Fencing can amp up the look of your house, creating a better impression for the people on the street. When adding a fence, you consider its design and quality, but it all goes in vain if it is not installed properly. 

Therefore, you must hire experienced contractors to get the job done adequately. Here, we look at how to hire a qualified fence installer you can trust in San Francisco, California.  

How to Hire the Best Fence Installer You Can Trust in San Francisco, California?

If you’re wondering how to start your fencing contractor search, we suggest you start by asking around or browsing local stores in  San Francisco, California. You can even ask your friends or neighbors for referrals of good fence-installing companies or contractors. 

Once you are thorough with your research and have collected contacts of a few known professionals, start analyzing your options on the basis of the following points:

Detailed Estimates:

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Ask contractors to give detailed written estimates. Compare multiple estimates on the basis of cost, materials, and work methodologies. This allows you to choose the best fit for your fencing installation needs.  

Qualifications and License:

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Check your selected contractor’s prior experience and qualifications. Like many other American states, California requires fencing contractors to have a C-13 license. Check whether the contractor you hire for your job has a valid license. This will also help you understand whether or not they’ll be able to undertake permit-based tasks that may be necessary to carry out fence installation.

Methods and Scope of Work:

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Ask your contractor about his method and scope of work. Whether they can tackle complex site conditions like gradation, managing the drainage and services on-site, etc. Understand your site, analyze the challenges, and discuss them with the contractor. 

Reviews and Portfolio

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You may want to check your contractor’s track record and previous works. Ask to look at their portfolio. Check if you can visit a few of their previous sites to understand the quality and nature of their work. This will help you to understand how full-proof and sustainable their work is. Enquire from people they’ve worked for whether or not they are happy with the service provided. Reviews help you understand their credentials better. 


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How much it will cost you to install a fence is one of the first questions you’re going to think about. You will most certainly go for a contractor that charges a reasonable amount for the services they offer. But, also be mindful of their quality of work. Ask your contractor if they charge by the hour or take flat rates for their services. Investing in fencing will be beneficial when you sell your house because it increases property value


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It is important for you to ask your contractor about their working timeline. Have them mention it in writing and make sure they follow the set timeline. Most fencing contractors and companies cause unnecessary delays in their work when they’re paid on an hourly basis. 


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How big and skilled is the contractor’s team is something you should take into consideration while hiring. As this will determine the quality of your work and how fast and efficiently it gets executed. Always opt for a skilled team of workers if you want your fence to last. 

5 Tips to Ensure the Fence Installer Works Efficiently:

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After you’ve hired a contractor, you must ensure that the work gets done efficiently. Here are a few tips that’ll help you ensure that. 

  1. Always ensure that there is a formal arrangement with the contractor through a written contract. This must mention all the agendas of the work on this contract. Include the contractor’s scope of work, costs, and timelines for completing the work. 
  2. Pick materials of fine quality. Choose the design and type of fence before you hire a contractor. Make sure you’ve arranged the materials on-site before the contractor begins work.
  3. Some regions require permits to create unique fences. Make sure these are in order before the contractor starts working.  
  4. Clear the site for ease of work. Ensure that the area where the fencing is to be installed is free from shrubs, and other things that might disturb the workflow. 
  5. Before the contractor starts working, be aware of locating the utilities on-site.  This is crucial to avoid unnecessary extensions of timelines and added costs of work. 

Final Verdict

It is a challenging task to hire a qualified fence installer in  San Francisco, California. Yet, with these points in mind, you can certainly find the right fit.