Do you want to expand your living space seamlessly? When the temperature starts to rise, many people opt to spend more time outside. This is especially true after staying at home during the winter season. You can make this possible by putting a concrete patio in your backyard. 

Even though wood decks look great, you might find maintenance challenging. You can get the same advantages or more if you choose to have a concrete patio instead. Continue reading to learn more about the best concrete patio option for your home.

Benefits of Concrete Patios

Easier to Maintain

It can never be stressed enough about how easy it is to maintain concrete, especially when used on floors. Therefore, you do not need to worry about sanding, staining, sealing, or removing weeds yearly on cobblestone pavements. Moreover, concrete will lessen your worries about wood rot, termites, and structural durability. 


This is easy to understand since concrete is a material that is not harnessed from trees. Since it is made locally, you lessen gas emissions from transport. Moreover, you do not need to use harmful chemicals regularly. 

Easily Customizable

You can paint, stamp, or dye your concrete patio any way you want. If you are thinking that the aesthetic of concrete is too plain, you can put wood or stones and plan on how you will paint, stencil, engrave, or stamp it. You will be surprised that your patio is concrete after you customize it. Moreover, you will spend most of your time on your patio relaxing or doing recreational activities instead of doing time-consuming work.

Tips on How to Design Your Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio


1. You should not limit the design of your patio to a small rectangle outside the door.

Your patio’s purpose is to be a seamless extension of your indoor living area to the outside. That is why you should spend time planning on what you want for your patio and how much yard space you want to include. 

If you have bad allergies or are tired from mowing your lawn, you can consider a concrete patio that can cover most of your lawn. Another tip is to include all the doors at the back of your house instead of one if there are different entries to the backyard.

2. Think of what amenities you want on your patio.

You can ask assistance from your concrete contractor for help if you have one. If you want an elegant pool, fire pit, or kitchen, you have to arrange for the draining, electricity, plumbing, or seating among many others. 

You can also have a concrete path that connects to your patio to have some separation from your house. It is not advisable to have concrete around your home exterior if there are many entry points to your backyard. It is better to have pathways where people can all access the patio. A fire pit is a good choice if you do not want your house to smell like burnt smoke.

Concrete Options to Consider

Concrete Patio


Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is a nice option because it is flat and smooth. Therefore, it is great for different kinds of furniture and outdoor activities. It is also easy to maintain and does not cause grit on your shoes that can be brought into the house like gravel patios. Weeds almost do not grow here. 

You will not have any problems if the weather changes, unlike stone and paver patios. If you are planning to add more texture, you can consider this since it has a silky and aesthetic finish.

Stamped Concrete

The material mimics stones such as brick, wood, flagstone, tile, and slate. This is a famous choice for making pool decks, patios, and driveways more beautiful because of the many colors and patterns to choose from. Maintenance is also easier compared to other materials. 

Concrete Pavers

You can get concrete pavers in various textures, shapes, colors, and sizes. It can also be put on top of a packed sand bed. 

If you do not like to bother yourself with weeds, you can stick the pavers together so that you get an even and unbroken surface. If you prefer spaces between the pavers, you can fill them up with pebbles, tight and low growing ground cover, or pea gravel.


Finally, you have a better understanding of what concrete patio works best for your home. You can get assistance from a professional Concrete Contractor Columbus Ohio so that you can achieve the patio design you want.