When it comes to bathroom interior the very first thing that comes to our mind is the tiles. You would be amazed to know that just by changing the tiles of your bathroom you would be able to renovate your whole bathroom. Tiles don’t come with an expensive price tag but the beauty that it brings cannot be brought by expensive items.

Tiles are the must-have thing any bathroom which cannot be skipped in anyways so the idea here is to get your hands on the innovative tile designs that would suit your bathroom. Luckily there are so many tile designs that you can check in both online as well as, the offline market so you would be able to go through all one by one and get the best design for your bathroom. New bathroom tiles would also help in getting your bathroom renovated and this is one of the cheapest decor addition that works wonderfully.

There are different bathroom tile designs for your bathroom floor as well as for your bathroom walls so you need to choose wisely. If you are not sure about what tiles to get for your bathroom then here are some of the best bathroom tiles design ideas listed below that you can check out:

Blue cubes:

The bathroom is the place where we work with water most of the time so if you would have blue colored tiles then this would complement the water work of the area. Blue is already a very bright color that can make your bathroom look bright and beautiful instantly by making any efforts. This tile is so simple yet beautiful that you would instantly fall in love with the design which is a great thing.

Here a single tile has a white base upon which there are small blue cubes drawn and if you would look closely then you would be able to find out that the blue colors are different from each other. This blue tile design would be perfect for the walls of your bathroom and you can pair it up with white paint on the rest of the bathroom. You can search for this design in your local store as well as, in the online market.

Blue cubes tiles

Source: mosaichse.com

Ombre tiles:

If you would look around then you would get to know that ombre colored things are in trend nowadays. Starting from our hairs to clothes and a lot more we are getting ombre colors so you can try ombre tiles as well in your bathroom to make your bathroom look trendy. Here you can either get multi-colored ombre or you can also get ombre of lightest to the deepest shade of one single color as both would look stunning.

Since you are getting tiles for your bathroom so it would be better if you stick with cool tones as water is cool-toned. Here you can get the ombre of purple and blue color as that would not only look beautiful but at the same time, it is a unique combination which is a great thing.

Ombre tiles

Source: pinterest.com

Black and marble combination:

Believe it or not but both black and marble are still evergreen so having such tiles would make sure that you don’t feel like changing them often. Here you can get the marble designed tiles at the bottom whereas the black tiles would be above that and the combination would surely look deadly.

This would, however, make your bathroom a bit dark but the proper installation of lights would save you from that darkness. Here you can consider white-colored basin and bathtub to brighten up the bathroom a little bit and the contrast would make your bathroom look amazing which is a great thing.

Black and marble combination

Source: sefastone.com

Wave designed tiles:

Wave designed tile would go well as the bathroom tiles and such design are not only very unique but pretty as well which is a great thing. This would make your bathroom bright and beautiful which is a great thing and here you can get different shades of blue so you can choose accordingly.

You can keep this wave designed tiles at the bottom part of your bathroom walls and you can keep the rest of the walls colored in white or in sky blue so that entire wall would look like a sea-scene. This entire design is very thoughtful and not less than any expensive setup but it would not cost you much rather would prove to be affordable.

Wave designed tiles

Source: tradepricetiles.co.uk

Honeycomb designed tiles:

Honeycomb tiles are in trend so you can consider getting this in your bathroom. Originally honeycombs are yellow to orange in color but here you just have to consider the shape of the honeycomb and you can get any color of your choice. Here the tiles would be hexagon in shape which seems unique and stylish at the same time.

You can get such hexagon shapes tiles in different colors and make your bathroom look multi-colored. You can set such tiles in the entire wall of your bathroom as this would make your bathroom look decorated and bright at the same time.

Honeycomb designed tiles

Source: whynottiles.com.au

In between the forest:

Do you want to feel as if you are bathing in between the forest? Well this feeling is great and you provide you with peace but setting this would be very easy. Here you can get a forest-themed tile design for your bathroom and this would bring the difference in your bathroom. You can also consider keeping some plants around your bathtub to give it a realistic touch and you can also have the ceiling colored in green to complete the look.

Forest themed bathroom

Source: realestate.com.au

Draw fish tiles:

This kind of tile design is very simple yet innovative and here your entire bathroom tiles would be white in color and there would be a huge fish drawn in between the walls. You can get other designs as well instead of fish but fish designs prove to be the best for the bathroom. You can consider keeping the rest of the tiles and walls white in color so that the fish can be highlighted and look beautiful at the same time.

Draw fish tiles

Source: custommade.com

These were some of the best bathroom tile design ideas that you need to check out and for more such amazing ideas you can browse through Homedesignnow.