If you are the one who is looking for great house designs that are not only elegant but also cheap, you have visited the right site. We have put together some of the great Bloxburg house ideas to inspire you for your next build. Check out the below-mentioned list for every price range including mansions, modern, and one-story houses.

Bloxburg House Ideas:

There are many House Ideas you can build in Bloxburg- modern, ultra-modern, and more. It is high time to build a house that will provide you all the facilities for example kitchen, living area, bathroom, bedroom, and a lot more only at an affordable price.

Here is a list of Bloxburg house layout ideas that you can try this year. Have a sneak peek and choose the one that suits best to your taste and budget.

Cheap Bloxburg House Ideas:

modern bloxburg house ideas

Source: gamerjournalist.com

modern bloxburg house ideas

Source: gamertweak.com

Build no game pass Bloxburg House Idea is the top choice for the list. It fulfills the requirements of all comfort lovers. The house has a single story. It is a simple and sweet house that has a modern flair. It is also affordable to all.

The story has all the essentials that a house needs for example bedrooms, Kitchen, living area, stylish bathroom. The exterior of the house has a garage attached to the side of it. The house has long windows that add beauty to the house exponentially.

Luxurious and Modern Bloxburg House Ideas:

modern bloxburg house ideas

Image Source: pinimg.com

modern bloxburg house ideas

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modern bloxburg house ideas

Image Source: gamertweak.com

modern bloxburg house ideas

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If you are the one who wants to push your limits thinking about what you can build in Bloxburg then this is your perfect fit. This Bloxburg house layout is simply an amazing house with a rich class touch. It turns your dream into reality by imbibing all the luxurious items in addition to basic needs.

With massive two stories building the bedroom, study table, kitchen, and a very big living area- the design is full of luxury. In addition to this, the house has four different bedrooms upstairs and an interior balcony that allows you to look over. There are large glass panes along one side of the house to add to extra glamour. If you are not restricted to budget then the modern Bloxburg house idea is the best.

Hillside Bloxburg House Ideas:

Hillside bloxburg house ideas

Image Source: gamerjournalist.com

Hillside Bloxburg house ideas

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It is a high-budget Hillside Mansion that you can build in Bloxburg. It is one of the kinds of super-luxury projects that have been built by YouTuber Cylito. This house has all the amenities that you can think of for example a fireplace, pond, massive open area. It has your waterfall on the exterior of the house. It is a big project and requires manpower.

Although the house is expensive when money is not a problem, you are all good to enjoy all the richness. Bloxburg house layout also includes backyard patios for you.

Colonial Bloxburg House Ideas:

Colonial bloxburg house ideas

Image Source: doracheats.com

Colonial Bloxburg house ideas

Source: gamertweak.com

This is one of the great Bloxburg house ideas and has a touch of elegance in it. It is made by YouTube Anix. It is built with a rich interior, pool, and garden area. The style will neither cost you much nor is too basic. It is a good blend of richness and simplicity. It is almost everything you need in a single-floor house with different rooms.

The interior of the house features a big living area and a quite big kitchen in addition to the necessities of the house. The garage is well built on the exterior and offers you a smooth car parking facility. To add to the beauty of the house, it has two beautifully carved pillars in the front that will catch everyone’s attention.

Mini- Mansion Modern Bloxburg House Ideas:

modern Mansion Bloxburg house ideas

Source: gamerjournalist.com

modern mansion Bloxburg house ideas

Image Source: gamertweak.com

Designed by the YouTuber Anix, the house is a two-floor mansion. It has a separate garage, yard and a great look to amaze any of you. The house features a modern-style interior and has a dedicated room to study, a simple kitchen with a simple yet elegant wooden dining table, and a living area. Also, the living area is large and has big windows to add to the beauty of the house.

The house has been designed in a way that fulfills all your wishes of comfort. It imbibes the taste of richness in a pocket-friendly way. The house has two bedrooms and a separate washroom. It is most ideal as a holiday home for vacations.

Blush Modern Bloxburg House Ideas:

Blush modern bloxburg house ideas

Source: twimg.com

If you are one of the ones who are a fan of pink color then nothing is a great option for you. The house is eye-catching and has a lot of interior detailing and great decorations. There are many big windows in the house. Also, the sharp lines will make it particularly appealing to people who like a modern look. It has a big living area and a huge staircase other than basic amenities like bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom.

Mid-Century Bloxburg House Ideas:

Mid-century modern bloxburg house ideas

Source: youtube.com

This is one of the great aesthetic Bloxburg houses that is a small home and represents the theme quite well. There is a sharp angle and an angled roof that is signature to the theme. The house has more natural building materials that are stone and wood. Also, the front yard makes a similar vibe accompanying different plants.  

Mediterranean Bloxburg House Ideas:

Mediterranean bloxburg house ideas

Source: gamerjournalist.com

If you are a person who loves to experiment, this is the right choice. The house is built with a theme of countries that are around the Mediterranean sea. It is more of the style of the houses that have oceans around. It is a breezy style and uses a lot of natural tan stone. 

Another signature style of these houses is to incorporate many aches in the design. The great feature of the style is the staircase that leads to the backyard and a fountain in front of the house.


If you are planning for great Bloxburg houses then you will be happy to know that this guide will help you to find some of the best available cheap options. The article has covered all options for aesthetic Bloxburg houses right starting from being luxurious to one that is pocket-friendly. Go through the article once and find your right fit.

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