. Maybe they do not have authentic pieces but sometimes you can go for furniture reproductions which are quite beautiful. And, here the benefit is that you can achieve the high-end deco look at a fraction of the price. So, select the furniture retailer and decorate your home with Art Deco Furniture.

Ending Note

Hope this article helps you! Do you have any Art Deco details in your home? Do you have any questions regarding how to convert your home into an art deco home? If yes, share your queries with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear it from you and try to resolve your confusion.

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