During the 18th and 19th centuries, the world witnessed many social movements that had a great impact on the architecture and style of living all over the world. This is one of the reasons that there is a huge variety of home styles. One among such varieties is the modern craftsman bungalow design. The style is famous for its rich history and culture. 

Craftsman bungalow focuses on the simplicity of design and includes unique details. You will notice a lot of woodwork in the design and respect autistic values. Various Asian wares, arts and crafts hangings are used to display the owner’s collection. I have come up with amazing modern craftsman house ideas that will inspire you.

Characteristics of a Craftsman Bungalow 

Every style of design has its distinctive set of characters that make it unique from the rest of the designs. This is true for true modern craftsman houses style as well. This basic set of characters is featured in almost all pieces of architecture and hence makes it different from the rest of architectural designs. Here is a list of characteristics of modern craftsman houses. Finely craft these lines when you are planning on a modern craftsman bungalow. 

Neutral Tones:

The style features natural earthy tones for the exterior of the house. The exterior color must reflect natural elements. The common shades to choose from are green and brown. Taupe shades can also be vividly seen. 

Earthy Finishes:

The building material of a craftsman style bungalow reflects earthy finishes for example you will notice bricks, stone, and wood sidings. 


You have the choice to either choose the front gable or the side gable. A cross-cabled craftsman style bungalow is also popular. 


Windows are an essential element of any house. However, craftsman house design lays special focus on the design of the windows. You will find a range of beautiful window patterns that will add more to the beauty of the house. 


No house will be complete without columns. However, a craftsman style bungalow lays special attention on its shape. The style features square-shaped columns that are heavy and tapering. 

Roof and Rafters:

The architecture suggests having a low-pitched roof with overhanging eaves. Also, rafters are kept exposed under the eaves of the roof. This gives a unique touch to the modern house style.

The Idea Behind the Modern Craftsman Bungalow

The craftsman house architecture shifted the stress from luxury of cost to luxury of taste. The style discusses the importance of local craftsmanship and its importance in our daily life. It has a great enthusiasm for hand-woven crafts, Asian wares, vases, Japanese wares, and much more.

A watercolor landscape executed by the amateur painter of the family would be a key highlight of the decor. Also if there is no television in your room, choose to keep a big study table along with a bright table lamp. 

The craftsman house idealizes simple living. It features a welcoming porch, an organized living space with a big fireplace in the center, a couple of small bedrooms, a compact shape of the kitchen, and no or fewer hallways. The main attractions of the design are large windows, exotic ceilings, well-maintained patios, and artistic decorative items.

The bungalow has more space-saving built-ins than any other kind of architecture. The common examples include the built-in mailbox, telephone nooks, Murphy wall beds, ironing boards in cupboards, and much more. 

Modern craftsman bungalow takes the idea further while sticking its root to the craftsman philosophy. It blends the kitchen with living or dining areas and lets the light between the ideal spaces. Moreover, it believes in the efficient use of space.

Inspiring Craftsman Bungalow Ideas

For all those arts and crafts love, a craftsman house is going to be a great choice. Craftsman houses widely include applied arts and decorative arts along with architecture and interior design.

The bungalow is known for its exotic artistic naturalism and is inevitably embraced by architects. The design is modest yet elegant. Thinking of redoing your home with the craftsman house theme, here is a list of ideas that you can choose from. 

Artistic Naturalism:

The bungalow must be low in height and spread. The architecture works great for a one-story house. You can maximum extend it to the height of two stories. With the large central space, the style features comparatively smaller bedrooms.

However, the layout of the house must be well accompanied by front porches, sun porches, and patios. Moreover, you must choose chunky window trims and doors with side panels. The architecture lays a special focus on horizontal elements. 

Craftsman House Living Room:

modern craftsman bungalow

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If you love open spaces, a craftsman’s house will be your great pick. The architecture speaks of large open spaces for living areas. You can add to the beauty of the house by using glass panes for one complete side of the living area. This will be an eye-catching and main attraction of your house.

It is equally important that you arrange furniture that compliments the space. Since the living area is spacious, choose a large three-seater couch for the center. Accompany it well with a pair of one-seater couches. You can also keep a handwoven small chair set near one of the windows. This will add to the artistic touch and will increase the beauty of your house. 

Dining Room:

modern craftsman bungalow

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There can be nothing more refreshing than sipping a coffee while enjoying the view of nature. It is one of the coolest designs for modern craftsman houses. The idea is to keep the dining area close to the garden.

Instead of blocking the garden view, install a large window. This will not only add tremendously to the beauty of the house but will also bring in the fresh air into your dining room. You can also put a flower pot at the center of the table to add a personalized touch. 


modern craftsman bungalow

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If you want a craftsman touch in the bedrooms of the house, choose wood paneling for the walls. You must keep the paneling limited to half of the walls approximately the height that the chair might take. Choose burlap for the remaining portions of the walls. The look will be amazing and beautiful.

However, make sure that you choose soft textures that are harmonious with earthy tones. Keep a pair of chairs along with a coffee table near one of the windows of the room. This will add to your comfort while adding to the beauty of the room exponentially. 


modern craftsman bungalow

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One of the key features of craftsman houses is inbuilt fireplaces. Complement them with a pair of comfortable chairs. This brings in a unique touch to the beauty of the house. Choose well-built furniture along with bookcases and cabinets. Fill the bookcases with different types of your favorite books.

The idea will let you easily grab your favorite book while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. The woodwork of golden oak or oak brown-stained finished coats will play wonders for you. You can also choose various pottery elements to increase the beauty of the room.


modern craftsman bungalow

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Craftsman houses are all about enjoying nature. What about enjoying your brunch while sitting on the patio? The idea works great for me. Place a set of chairs and a table on one side of the patio.

You can also place a large flower vase in the corner to add to the beauty of the place. If space is not your problem, you can also think of building three horizontal pillars along one side of the patio. This will not bring artistic craftsman touch to space but will also add to the beauty of the house exponentially. Choose neutral color tones to paint these pillars.


modern craftsman bungalow

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Craftsman house architecture doesn’t feature a big kitchen. Rather the kitchen must be simple yet practical enough to fulfill all your needs. Choose the place of the sink near one of the windows while keeping a gas stove a bit away from the window.

The kitchen must also be well accompanied with wooden cabinets that offer you ample space to store all your glassware and stuff. To add a personalized touch to space, place a hanging flower vase on one of the sides of the kitchen.

modern craftsman bungalow

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modern craftsman bungalow

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modern craftsman bungalow

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modern craftsman houses

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The credit of this antique architecture goes to the 19th century British social movement. Even after hundred years, the craftsman bungalow plan is still relevant and attracts many architects. The design is built well to entertain all the family needs while being a great ambiance for the living.

Also, the architecture of the house is a great blend of fashion and comfort. For all the new homeowners who want to streamline functional design for their homes, craftsman bungalows are going to play wonders. The article discussed many ideas that take the craftsman house design even further to accommodate all your personal modern life. Choose the one that suits your comfort.

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