A well-stocked toolbox cannot be missing in the house. Throughout the year, in emergencies or in exceptional cases such as in this period, small or large DIY jobs can happen, and we cannot be caught unprepared. Inside a house, there are tools that are more important than others because they can also be used in everyday life, not only when there is some DIY work to be done. Running to the hardware store to buy what you need is not always possible, and it is not certain that you can knock on your neighbor’s door to borrow the tool you need. Here are the best home tools that cannot be missing.

Electric Drill

Best Home Tools

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The electric drill is one of those tools that must never be missing because sooner or later a new shelf to be assembled at home arrives.

Choosing between a screwdriver and a hammer drill is a matter of use. While the corded drill is better for drilling, the cordless drill is more suitable for screwdriving. Rotation speed, torque, beat rate, and battery type are essential selection criteria.

The corded drill is recommending for drilling holes, for example, as it is more powerful and less handy. A cordless drill driver is the best suited for jobs where screwing is important.


Best Home Tools

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Among the tools to have at home, you cannot miss an aluminum ladder, convenient for carrying out household chores (for example dusting a tall piece of furniture or washing the windows), small do-it-yourself jobs, such as changing a light bulb, installing a chandelier or also paint the walls.

A ladder of this type can also be useful in the garden decor, for example, to prune a tree, or to reach storage rooms placed in height, such as the mezzanines present in some apartments, useful but difficult to access, if you do not have a tool at your disposal. like this. The choice of the most suitable staircase depends a lot on the space we have available, and, on the use, we want to make of it.

The folding stairs manage to combine practicality and resistance. Among the main types of existing ladders, we find the folding ladder, the most common, of which some models allow the ascent both on one side and the other, and the extendable telescopic ladder, which can be used as a trestle or as a supporting ladder.


In every toolbox, there are screwdrivers: Phillips or slotted, small, or large.

In reality, only two would be enough, one with a flat head and one with a cross, generally of medium size. For those who want to have a wider variety and want to save space, they can opt for the version of the screwdriver with an interchangeable head, more versatile and able to optimize space, and with an insulated handle, so as not to conduct electricity.


The flashlight is a truly indispensable tool in some situations: we think of emergencies or during blackouts. Alongside these traditional uses, the flashlight is invaluable for illuminating dark spots where you intend to mount a shelf, drive a nail, or during craft projects.

We use to always having electricity available; however, it can happen that there is a breakdown, or that we have to operate in an area of ​​the house where the lighting is not sufficient. It is, therefore, necessary to have a battery-powered torch, if rechargeable is better.

Multi-Purpose Adhesive

Your toolbox should also have the right adhesive for every application – regardless of whether it is adhesive tape, glue stick, cartridge, assembly, or superglue.

In addition to the conventional and well-known multi-purpose adhesives, there are also instant, assembly, and special adhesives. There are also liquid plastics, which only get their final hardness under UV light and thus remain malleable for a long time. One such product is Bondic Glue.

Measuring Tape

The meter or Measuring Tape is one of those tools whose presence in the home we often take for granted. This is an indication of its usefulness! It can be useful to have one available in every moment of domestic life: to measure a wall, the space for a piece of furniture, or to take the measurements of the shelves.

It is a precise measuring instrument, and we find it in different sizes and materials: the tape measure, for example, can reach up to three meters and is made of flexible steel, which makes it rigid and excellent for taking very precise measurements.


Best Home Tools

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Every DIY lover cannot miss a wrench among their tools. Wrenches use to tighten or loosen bolts, for small plumbing jobs, to fix furniture, or to fix the saddle of a bicycle. They allow you to apply a lot of force and tighten nuts well or loosen them just as easily. The best-selling sets contain the numbers 8, 10, 13, and 17, which are the most used keys.


Who does not love to hang the picture in the living room alone? The hammer is perhaps the oldest and best-known tool in the world and allows you to perform many jobs. For the do-it-yourself, a simple carpenter’s hammer with a large head is enough with which to hit the nails and the pen, that is the opposite end suitable for extracting them, able to carry out any job with dignity both at home and in the garden.


Best Home Tools

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Each toolbox must have at least one, preferably two, to be defined as such! The pliers are useful and versatile tools in a thousand circumstances: they allow you to carry out many jobs, they allow you to grab small elements even slippery, to cut metal wires or tighten screws. Generally, on the market, we find standard mini kits composed of shears, pincers, and pliers that allow you to satisfy every need.

The Small Metal Parts

Having a hammer or pliers in your toolbox and not having nails or screws is a contradiction. By small metal parts, we mean everything related to nails, screws, and bolts. Nails and screws can have different lengths and thicknesses, only the nails are smooth, and the screws serrated, so they are more suitable for wood.

Nuts and bolts exist in various sizes and are always useful to keep at home, to replace those that have worn out over time. To hang shelves or curtain rods on the wall, on the other hand, the dowels are essential to keep at home. They serve to give greater reinforcement to the screws and give them adherence to the wall, in fact, they are always selling together.

The Security

Yes, security is not a tool, and at the same time, a toolbox cannot be without it. It may seem that in doing small chores at home there are no risks: yet the danger to injure is always around the corner.

Safety comes first, we all know it, so it is good to equip yourself with some simple protection tools:

  • rubber gloves or insulated gloves, essential when doing minor electrical repairs.
  • work gloves in technical fabric, comfortable to safely grip tools and protect hands from wood splinters or even dust.

When you smooth the wood or scrape off the plaster you have to do with the dust: it is good to protect the nose and mouth with special filter masks, which prevent foreign elements from entering the body.


Regardless of how much we love DIY jobs, these best home tools are truly indispensable in our toolbox. It is important to remember that their use is reserving for small interventions and in the case of more demanding jobs, resorting to an expert is always the best idea.