Have you ever wondered that there are so many different kinds of houses around us and if you would observe then you would find out that no matter what the year is, but wooden houses are always a classic choice. If you are also pleased by the beauty of the wooden housing designs then you can also get your home constructed out to woods and as there are some modern wooden house design ideas available as well so you would get a lot of options and apart from that there are already some of the beautiful wooden houses constructed throughout the world which seems so beautiful that you would fall in love with them and the best part is that wooden houses are easy to achieve and they take less time for getting constructed which is a great thing for sure. If you are wondering about some of the best wooden house design ideas to get inspired by then here are some of the best wooden houses that you need to check out and also you definitely copy the design of the below-mentioned houses to create your own wooden house:

The park house:

This beautiful modern wooden house is located at Melbourne which of course comes under the Australian Island. This house is a small house and if you do not have much space for getting your home constructed then you can definitely get inspired by this house and get your home constructed accordingly. Here this house is a double story building house which is good for a small family of about 4 members. This house has got the glass as well as iron materials apart from woods but the majority of the house have been covered with woods. The ground floor of this house has got a glass room which has glass walls and probably this is the living room of the house and just above that, there is a wooden block which seems to be the bedrooms of this house. The use of huge windows has been seen in this house which made the house look beautiful. The use of black iron went amazing with classic wooden colored home and the quality of the materials are superior which ensures that the home would last for the longest period of time. The house also has wooden boundaries which go well with the overall design of the house.

the park house

Source: inhabitat.com

Villa KGRT:

This very unique wooden home is situated at France and this one of the most innovative homes which has not occupied much of the land but still managed to provide with enough area so that a small family of 4 members can easily live in peacefully without any such problems. The most innovative thing about this home has to be the extended part of the home which literally looks like an opening or a binocular. This house is quite spacious from inside and the superior quality wooden material makes it safe as well which is a great thing. The house has huge glass windows which make the house look beautiful as well as elegant at the same time and also the surrounding of this house is on point which is a great thing. The house is a double storey building so you would get enough rooms in the house which is great.

Villa KGRT

Source: palmatin.com

The wooden house:

As the name suggests this is also an amazing wooden house which would make you fall in love with it and this beautiful house is located at Slovenia. This seems to be a very small as well as a cute house and it is perfect for couples or a family or 3 to 4 person as this house doesn’t have much space inside. This house looks like a pentagon-shaped wooden block which makes this house unique and beautiful at the same time. this would is entirely made up on black wooden from the exterior of the house but from inside you would be able to see the classic wooden color which makes the house classy as well as elegant and the huge glass wall makes it look modern and it would also allow you to enjoy nature while being inside the home.

The wooden house

Source: archdaily.com

Amoroso residence:

This beautiful wooden house is located at Los Angeles which comes under California and this amazing building was all designed by the very talented Venice and this house was constructed in the year 2017 so it falls under the modern wooden house category and if you are looking for such modern designs then you can definitely get inspired by this beautiful modern wooden house. This is not really a huge house but the way it has been constructed made it look huge and it is a double story building which has enough rooms for a family of 4 members. Apart from the house, there is even an outdoor wooden sitting set which looks gorgeous with this home.

Amoroso residence

Source: archinect.com

House in Toronto:

By the name, it is clear that it is a house that is located in Toronto which comes under Canada and this is one of the simple yet beautiful wooden houses. This is a double story building which looks like a huge wooden cube and this has got some window blocks as well which makes the house look beautiful as well as smart looking at the same time. This house, however, has not taken too much land but it is spacious enough for a small family.

House in Toronto

Source: inhabitat.com

These were some of the best wooden house design that you can get inspired from and to know about more such things you can browse through Homedesignnow.