A bedroom is supposedly a place of zen. It should be a tranquil and calming space where you can retreat after you are bruised and beaten for the day. It is your refuge, your safe zone—where you can bust the stress away. Unfortunately, not all bedroom designs are as wonderful as they are supposed to be. If you find it hard to sleep and rest peacefully in your bedroom, there must be something wrong, some things that you need to adjust. Try to achieve harmony and beauty through the guidance of the following tips. Read on how you can convert your bedroom into a cool and calming space.

1. Keep It Clean

Convert Your Bedroom into a Cool and Calming Space

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Nothing makes a room pretty and calm than a deep clean. Although bedrooms receive significantly low foot traffic than the other parts of the house, like the living area and the kitchen, it still accumulates dirt.

Dust and dirt build-up is not only unsightly but also unhealthy. Pay special attention to surfaces that are predisposed to dust bunnies. You’re made to measure wardrobes, bed board, and wall shelves that may seem untouchable to dust. But look closely, and you will see how much it can amass within a short period.

Your cleaning schedule must be on the calendar. You must perform regular cleaning every day. This is your time to wipe surfaces clean, including the shelves, walls, and floors. Periodically, you must have a deep cleaning schedule to clear the clutter, take out dirty clothes, strip the bed, replace the linens, and vacuum clean the blinds or curtains.

2. Keep It Neat

Clutter is very distracting. It can cause you a lot of stress. The idea is to keep everything away and keep your space tidy all the time. This can be done with the help of efficient storage. Make good use of your cabinets and drawers, organize your things and keep them in order.

3. Create a Cozy Bed

Convert Your Bedroom into a Cool and Calming Space

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The bed is everybody’s favorite place in the bedroom. It is but right that you pour in much effort keeping it cozy and comfortable. A relaxing bed has just the right softness to support the body properly.

Most of all, it has clean sheets that smell fresh always. Do not put in too many pillows as well. A set of two for each person sleeping on the bed is sometimes enough. Anything more than that could already make the bed looks cluttered and chaotic.

4. Choose a Cool and Calming Color for the Walls

One of the easiest ways to change the bedroom’s vibe is by painting the walls with a different color. If you want to convert your bedroom into a cool and calming space, yellow, light blue, moss green, and grey are great choices.

Neutrals can be made even more calming by adding blue undertones. If your favorite color is fuchsia pink, don’t worry. There are ways you can integrate a warm color into your bedroom and still keep it cozy. 

5. Install Mood Lighting

Convert Your Bedroom into a Cool and Calming Space

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Lighting has so much to do with the ambiance of your bedroom. Mood lighting has a calming effect that task lighting does not have. When you shop for your lights, imagine what kind of mood you want to imbibe. Warm and soft bulbs will help you achieve your goal compared to bright fluorescent and glaring task lamps.

But it is not enough to choose the right lighting fixtures. You should also know where to install them to keep everything in your room balanced.

6. Add a Splash of Nature

Plants can do so much in enhancing the calming feel in your bedroom. If you are to add plants, remember to choose those that are low-maintenance. Some house plants are easy to care for, do not require bright and direct sunlight, and could live with occasional watering.

They are the best ones to bring into the bedroom. But just like any accent or décor piece, you should not overdo it. A few plants to accentuate specific corners and creases, desks and shelves, may already be enough.

7. Keep It Smelling Fresh

Scents, like plants, are significant game-changers. They have a substantial impact on changing the mood of the room. Whether the scent comes from lighted candles or oil diffusers does not matter. What matters is the kind of scent you choose. For example, lavender, pine, and soft florals are associated with calm. But scents are also a matter of choice. If there is another scent that you find calming, you could go with that as well.

For the bedroom to be precious, you must do everything to make it the perfect sanctuary for your tired spirit. It must be a place suitable for some quality rest, giving you a dose of calmness in the middle of chaos, exactly where you want to be to recharge and reset.