Glass and mirrors have always played a significant role in the field of interior design, be it your bedroom or bathroom. No bathroom is complete without a mirror. However, having trendy and some of the best LED bathroom mirrors is a truly valuable investment. 

It helps to add glam as well as acts as an aesthetically pleasing grooming aid. These illuminated mirrors have a unique aesthetic value thus also serving as a decorative feature for your space. They have the power to bring a magical aura to any space. They also help attain a classy and modern environment for your bathrooms along with energy efficiency. And if you are wondering that these fancy mirrors are just for malls or hotels, then it is not true. These LED mirrors can give a mesmerizing look to any residential bathroom. 

Nowadays there has been a large demand for LED bathroom mirrors in the market considering their sustainable efficiencies and perks. LED bathroom mirrors are quite similar to traditional mirrors except for the fact that they have LED lighting systems in them. You can also go with LED strip lighting for an enhanced look. Apart from their energy efficiency, they are also functional for cosmetic tasks. There is a huge variety of such mirrors available in different sizes and styles be it framed or unframed.

As there are numerous options available, it would be difficult and confusing for you to choose an ideal mirror for your home. Everybody has a different taste and need, thus it is crucial to know your requirements first before buying any mirror. This involves the size of your bathroom, the purpose of the mirror, your bathroom’s interior style, and last but not least your budget. You will also need to check if the mirror you are planning to buy is SSA-approved. 

So now let us have a look at some tips that would be helpful to you while choosing your perfect LED bathroom mirror for your house.

7 Tips for Selecting the Best LED Bathroom Mirrors for Your Decor

1. Look into the Design and Style of a Mirror: 

best LED bathroom mirrors


Apart from being a smart mirror it also needs to match the interior design of your bathroom. You can select your mirror such that it matches the colors of the tiles or walls. You can also consider the colors and textures of your walls while choosing the apt-mirror.

There are two types of mirror designs, frame and frameless. If you prefer a simple bathroom, go for a framed LED mirror design whereas if you want to have a modern and contemporary look, you can have a stylish frameless mirror. Thus LED bathroom mirrors to help add a statement look to your bathroom spaces. However, if you are not able to decide on the design, you can take the help of the internet for surfing the latest trends of LED bathroom mirrors. 

2. Analysing the Size of Your Bathroom

The size of your bathroom would be a determining factor while selecting a LED bathroom mirror. Keep a check on the dimensions of the bathroom walls. Make up your mind on which wall you have to fix the mirror as per the space available. LED mirrors are usually two to four inches narrower as compared to the vanity which holds the sink and storage spaces. 

You can have a large mirror for a compact bathroom that would help your space appear spacious. Nowadays, there are a variety of sizes and styles available in terms of these smart LED mirrors. Thus it would be easy for you to select your perfect choice. 

3. Understand the Functionality of the Bathroom Mirror

While buying any item, what is most important is understanding its functionality and purpose. If you want to use the mirror for getting ready, you can go with the best LED bathroom mirrors with good lighting for an enhanced function. 

On the other hand, if you prefer LED mirrors for aesthetic purposes, you can choose illuminated mirrors with decorative and alluring frames. 

4. Incorporate Smart technology

Many of you might love your elegant and stylish bathroom mirrors. But most of the time when you take a hot shower, you might need to wait for the condensation on the mirror to disappear. This can be troublesome if it happens daily. 

In such situations, a fog-resistant mirror would be apt. These smart mirrors have a demister that helps to prevent condensation on the surface of mirrors. With the help of this smart mirror with fog-resistant technology, you will always find a clear mirror despite hot showers.

5. Look into the Mirror’s Glass quality

The quality of glass found in smart mirrors is different from that of conventional mirrors. Moreover, the LED bathroom mirrors utilize panels with high quality that help to enhance the quality of reflection. Also, check for the mirror’s magnification strength. It tends to vary from mirror to mirror. 

And do not forget to go for a tough and durable mirror as it comes in contact with soap and water regularly. 

6. Feature Set of LED Bathroom Mirrors

best LED bathroom mirrors


As we are talking about technological advancements like smart security systems, monitored kitchen systems,  and much more, there has also been progressing in glassware to bring about some of the best LED bathroom mirrors. And in the new age, you should be first aware of all the features that these smart mirrors offer. There are various smart features such as touch screen dimming, magnifier, fog-resistant technology, etc. 

There are some advanced elements too such as Bluetooth or shaving sockets. Thus, it depends on your preferences. Before finalizing one, check if it consists of all the features you need. Many of you might be wondering and worrying that these LED lighting would get damaged or stop functioning and last for shorter periods. 

However, this is not completely true. LEDs that are designed with technological advancements, tend to last for longer years. Moreover, they are smart and energy-efficient, hence you can save a lot on electricity bills. 

8. Storage 

Along with aesthetic and energy efficiency, storage is also an important factor for bathrooms. A smart LED mirror with a shaving cabinet would be perfect for bathrooms with the absence of storage facilities. Before buying these types of mirrors, just make sure you have enough space for mounting the same. 

9. Bathroom Mirror Lights

Do not buy smart mirrors with uneven light sources. Instead, you can go with some of the best LED bathroom mirrors that offer a balanced illumination all through your interior spaces. Such mirrors are efficient in creating enhanced and clear reflections in the day as well as at night. 

How to Install a LED Bathroom Mirror?

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If you are one of those DIY homeowners, it would not be difficult for you to install a LED mirror by yourself. However, if you do not have any prior experience, then you might need to seek some professional help. Let’s look at a few steps to installing an LED bathroom mirror with ease. 

3 steps for installing a LED mirror in your bathroom:

  1. Locate the main power source. You can have a new electrical outlet and a switch for your LED mirrors or you can also use the old power source.
  2. You also need to check if you have a new electric switch and a built-in dimmer to install the LED mirror’s connections. 
  3. It is advisable to use 50 Lb minimum wire wall hooks. These hooks need to be spaced evenly both horizontally and vertically. 

4 Best LED Bathroom Mirrors Ideas

LED mirrors are an aesthetic choice while also being highly functional, we see no reason why you shouldn’t go for the same. And to delve you further, here’s a list of the best LED bathroom mirrors that are in trend for 2022. 

1. LED Bathroom Mirrors with Bluetooth Speaker

best LED bathroom mirrors


Most of us love to listen to music, and many prefer to carry speakers in the bathroom for a melodious shower hour. However, it is a bit unsafe, there are chances you might damage it. But do not need to worry, with the technological advancements there are various solutions to this problem. 

So, you can have a built-in Bluetooth music system in the mirror itself and enjoy listening to your favorite playlists while bathing or dressing up.

2. Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

best LED bathroom mirrors


If you are going for a LED bathroom mirror for cosmetic tasks, then this would be a perfect option for you. The LED strip lighting when combined with a line of bulbs throughout the periphery of the mirror would give a look of Hollywood style vanity mirror. 

This would also enhance the illumination of the space that is much needed for makeup. Moreover, it would give an elegant look that too at a reasonable rate. 

3. LED Mirror Cabinet

best LED bathroom mirrors


It has a modern look and also offers a built-in USB port. It has settings for dimming the lights. This is not just a classy and stylish but also a functional solution for your space. 

4. Smart LED Bathroom Mirrors

best LED bathroom mirrors


A smart mirror will offer much more than a regular mirror. It will be equipped with various features like Bluetooth speakers, settings for dimming lights, LED display, memory settings, etc. and its lighting quality is exceptional, thus highly recommended for those who want to have it for make-up stuff. 

All Set to Jazz Up Your Bathrooms?

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We hope by now you have got many ideas on how you can install these LED mirrors in bathrooms and use them to their best potential.  As seen most of these mirrors have a modern, minimal and sleek look, considering it’s the trend of today. However, you also need to look into the budget and warranties offered by various brands to make sure that you’re making the right call. 

Many people also buy from their known or popular manufacturers to guarantee a good purchase. We hope these tips and ideas inspire and help you to choose the best LED mirror for bathrooms.