When we hear about brick walls and modern interiors, we think the combination would look odd. However, in the last few years, architects and interior designers are literally falling for the elegant brick wall whenever they want to add a touch of texture, inimitable character, and everlasting charm to a home. 

With an exposed brick wall texture, you can easily achieve rustic charm and warmth. This kind of wall texture provides you with a raw and earthy appearance. Also, it can become a focal point in your home. 

Now, one question will surely pop in your mind – how can I skillfully include brick walls in my home? Don’t panic. We are here to help you out.

Read on to get its answer.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss some great brick wall texture ideas that you can incorporate in your home design to elevate, fascinate, and inspire your home design creativity. 

So, without further ado, let us get started.

1. Red Brick Wall

brick wall texture ideas

Source: home-designing.com

Featuring first on the list is a red brick wall. When you use a red brick wall with exposed bricks and mortar, it will give your living room or bedroom a rustic charm with a modern look. If you think your room needs some texture then you can use it as an accent wall for your room. Besides, there are various other ways to incorporate a red brick wall as your design element. Of course, the most obvious way is constructing an actual brick wall. You can even use cladding to get a similar texture.

2. White or Black Exposed Brick Wall

brick wall texture ideas

Source: visualhunt.com

An exposed wall does not need to be in the conventional red or brown tones. A brick wall painted in black and white color can also look astonishingly eye-catchy in your bedroom. When you use a white wall, it works well with every kind of design. Even, you can use it as neutral backdrops for wall décor or art. If you use a black exposed brick wall then you can balance out the bold look of the wall with wooden floorboards, furnishings in jewel shades, and metallic accents. An exposed white brick wall will work just as well.

3. Exposed Brick Tiles

brick wall texture ideas

Source: livmatrix.com

If you use exposed brick tiles in your kitchen, you can add some rustic charm to your kitchen. You can even convert your kitchen backsplash into a statement feature if you are ready to experiment with tiles that look like the brick wall. The tiles used in the given picture are regular ceramic tiles but they are used in a style of brick walls. Also, there are various finishes available for brick tiles incorporating natural stone and smooth porcelain.

4. Exposed Brick Wallpaper

brick wall texture ideas

Source: hzcdn.com

Do you know using a simple wallpaper design you can achieve the desired texture? Just check out this picture. When you use wallpaper, you do not need to wait to give your walls a makeover. These brick wallpapers look exactly like the real bricks wall. And the best thing about such wallpaper is anyone who is having a tight budget can use it for home furnishing. 

5. Worn-Out Industrial Look

brick wall texture ideas

Source: bozdagmobilya.com.tr

The next on the list is creating a worn-out look. You can create a captivating look as shown in the picture. It will look as if the plaster has peeled off naturally. You can offset this look by using sleek furniture in contrast colors and interesting vintage accents. 

6. Accents on Bedroom Brick Walls

brick wall texture ideas

Source: acnnhome.com

Coming up next on the list is the use of accents on bedroom bricks walls. You can use big-sized accents such as mirrors and artwork. It will instantly make the space pop. If you want you can even mount artwork and mirrors. For that, group some of your favorite photographs or use spray paint for some classy graffiti.  Remember, earthy elements such as wood, stone, cane, wicker, metal accents, and greenery look dazzling with the rustic nature of brick. 

7. Mixing Up Bricks

brick wall texture ideas

Source: diy.homes.jp

To give your home some refreshing look, you do not need to stick to a 2-dimensional brick arrangement. You can layer it up with different patterns of bricks and achieve an outstanding 3-dimensional effect. Such kind of effect gives you contrast, shadow play, and textures naturally. In short, if you want to make things more interesting, you can mix up the bricks on your bedroom wall. You can achieve a mid-century vintage look by mixing up some salvaged bricks, glazed bricks, and colored bricks.

8. Stone Brick Wall

brick wall texture ideas

Source: tcharchitects.com

Featuring next on the list is a stone brick wall. Do you want to give a modern twist to the entrance of your contemporary themed home? If yes, you can make use of a stone brick wall as a room divider. It will add a rustic plus modern twist to your entrance. You can even use pebbles at the bottom of the divider. It will add a unique contrast to the look of your room. As shown in the above picture, when you use the red ottoman and the silver mirror above it, it will complement the look perfectly.

9. Thin Brick Tiles

brick wall texture ideas

Source: century21.de

Up next on the list is a thin brick tile. If you do not have a brick wall in your bedroom but you still want to achieve such a look then you can get it by using thin brick tiles. You can even get this look by using brick veneers. These brick veneers are sliced bricks on the wall that you can see in the picture.

10. Assorted Mosaic Tiles

brick wall texture ideas

Source: renovationfind.com

Coming up next on the list is assorted mosaic tiles. It is a slight variation to the classic brick wall design. These assorted mosaic tiles usually resemble a piece of the puzzle that is artistically arranged. As you can see in the picture, this arrangement stands tall on the balcony. Usually, this region is one of the most overlooked regions of the house. You can complete the look by creating a simple seating arrangement which makes it an ideal place to relax.

11. Textured Cream Brick Wall

brick wall texture ideas

Source: pinimg.com

Last but not least on the list is a textured cream brick wall. It is a twist on the classic brick wall design. This kind of textured cream brick wall can easily blend in with the décor theme selected for the living room. Various color palettes of the bricks are available that range from cream to brown and grey. All these colors can help you in achieving the holistic effect that is created by the featured wall in the picture. 

Are You Ready to Feature Your Brick Wall as a Design Element?

In a nutshell, from the above-discussed ideas, you can easily understand that brick walls are capable of utterly transforming any home’s interiors. They look just as good in the kitchen as they do in the living room or bedroom.  

So, if you want to give your home some refreshing look then we truly suggest you try brick wall texture. Believe us; you will not regret opting for this approach.

Also, let us know in the comment section below which idea did you like the most? You can even let us know if you want to add more ideas to this blog. We would love to hear it from you. Also, you can browse Homedesignsnow for this type of home decoration tips and some latest trends.