In old times people use the basement as an additional storage area, but now people see this as an extra room. They try to make a basement into various activity zone. You can also transform your old and boring basement into a fun place. Here are the cheap basement ceiling ideas

Almost every basement ceiling has exposed beams, pipelines, and duct-works that are an eyesore when guests came to your place. But by the following basement ceiling ideas, you can transform your ugly basement ceiling into a beautiful one and in a cheap way. Show your creativity, and with inexpensive supplies, you can make the basement ceiling into a functional and appealing focal point.



The drywall basement ceiling is the most affordable and popular option. Just put a coat of primer and then paint the ceiling in your favourite color. It creates a smooth and attractive living area. Decorate it with some recessed lights to give a modern appeal. But it has also some downsides like moisture can easily damage the drywall and there are chances of termite and ant infestations. 

drywall: cheap basement ceiling ideas


Painted Rafters

Every basement has Rafters (rafters are designed to support the roof), but you don’t know how to make them appealing. Then try dark solid colors to paint all the beams. Use dark color schemes such as charcoal, deep grey. Their plus point is that these dark-colored rafters will effortlessly hide all the plumbing and electrical wires and cables. 

Painted Rafters: cheap basement ceiling ideas


Wooden Planks

Wooden planks are the traditional material to use in the ceiling, but you can also use this in a modern way. Add wooden planks to your basement ceiling to give a cave finish. Place some lighting strips to provide sufficient lighting in the basement. This polished basement ceiling makes the whole place warm and bright. 

wooden planks: cheap basement ceiling ideas


Painted Beams And Pipes

If your basement ceiling has a lot of exposed beams and pipelines. Then try this decorative trick that is to paint everything from inside out in white color. White is the only color that compliments any decor. Add a fresh coat of modern white paint on other elements of the basement including pipes, ducts and also light fixtures to create the monochromatic look.

Painted Beams: cheap basement ceiling ideas


Tin Ceiling

If you want to make your basement into a vintage-looking fun zone, then try the tin ceiling.

Tin Ceiling: cheap basement ceiling ideas


Tin basement ceiling will give your old school clubs vibes. This decorative element will bounce back the light and sound. Simply just add a pool table, and a corner bar and this space will become a lively and fun entertaining place.

Decorative Ceiling Tile

The tile ceiling is the typical dropped basement ceiling. You can add some molded details with some tiles. Pair this type of ceiling with wood looking like flooring and some attractive wallpaper on the walls of the basement. They give some character, and the basement will look like a lived-in room.

Decorative Ceiling Tile: cheap basement ceiling ideas


Traditional Box Ceiling

Don’t think your basement will look ugly if your basement ceiling has long structural beams. Convert the space by making these beams into architectural elements with this cheap basement ceiling ideas. You can paint them in pure white, and they seem like a crown molding to your ceilings. Make the basement ceiling higher by involving these beams and add interest to eye level.

Traditional Box Ceiling: cheap basement ceiling ideas


Corrugated Metal

When you have a low basement ceiling, and you don’t want a cramped look. Then try different materials for ceiling like corrugated metal. The leading quality of the corrugated metal is that it reflects back the light and also has a unique texture. This type of roof will become the focal point of the basement area. It creates a beautiful ambience without adding bulk.

Corrugated Metal Ceiling: cheap basement ceiling ideas


Exposed Wood Beams

Wood is a rustic but contemporary architectural feature. Lightly stained wood with white painted panels will beautifully create a modern farmhouse look. No matter whether your basement ceiling height is low or high wooden beams give them a stylish and minimalistic look. 

Exposed Wood Beams: cheap basement ceiling ideas


Drop Ceiling Tiles

Drop ceiling tiles are very simple but classic looking. Create a grid pattern overhead with some geometric design wallpapers on walls. This layout will make the eyes move all over the room. Tiles are easy to install on a basement ceiling and also less expensive. And you can place them individually according to the plumbing and electrical lines. 

Drop Ceiling Tiles: cheap basement ceiling ideas



Beadboard ceiling is famous in cad style homes. But it can go with any architectural style. You can place either vertically or horizontally on the basement ceiling. They widely use the material for porch ceilings. Installment of these boards is time-consuming because you have to put them one by one on a plywood base carefully. 

Beadboard: cheap basement ceiling ideas


There are countless options when it comes to remodeling the basement ceiling. The height of the basement is also a significant factor. Above all, the ideas work on a budget and will work for any basement height.

So, decorate your basement ceilings with these fantastic ideas and create a new place for you and your family. Browse through Homedesignnnow for more such ideas.