For the right reason, the purple colour has always persisted in style: Depending on the shade, it can come off as evocative and moody, serene and calming, or bold and dynamic—plus, it pairs wonderfully with a wide array of other colors that go with purple including marble tones and metallics. Choosing the correct colour pallet for your home will make all the difference. It forms the backdrop for all your interiors, after all.

Think of finding the perfect lavender paint as the hunt for a perfect pair of blue jeans: Whether your decor is uber-traditional or super-modern, there’s a perfect purple for you! The Byzantium purple has a cool crispness that’s refreshing. You might want to add fabrics in different tones of the same colors that go with purple like lilac and pale, to create a layered, monochromatic look. Or you could bring in contrasting colours, like pink and grey.

The warmth and coziness of all the textures and tones make the room easy to be in. There’s a kind of clarity and contrast in the sky after a rain, and this colour has the same feeling. It suddenly makes the ceiling of a room infinite, and space somehow becomes larger. It changes the room’s energy and makes you feel like you can finally take a big, deep breath!

Purple connects blue’s natural stability and serenity with red’s energy and zest to produce a visual sense of luxury, creativity, power, and magic. Any good designer will tell you that colour has the power to transform. It is used to evoke different emotions, tell a story within a home, even change the way someone feels in a space.

Colors That Go With Purple:

So, deciding on the right colour palette with colors that go with purple for a room can be high stakes and fairly tricky. Before you start choosing paint colours, furniture, or decor, it’s crucial to understand which colours work best together and why.

Since, considering the breadth of options, choosing the right colour that goes with the purple paint can be a daunting task, we’ve put together a list of designers’ favorite tried-and-true purple colours, from the palest lavender, lilac to deep, glistening aubergine.

1) Opt for Colours with Similar Temperatures:

Colours can be segregated into two groups – they’re either warm or cool. And pairing colours with like temperatures always result in harmonious colour combinations. For example, pairing cool hues like purples and greens together always work well. Or matching a mix of warm neutrals, such as a soft beige with a rich brown or a deep shade of orange are some of the colors that go with purple and will be equally delightful to the eye.

2) Go Monochrome:

Designers love working with monochromatic palettes, tone on tone. It gives a very sophisticated look and is almost foolproof to pull off and make work. Colours within the same hue but insignificantly different tones—for example, a pale purple with a deeper purple – will always look stunning.

3) Choose Complementary Colours:

Opposites attract and this holds when thinking in terms of the colour wheel. Colours opposite one another tend to be complementary and look beautiful when paired together. One of the favourite complementary colour combos is pairing shades of purple with pink tones.

Here are ten colors that go with purple to help you find the colour scheme that’s perfect for you!

1. Purple and Black: Light and Darkness

 purple and black


Purple with black is one of the all-time favourite colour pairings. Black is impactful and dramatic, and it can create lushness and depth when used with purple. Amongst the colors that go with purples of any shade, black grounds and balances the energetic, happy feel that purple brings to space.

If you’re honest, when you think of colors that go with purple, black is the last to come to mind when you’re thinking stylistically. This is unfortunate because when a cool black is paired with purple, space takes on that rare and hard-to-achieve combination of down-to-earth warmth and urban sophistication.

2. Purple and White: Serene Sanctuary

purple and white


You can never go wrong with a classic purple and white colour scheme. Instead of cool whites, opt for cream shades, and instead of deep wood, go for a blond surface. Warm and luxe, off-white and purple take the core stage in the combination, while grey contributes to keeping things real and grounded, resulting in a colour palette that is both elegant and warm.

3. Purple and Orange: Sunny Side

colors that go with purple


While orange and purple are a striking colour combination, it’s not at all surprising. Nor is it unattractive. Because purple and orange are analogous colours, they match up together quite well and orange is one of the colours that go very well with purple. For interior elements like furniture, deep oranges and purples are best.

Where purple is staid and conservative, orange is passionate and enthusiastic. Those characteristics, generally, make the colour combination a classic choice for a bent sofa kept in the living room, which just feels like a place to hope and dream. Purple paired with vibrant orange is visually impactful.

4. Purple + Burgundy: Stringent Energy

colors that go with purple


As a warm variant of purplish red, burgundy is just asking for a soul-sharing, cosy night with companionable purple. This is part of this duo’s charm – both colours are energetic and confident on their own, but when they merge, they create this web of security and confidence that is difficult to ignore. Pattern and saturation come into play when using such equally bold colours, so you can vary them accordingly.

5. Dusty Purple and Dark Brown: The Uncanny

colors that go with purple


Brown represents the earth, warmth, healing, and stability. Paired with purple, the colour combo gives off a homely, comforting feel. This is why it’s more common in boho-chic spaces and rustic-styled homes. When it comes to fashion, dusty purple and brown look soft and feminine together without being too loud of a combination.

6. Dark Pink and Purple: Classic Combination

colors that go with purple


Lush pink and purple, this colour combo is best suited to the younger generation. Think unicorns and cotton candy! Of course, modify these colours a few shades darker or a few tints lighter and you can still pull the combo off in a high fashion way.  Pink is one of those colors that go with purple and are heavily correlated with the mid-century era, and it just naturally looks good with purple details found in a lot of Modern furniture.

7. Purple and Red: Royal Treatment

colors that go with purple


The deep red pairs perfectly with different shades of purple, and is very chic and sophisticated. Layering in other jewel tones like royal purple and gold adds another level of richness while grounding the deep red high-gloss lacquer.

You can use this colour combination, especially in a library, media, or dining room as these palettes truly elevate any space to another level. Red is such a rich and sultry colour; it’s a great match for other opulent shades such as deep purples and ambient ochres and is one of the most superior colours that goes with purple.

8. Purple and Green: Creative Contrast

Creative Contrast


The most familiar colour to describe the environment, green comes alive in a multitude of hues. Whether you favour seafoam-green or deep-shade fern, the hue is fresh, lively, and always in style. Green is as varied as it is versatile.  As contrasting colours, purple and green go collectively in perfect symphony. You can incorporate green into your purple colour schemes for a refreshing style.

9. Purple and Silver: Vintage Vibes

Vintage Vibes


Silver can complement bold colours. Bold colours are brighter versions of colours. These colours stand out and draw interest. Silver can work as a complementary colour that goes with purple because it does not take attention away from the boldness of the colour but helps enhance the colour. Bold colours like purple that complement silver. These colours combined create a sophisticated colour palette that is not overwhelming or over the top.

10. Purple and Purple: The Monochrome

The Monochrome


A monochromatic interior design is a unique way to make a statement in any room. Though we tend to think about matching colors that go with purple and keep diverse palettes in our spaces, monochromatic colour schemes look intentional and eye-catching. By sprinkling dark purple colour accents throughout the room, space will feel tied together, and the decor purposeful.

By keeping the furniture and art prints a single hue, space feels instantly modernized. When you remove different colors, you begin to pay more attention to the details and clean lines of the shelves and notice how every object in the space carries a sense of purpose. 


The colour purple is as inviting as it is mysterious. Like most secondary colours, it brings upon the power of its parent colours. In this case, red and blue create their own identity in the color spectrum. Such is the deal with the colour purple. While purple colour comes off as quite bold, you might be baffled over how to pair it with every other colour that goes with purple surrounding you.

Purple combines blue’s inherent stability and serenity with red’s spirit and zest to produce a visual understanding of luxury, creativity, power, and magic. Mixing and matching a few shades of purple makes a powerful statement without being overwhelming. Since the article investigates and guides you through several ideas of colors that go with purple, then why settle for one shade of purple when you can enjoy a few?

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