In the heart of Erwin, Tennessee sits a 300 acres plot destined to become a wellness-focused resort. The proposed Coffee Ridge project overlooks the Appalachian Mountains and this sets the luxury resort in the middle of nature with scenic views of the undulating trails.

Clements Wimsatt Architects have partnered with SiteWorks Studio to design the project. The property is the epitome of class and elegance, with a keen focus on eco-friendly design. And with a modern yet conservative appeal, this project features a balance of context, sustainability, and wellness.  

We’ve dived deep into the project’s details, highlighting the key architectural designs. You’ll also learn the inspiration behind this Coffee Ridge Luxury Resort and the key features to expect once the project is complete.

Coffee Ridge Luxury Resort Project Overview

Coffee Ridge Luxury Resort


Set in a peaceful and beautiful natural ecosystem, this property is yet to be a great escapade. The design features 8 to 12 cabins for exploring the scenic views. This allows visitors to marvel at the vibrant mountain trails and the sight of streams and rivers. All these create a harmonious blend of nature and architectural beauty.

Apart from the cabins, the project features a clubhouse for dining and recreational activities. The design also comes with a spa and a coffee house. All these combine to create the perfect indoor experience you can find in any high-end hotel. However, unlike most 5 star hotels, this design is set in a more natural setting. 

Another feature that sets this project apart is the farm-to-table gardens and greenhouses. That means the food supply to the hotel is fresh and of desired quality. Similarly, there’s total control on supply and demand, hence fewer shocks in the supply chain.

The other features include pastures and stables for horseback riding. Additionally, there’s an owner’s residence and stargazing pavilion, among other support structures. Guests will also enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and indoor/outdoor swimming.  

Coffee Ridge Master Planning

Designed to be an all-inclusive, couples-only resort, the Coffee Ridge project has a unique master plan. The overall design embodies an oasis that oozes life in the middle of a desert. Wellness, healthy dining, and outdoor programming are the key aspects this project has to offer.

For quick understanding, the two design firms have divided the whole project into three parts. These include the cabins & accommodations area, the central hub, and the recreation area. The master plan has all these features in great detail. And it reveals a mastery of landscaping and planning.

That said, this project also features some tropical resort designs. For instance, the treeline houses enhance thermal comfort and modern living. With a quick look at the master plan, you can further appreciate the modern architectural concept.  

As far as design and planning are concerned, the two teams have made some progress. Site evaluation, which is the most critical part of the design, is complete. It’s through this step that the architects understand the design priorities. The process also helps uncover opportunities and challenges.

The teams combined program and site to study the building prototypes. They also identified potential architectural responses to scenic views and privacy issues. That is an indication that the luxury resort design is well thought out.

Coffee Ridge Luxury Resort- Redefining the Architectural Landscape

Coffee Ridge Luxury Resort


Coffee Ridge Luxury Resort will be a critical architectural landscape in Erwin. Not only is this project unique, but it’s also transformative in all possible ways. Its competitive advantage comes with its modern yet conservative design. With a focus on wellbeing, the architects are creating a piece of luxury in the middle of nature.  

That said, wellness and sustainability speak volumes in the modern market. And this is what Coffee Ridge resort is looking to accomplish. The ambiance and serenity of the place, plus the resort’s luxury vibe, create an irresistible bond. Many are already thrilled by what the project promises. But the details of the design tell a lot about this luxurious mountain retreat.

For tourists, this will be the perfect escapade allowing for adventure and calm relaxation. Guests will have a lot to explore, and this is quite evident with what the project entails. Once complete, Coffee Ridge Luxury resort will expand the view of the contemporary architecture. It’s here that form, meaning, and expression come together, resulting in something epic.

Clements Wimsatt Architects and SiteWorks Studios now have a demanding task at hand. They have to implement this design and give everyone the dream they have been longing for.

The authentic feel of the resort plus the variety of indoor and outdoor activities makes this project a one-of-its-kind. Nothing beats a luxurious retreat in the middle of nature, and this privately owned 300 acre is yet to set a record. The expected opening of the Coffee Ridge resort is spring 2024.