What colors come to your mind when you think of designing a house? If modern with sophistication is your style, gray is your color! Similar to the classic white color, gray is also a timeless color. Are you confuse colors that go with gray? Don’t worry we have come up with a color combination that go with gray!

It creates a beautiful and calming environment in your home where you can relax after a long day at work. Another reason why people love this color is that many varieties of color can pair with this shade. It is ideal for walls, furniture, and even accessories. But sometimes you’ll feel what are the colors that go with gray and how to incorporate it with various color tones, right? Too many color choices will confuse you, and you will not be able to decide which color looks best with your kind of gray. 

So, if you also feel where to start and what to do next, then read this blog to clear all your doubts. Because today we have collected classic colors that go very well with any shade of gray. For example, silver and cadet gray will bring feminine vibes, while the darker shades exude a masculine feel.

So whether you’re decorating a master bedroom, dining area, or living space, we’re pretty sure you’ll love these color combinations in your house. From crispy white to teal blue, we’ve included seven color combination ideas that will make your space more welcoming and aesthetic.

So check out the list of the most beautiful and versatile colors that go with gray:

Let’s see how you can incorporate all these colors with various decors and elements:

#1: Jet Gray + Pure White


source: earlyexperts.net

White is a basic color that goes with almost any color, and it looks absolutely gorgeous with mid-toned gray. When contrasted with gray walls and blonde wood furniture, it provides a crispy and clean look. Like the above bedroom image, where one wall is painted in gray and the other kept as white. The bedding is also mostly white with little pop of gray color in the pillow covers. 

#2: Silver Gray + Mustard


source: pinterest.com

Gray is usually considered a cooler color, so to warm up the space, you can mix it with warm shades such as mustard. And by that, we don’t mean that you have to paint your walls in mustard, rather you can bring this color or texture in various forms. 

For example, like the above bedroom, the bedding includes a beautiful mustard blanket that looks absolutely perfect with the gray colors on the walls. You can also include mustard in curtains, accessories, and even by adding some throw pillows in the mustard shades. 

#3: Ash Gray + Blush Pink

colors that go with gray

source: justcrownsides.com

There is no harm in adding a little romance in your room, right? Whether this is your bedroom, bathroom, or living area, when you’re confused about what colors go with gray, just choose a blush pink. Yes, gray works very well with lighter shades of pink (also depending on the shade of gray).

The above bedroom image has a gorgeous blush pink pillow set with a matching blanket. The artwork above it also has some hints of pink. You can also create a balanced look by using blush pink in various places such as artworks and accessories. But make sure that you’ll use the same tone of color everywhere; otherwise, it will look kind of messy. 

#4: Platinum Gray + Navy

colors that go with gray

source: penmaninteriors.co.uk

Blue is such a lively color that can bring life to any place. Like this living area, which was so plain and boring, but after including the navy blue color, the whole place transformed. Maybe the luxurious velvet blue couches are the reason for it. The artwork on the walls and the flowers are perfectly matching with each other and because of that, they have created a balanced look. 

#5: Charcoal Gray + Gold

colors that go with gray

source: projecthamad.org

If you don’t want to paint your walls in some bright color or your landlord doesn’t allow you to do that. There is another simple but effective way to work with a dull gray color. Just add some gold. Gold is such a rich and royal color, so when you mix it with charcoal gray, your space ambiance will instantly be uplifted. 

Use some gold accents in different areas of the room, such as gold lamps or gold chandeliers. This way, you’ll be able to create an inviting texture with luxuriousness.

#6: Smoke Gray + Green

colors that go with graysource: silveriapainting.com

The green color is ideal for spring and summer. With the help of plants, you can bring green color to your space, and you can also use rich green color on your walls. Just like this living room, it has one accent wall in green color, and the rest of the things are gray. After Decorating it with a magical mirror and a grand chandelier, this room looks like it is a set of a movie. 

#7: Mix it Up!!

colors that go with gray

source: pinterest.com

There is no such rule that you can mix only one color with gray. Sometimes it looks even better with many shades. You can mix the warmer tones with the cooler ones. For example, mix red with gray to create a polished look and add splashing earth tones on the walls to finish the whole look. You will be amazed by the end results. 

Final Thoughts on Colors that Go with Gray

Selecting the right paint shade will help you to create the desired atmosphere in your home. Gray is the perfect definition of sophisticated and modern. But sometimes it can be pretty plain and boring, so to spice it up, mix it up with various other colors. 

After reading this blog, now you understand how to combine various tones of colors with gray. So try these combinations, as they’ll help you to create the mood that you’ll be able to enjoy the most. Add warmth and serenity to your home with these beautiful colors that go with gray. And if you want to know what are the colors that will go with brown, click on the link. For more home decoration tips and ideas, visit Homedesignnow.