Planning to renovate your bedroom anytime soon or getting a new house and need to design your bedroom in the best way? Then, probably one question will surely come to your mind that what wall color should you choose for your bedroom to make it look the best? There are many elements to consider when you are designing your bedroom and one of them is the color of the walls. The right color choice for the wall will add perfect beauty to the room and make it look elegant like black bedroom walls ideas.

Nowadays, the trend for going with black bedroom walls is increasing as it makes the bedroom look very attractive. Many people are getting a black color on their wall taking inspiration from the ones that have already done it in their rooms. Many interior designers also favor this style of décor.

We will make you know how black bedroom walls can add the perfect beauty to your bedroom so just get thrilled to know more about it. After reading the ideas, you can follow the ones that you think will suit your room perfectly.

Let us now check out the ideas. 

1. White Bed + Black Wall= WOW!

black bedroom walls ideas


Contrasting colors always look great. White bed and black color on the back wall will simply make your room look alluring. Even if you don’t put much effort into the other elements of your room then also it will simply look outstanding with this combination of white and black. 

A bed with white pillows and a white bed sheet will match beautifully with the black wall on the back. It will become the focal point of your room and when someone enters your room then their first glance will be on this beautiful combination and they will have just one word on their tongue: “wow”!

2. Get a Secondary Black Wall

Secondary Black Wall


If you don’t want to get a black back wall then its fine, you can get the other walls of your room of the black color. You can get a black-colored wall on the opposite wall to the bed or the side walls as well. Ask a good interior designer about what will suit your room in the best way and you will get the idea. 

3. Get Some Natural Light

Natural Light


If your room is in the direction where you are getting a good amount of sunlight then it is really good. When this natural light will fall on the black wall then it will look quite beautiful. Add a good number of windows to your room such that natural light can easily penetrate in your room. This way you won’t be needing to turn on your lights in the morning, saving your electricity bill to some extent!

4. Get all Black Walls

all Black Walls


Ahh, this will look perfect! All the four walls of your room with black color will add a new look to your room. White bed and other elegant touches to the room will make it perfectly complete. If all the walls are black then there should be contrasting touch in the other items of the room. 

You should get the other decorative and essential items like chandelier, chairs, flower vase, cupboards, tables and other things keeping in mind how it will look with the wall color. You have to choose the color of these things very carefully as it should be looking attractive in the room with the black-colored walls.

Chandelier lighting in golden color will give a royal touch to your bedroom. The golden color matches well with the black color so you can think of getting chairs, chandeliers, and other things in golden color if you find it appropriate as per your taste. 

5. Get a Headboard

black bedroom walls ideas


The headboard will look nice. For those of you who don’t know what it is… it is a furniture piece attaching to your bed head. It is mostly used for decoration purposes these days and in the cold regions, it acts as a barrier between the wall and the bed and prevents the person from feeling cold in his head or his legs when it touches the wall. 

You should get a beautiful design of the headboard crafted out and get the best color of it suitable for your bedroom. If you are getting a white bed with the black back wall then a white-colored headboard will be the best. 

It is not mandatory to get a headboard but it will add elegance to your bedroom and make it look standout. 

6. Purple Touch will look Marvellous

black bedroom walls ideas


Getting a purple touch along with the black color on the wall will look simply alluring. You can get your pillows and blanket of the purple, lavender or plum color. Any other thing that you think will look good in the purple touch should be added to the bedroom. 

You can always add the white touch along with the lavender, for example, your bed sheet will be white, pillows and blankets in the lavender or plum color and the back wall will be black. It will look marvelous for sure!

So, here were the black bedroom walls ideas. Now, you will be knowing how winsome your bedroom will look when you get the black wall. Brainstorm for a while and think about what kind of bedroom you want to have, what will be the things you will keep in your room and how the black bedroom can be made the most attractive. 

After you figure out your ideas, likes and dislikes, sit with your interior designer and consult with him/her about how you can make the best out of your black bedroom walls ideas and just get it done! For getting more information, visit Homedesignnow.