When you are seeking to establish and run a successful business, you don’t settle for anything less than the best. When it comes to scribing tools, only the outstanding ones that offer superior precision worth their price are ideal for your needs.

In the earlier years, people got by with the quality that handheld scribing tools offered. However, with the advance of technology and its integration into every industry, the need for efficient and flexible scribing tools also increased.

The crystal scribing tools are famous as that meets the global demand for faster, cheaper, and effective results in less sample preparation time. 

With less time being spent on sample preparation, more time goes into the actual experimentation and eventual tweaks to boost business or research production.

A Contemporary Approach to Enhancing Existing Scribing Tools!

The procedure of scribing takes mere seconds to finish but impacts the substrate to a molecular degree. It is a perfect scribe line that leads to a perfect cleave and thus a sample piece with reduced particle contamination.

Not so long ago, the possibility of general scribing tool with the ability to reduce particle contamination was merely ideal speculation. Since contamination was an aspect of the process that never seemed to get resolved even with the numerous researches.

LatticeGear, a renowned name in the scribing industry, successfully came up with innovative solutions on a sample-to-sample basis to solve the longstanding issue. Their approach incorporates highly adaptable elements that can be suited to a range of purposes.

LatticeGear’s flagship scribing models all reflect the adaptive nature while being conveniently straightforward to use and affordable for all budgets. Besides scribing tools, they design crystal scribing tools, wafer-cleaving tools, and more.

In addition to breathing life into a unique concept of backside scribing with the FlipScribe, LatticeGear possesses various frontside scribing tools offering versatility in scribing.

Crystal Scribing Tools

Source: latticegear.com

State-Of-The-Art Scribing Tools to Choose From

Not every scriber can carve out clean scribe lines on the numerous substrate materials. Each material requires careful consideration with regards to accuracy and contamination including the environment in which they undergo the scribing and cleaving.

Here is a look at the various scribing requirements that LatticeGear’s scribing tools satisfy.

FlipScribe 100

Certain materials like sapphire, bonded wafers, and glass react favorably to scribe lines made on the backside of the substrate. Even though the materials are typically frontside scribed, the FlipScribe 100 makes clean work with its unique scribing technique.


This tool employs a tungsten carbide cutter without the need for rulers or straight edges that may contaminate the workpiece. Everything from III-V materials to glass of various thicknesses, silicon wafers, sapphire, and tempere glass undergo swift scribing that is clean and straightforward.


If you prefer the control that a handheld scriber provides, the LatticeScriber is your pick. Its unique 8-point diamond tip is perfect to scribe sample pieces and wafers.

Carbide Cutters

LatticeGear offers carbide cutters that come in 3 different variations. 

The general-purpose tungsten carbide cutter can cut thin glass (0.3-1.5 mm) and thick glass (0.3-6 mm), silicon, and other crystalline substrates.

The Laser carbide cutter has high penetration power offering deeper cuts enabled with a non-slip start. It specializes in scribing high-grade materials like III-V, a glass of various thicknesses, thick, thin, and even quartz and silicon.

The carbide cutter meant for deep cutting of dense materials employs a wheel that creates clean scribe lines when compared to the level of contamination by a diamond-tipped scriber. It can scribe glass of thicknesses from 3-10 mm and even silicon off their crystal axis.

Crystal Scribing Tools

Source: latticegear.com

Making the Most of the Best

The advantages of investing in a scribing tool from LatticeGear are for all to see. However, it is the benefits of the tools to your business that deserve all attention. 

Working with the best available tools allows you to make the most of your efforts and skills without losing out on any resources unnecessarily. As a result, you end up with perfectly cut products with little to no damage, ideal for further experimentation.

Your entire workflow gets streamline and you enjoy the best quality tools and products at cost-effective prices with superior efficiency. Simply reach out to the experts at LatticeGear by giving them a call at 503-828-0040 and pick only the best scribing tool for your business!