Designing the house can be a difficult task for both the owner and the architect. One wrong decision can give away the vibe and aura an individual was looking forward to. For the house to look more spacious and unique one has to give in a lot of time in selecting the right interior One must not ignore the ceiling while doing home decor. Believe it or not but there are dozens of ways through which one can accentuate a room. And one among them is choosing the right type of ceiling. And it does not only stop with the different colors of the ceiling but there is an extensive number of ceiling texture types to choose from. 

Also, you don’t necessarily have to choose the same ceiling texture type for all the rooms when you can opt for variety. Let each room’s ceiling set its vibe in a way that suits best the room’s aura. I have come with the top 11 designs that will enhance the beauty of your home. Get your ceilings done by choosing one among the following ceiling texture types.

Ceiling texture types


ceiling texture types: Sheetrock


This is more of a drywall texture. It has been used since the year 1917 and is still one of the most famous ones. Like the other drywall ceiling textures, this one too is not so smooth and gives out a more artistic look.

This texture might be achieved through hand technique and one does not have to use any special brushes. It would go well with the room, no matter what type of furniture you use. It can give out both a traditional and a modern look. This would work even if the flooring is wooden.

Stipple Brush

ceiling texture types: Stipple Brush


This one can be quite difficult and would need some artistic skill. To attain this type of ceiling texture one might need a slap brush and a roller. Now you may wonder Why is this the right option? If an individual is renovating their house and has holes and unevenness on the ceiling, this design will cover them. The texture is pretty thick so one needs to show some skill or take someone else’s assistance to do this.

Hawk and Trowel 

ceiling texture types: Hawk and Trowel 


Just as the name is suggesting, one might need a trowel and a hawk to cover the ceiling. Like the others, this one too may not be smooth. But it does give out a more dramatic look and does not need a skilled person to try it on their wall. You are good to do your room ceilings.

Tree Bark

ceiling texture types: Tree Bark


Yes, that sounded correct. This one looks like tree bark. If one got this type of ceiling texture, the focus of their visitors would be on the ceiling more than the interior as it tends to catch the eye of people. If one wants to give their room a more farmhouse type look then this texture is the one they should rely on. It is artistic and goes well with any color of paint.

Smooth Ceiling Texture

ceiling texture types: Smooth Ceiling Texture


Although many of you might want to choose a fancy ceiling texture. However, if you are the one who is looking for something casual in their ceilings, Smooth ceiling texture seems a perfect fit. This texture does not require much assistance and is cheap too.

Most of the other textures are difficult to remove and one might need someone else’s help to install them. This ceiling texture does not need much help and can be done easily. The best part about using this ceiling texture is that one can choose any type of room interior with this as it goes well along with all the styles.

Slap Brush Texture

ceiling texture types: Slap Brush Texture


This one seems like a fun ceiling texture among the ceiling texture types. All one might need to achieve this ceiling texture is a brush that has stiff bristles and thin mud. To do this, an individual must use a roller to apply mud to cover the ceiling.

Next, Slap the ceiling with the bristle of the brush to get the required texture. you must start from the edge of the ceiling to get the texture achieved. One just needs to be careful while doing this since overdoing this will make the ceiling look messier and they won’t achieve the desired texture.

Popcorn Ceiling Texture

ceiling texture types: Popcorn Ceiling 


This type of ceiling texture is also called acoustic ceiling texture. One might wonder what popcorn has to do with the texture of ceilings. Well, this design is one of the most famous and used ceiling textures ever. The look of the ceiling resembles popcorn. It can be done with the help of a sprayer.

This ceiling texture not only contains mud but also other materials. These might include styrofoam which gives out a more puffy effect to the ceiling. So if one needs to achieve perfection in this type of ceiling they need to hire a professional as it is difficult to apply and so it is hard to remove. 

Skim Coat

ceiling texture types: Skim Coat


Either the ceiling textures are very difficult to achieve by oneself or they are too plain looking. If you want something easy to do but elegant enough to add to your home decor. A Skim coat is your perfect fit. The skim coat is a much easy and chic-looking texture. This is easy to apply and easy to remove. It will go on well with any room despite the style.

Lace Ceiling Texture

ceiling texture types: Lace Ceiling Texture


This is one of the most difficult ceiling textures but it is also considered as one of the most beautiful textures one can get. It cannot be done without professional help and it needs various kinds of tools.

These tools include drywall knives, plastic sheets, and the ground, and a spatter gun. The result of this type of ceiling texture would be great as it involves artistic touch. This type of ceiling texture is sure to draw people’s attention more to the ceiling.

Crows Foot

ceiling texture types: Crows Foot


The name of the ceiling texture might be weird but the result is what one might need for their bedroom. To make this type of ceiling texture, you would need a stipple brush. One can not do it alone and would need the help of someone else too.

As one man has to apply the stipple brush pattern and the other one has to apply mud at the same time in other sections. Creating a wall ceiling can be very messy for the floor so it is necessary to cover the ground and the furniture with plastic sheets.

Fish Scale 

ceiling texture types: Fish Scale 


This is one of the ceiling texture types that will look good with plain colors. Hence, if one has chosen some dark or plain color for any of the rooms then this is the one they need to choose. The fish scale ceiling texture is difficult and cannot be done without professional help.

Getting this type of ceiling might take time and money but the look of the room would change dramatically and will surely be worth the wait.

ceiling texture types


Pros Of Ceiling Textures

Following are few pros of ceiling textures

  • As time passes away, cracks and spaces between the joints are usually seen in drywalls. It is quite expensive to make this drywall flawless again if ceiling texture is not used for repairing. By texturing your ceiling, you can cover up any damage easily and quickly.
  • Roof problems are very common, especially in a rental apartment. To avoid these roof problems there is a simple solution and that is known as ceiling texture. It is cheap and also saves a lot of time.
  • If your wall has bumps or holes on the surface, a textured ceiling is all you need. It easily covers these holes or bumps and makes the wall flawless and as new as it was before. 
  • By properly applying texture to the ceiling, the wall remains as good as it is for a very long time. 
  • These textured ceilings have numerous varieties in textures and also patterns from which you can make your room classy and unique. 

Cons Of Ceiling Textures

Here are few drawbacks of ceiling textures

  • As ceiling textures have patterns, few of them are difficult to apply. It may also take much time and since it is difficult to apply, you may have to hire someone professional to apply it which will cost you a few more bucks.
  • Also, tools needed for this may not be available in most houses.
  • Textured ceilings like popcorn or lace are hard to take off. 

The Bottom Line

While taking so much interest in doing floor and wall decor of your home, why should you neglect ceilings? Ceilings make the most visual space of rooms and texturing will be such an eye-catcher.

The above-mentioned are the most incredible and remarkable types of ceiling textures that an individual may like. Go through them and select anyone that goes well with the room. 

I hope you like this blog and keep coming to Homedesignnow for more interesting tips and ideas on home improvement and decoration.