When it comes to decorating homes, we all mostly get confused with the color scheme. Which color looks best in your place? What color combination would look good on the wall and what kind of furnishings would it look good on? Which colors go with brown? 

There are a lot of wonderful colors, such as vibrant red, cheerful yellow, classic white, and many more. But have you ever thought about the Brown color? Nowadays, brown color is a very popular choice for interior design. This rich and neutral shade is very classy, and you can use this in various types of places. From the living room to the bathroom, this single color brings a cozy feeling. 

Now, you think which shade of brown is good, and what are the colors that go with brown? You know, brown is the color of earth, which is warm and versatile. Because of this quality, it opens up a whole world of possibilities once you decide to blend it with the right colors!! So, to help you make up your mind, today, we bring eleven colors that go with brown effortlessly. 

Some people think that brown is the flashiest or lackluster color, but actually, it is far from boring. Not only in furnishings but brown also looks great on walls and home decor. Learn with us how to create stunning color combos with brown for stunning room looks. From bright yellow to majestic purple, here in the list, you’ll get to know what color goes with brown and how to mix & match the colors to create the perfect ambiance in your home. 

Take a look at these beautiful 11 colors that go with brown complementary color

1. Crispy White

Crispy White

source: pinterest.se

A dark brown + white = A classic combination!! It is the cousin of the Black & White classic combo. Which we all love, right? That’s the main reason why white is the most common color that is used with brown color. You can either select chocolate brown or walnut brown with crispy white color. The combination looks absolutely gorgeous, and this will make your bedroom or bathroom decor more luxurious and classy. 

“You’ll find this combination not only in traditional, rustic but also in modern places.”

2. Navy Blue Wall Color with Brown Furnishings

colors that go with brown

source: roundecor.com

Blue!! This combination probably isn’t on your mind when thinking about colors that go with brown, right?  Brown is a warm color, and blue comes under cool tones. Using these two colors, you can actually create a vast, relaxing space. Brown represents steadfastness and simplicity, whereas blue is associated with serenity. By choosing the right shade of blue, you can get amazing results!! Try navy blue with brown, just like the above house. 

“Dress your living room, bedroom, or even your bathroom with this duo for a subtle and peaceful yet modern look.”

3. Charming Copper

Charming Copper

source: architecturelab.net

Another unusual combination is brown with copper!! Surely, you’ll love this combination. Just imagine the chocolate brown with a rich shade of copper, it will create an incredibly trendy and hip look. The red undertones of copper will make the silky hues of brown more soft and energetic.

“Create an inviting and warm atmosphere with this unique blend of colors!”

4. Yellow Accents

Yellow Accents

source: lovehappensmag.com

If you think that the brown color makes your room a little bit dark, try using yellow as an accent color. Yellow is a color that complements brown gracefully to make any room look incredibly bright. Just add a few pieces of yellow decor here and there to break the dark color palette. 

Bright shades of yellow look lively and fun and when combined correctly with brown, and they add a splash of energetic charm to your living space. If your walls are painted in brown color, just add a gigantic yellow art piece and some yellow chairs to add the perfect accent color in your living area. 

5. Majestic Purple

Majestic Purple

source: home-designing.com

Purple is one of the colors that naturally looks good with brown color! Both are dark colors, they are mostly used for ample spaces instead of bright colors as they make space look empty and too large, whereas dark colors make a cozy ambiance. Purple & brown together enriches the space and conveys an air of sophistication. 

“Look at the above room, how beautifully purple color is going with the dark brown undertones.”

6. Minty Green

colors that go with brown

source: houzz.se

Yes, mint, you might be surprised that even this color can also go with the brown color palette. Various shades of mint with some good dose of brown will create a sophisticated environment in your home. If you’re looking for a more natural and organic feel, pair your brown furniture with a minty green selection. You can use this color scheme on the porch or backyard area of your residence. No doubt this duo is the best choice!!

7. Brown and Brown

colors that go with brown

source: pinterest.com

When we say brown, we are just not talking about a single color. Actually, there are various shades of brown, from dark chocolate brown to light honey brown. If you love the look of dark brown walls, look at this room design!! Doesn’t it look mesmerizing?

You can pick either the darker or brighter one as a foundation color and experiment with a different shade of brown over it. 

“Just don’t select this color theme if your place has some lighting issues as they can make it darker.” 

8. Place a Fuchsia Rug

colors that go with brown

source: bricobistro.com

Want a feminine looking room or want to add some instant pop of color? Add a fuchsia color rug in your family room. Use brown as a Primary color and add some fuchsia color in splashes, artworks, and decors. This way, your room will look feminine, chic, and refreshing!! You can also pair the dark wood cabinetry with quirky shades of Fuchsia. This will add some drama to the whole room without overwhelming the atmosphere. 

“The depth of these two colors adds personality to the neutral brown and transforms any room within minutes!!”

9. Pretty Pastels

colors that go with brown

source: gephardtdaily.com

Beautiful light shades of pink and blue will also look good with multiple shades of brown. You can either paint the walls in these restful pastel shades and place some dark wood furnishings or just do the opposite, both ways, this combination looks classy & elegant. 

10. Dazzling Orange

colors that go with brown

source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

Orange is another incredibly complementary color to brown. Similar to yellow, orange goes very well with brown. They are both warm, vibrant, and friendly, so when you pair them together, you get an extraordinary-looking room!! As the orange is flashy and vivid, whereas the deep brown is a subtle color, that’s why the combination looks great. This contrasting hue has the ability to create trendy and modern styles. 

“Take inspiration from the above living space, see how gracefully both colors are used in artistry & unique way!!”

11. Turquoise, Brown & White

colors that go with brown

source: modernplace.ru

Yes, you can also include multiple colors with brown!! Turquoise & White with Brown is a prevalent combination currently. This is a modern combination and works wonderfully for both bedroom and living areas. All three colors compliment each other beautifully and create a versatile and feminine atmosphere.

“You can create various types of designs and also experiment with multiple styles as it goes well with everything.”

Colors that Go with Brown

So after reading this blog, you’ll get some color ideas that will go with brown, right?  You can not only use a solid brown color but also use it in any pattern or design. This will add some character and drama to your boring space. The two things that you should keep in mind while selecting any color option are – the first is the right shade & combination. Always try and see what shade of color goes perfectly with either light or dark brown hue. Second is space. If your room is large, then use darker shades. Whereas if your room is small, always use bright colors to make it look more spacious.

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