Are you planning to design an exclusive, comfortable, and accessible outdoor space complete with patio furniture? Before you embark on this exciting DIY project, you should know a few things when you buying outdoor furniture. Mainly, you should be aware of the dos and don’ts. In this article below, we’ve outlined some of the common rookie mistakes that you should try to avoid doing: 

Not Choosing a Theme First

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Whenever you’re starting to design a outdoor space, it’s important to establish a major theme first. Most DIYers forget this part and go straight to the furniture store and splurge on whatever piece they lay their eyes on. Keep in mind that this is the absolute last thing you should do.

A theme is what you call the overarching or prevailing concept that can make your outdoor space look and feel gorgeous and coherent.

When you have a theme in mind, this will automatically help you narrow down all your design options and your buying outdoor furniture and accessories for the space.

While it can be hard to choose and stick to just one theme for a patio, you can always turn to Google for help. There are a lot of design inspirations that you can take inspiration from or use as a reference for your patio.

You also can browse for design ideas on visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Make sure that you pick the theme that will fit your space perfectly or bring out your personality best. Once you have your theme, you should stick closely to it as much as possible.

Messing Up the Color Combinations

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Colors have the power to either make or break the whole vibe of your patio. This is why you must mix and match them to your advantage.

After choosing a theme, it is time to revisit the color wheel and see which colors will suit your patio perfectly. Sometimes, the color itself can also become the theme. If you have a favorite one, you can work around that or make it a major point of the patio.

When choosing a color palette, you can also consider the main function of the patio you will design. Is it mainly for family gatherings or chilling out with friends?

If the space is mainly for family events like dinners or reunions, light and natural colors will work well for these situations because they exude a sense of warmth and intimacy.

On the other hand, if you’re going to transform your patio into a bar for unwinding with friends, darker colors might be more suitable.

Not Having the Right Measurements

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Hold your horses right there if you’ve already decided on a theme and color palette and you think you can now buy your furniture. You still need to get the measurements. And it’s a mortal sin not to do so.

If you have the right theme and the exact measurements, you’ll be able to find gorgeous furniture and a perfect fit.

So bring out your rolling measuring tape and get the measurements of the space. As much as possible, cover every nook and cranny if your space has that. Make sure to measure from end to end as well.

These numbers will give you a sense of how big or small your patio is. So that when it’s time to scour the internet of your furniture shops for some furniture, you’ll know exactly which sizes will fit your patio.

If your outdoor space is weirdly shaped or simply too small, your best options are customized furniture or an outdoor modular lounge Australia.

Buying Cheap Furniture

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Another mistake that most homeowners make is settling for Custom furniture pieces because of the low price, which you should never do.

Keep in mind that your patio furniture is the first thing to get exposed to many outdoor elements, from the heat to cold, rain, dust, dirt, and even occasional bird poop. That’s why you must shop for durable furniture.

If you settle for less durable pieces, trust us, you’re only going to replace them in no time, which could mean a lot of hassle, headache, and money.

If we were you, we’d go for slightly pricier furniture from the get-go as long as they’re from trusted brands well-known for quality furniture.