Curbless showers also called barrier-free or zero-threshold showers are trending today for the bathrooms. It allows for easy stepping into the shower as it has no base or has a very low base. In this article, we will see some best curbless shower ideas which you need to look out for.

As the base on which the shower door or shower curtain stands to remove. It is very convenient for the elders as they can access it easily. Also, people who use a wheelchair can access this shower very easily.

In the traditional bathrooms, there is a 5-inch curb that you need to cross to access the shower. It leads to unfortunate accidents of falling down and getting injured. With the curbless bathroom, there is no chance of getting injured by falling down. 

With this, you won’t even need to have a bathtub as you will get a separate area for taking a bath under the shower. Bathtubs are risky to access for elderly people so it is good that you remove them.  

There is now only a single cabin (shower stall) containing the shower and capable of accommodating one person. 

What Are the Advantages of Using a Curbless Shower?

curbless shower ideas


Looks Elegant

A curbless shower will add beauty to your bathroom. The small cabin that you will create for the shower will restrain the water to come outside of the cabin area and this won’t let your complete bathroom get wet. A transparent glass cabin will look amazing and will give a royal touch. 

Seamless Flow 

There is a seamless flow of the bathroom from one wall to the other wall with this shower as there is only a separation done with the glass panels. This allows us to maximize the space and adds to the visual appeal as well. Tiles can be kept the same throughout the bathroom as this will look elegant.  

Easy to Use

One has to simply walk into the shower cabin and take a shower. It is that simple. Best for the elderly as they can easily walk in and take a bath. Wheelchair easily enters the cabin so no hassle. 

If you don’t have a person who is old and has physical problems then also you should consider getting this shower as any of your guests might find it useful. Also, if you don’t have any current plans to change the house then you should get this shower built considering the time when you won’t be as healthy and fit as you are now.  

Also, people having surgery or illness find it very convenient to use it. 

Easy to Clean

The floor area is plain and there is no raised leveling for entering into the shower so it is very easy to clean the shower area. Just open the door of the shower cabinet and clean the shower area when you are cleaning the bathroom. There are no difficult-to-reach corners where you will need to put more effort to get them cleaned. 

As there are no surface joints, there is no issue of the dirt and moisture to be collected. 

Decorate with Other Details

You can add a stylish shower, add grab bars so that you can stand upholding it with ease. Grab bars are good for elderly people as they can sit down and stand up holding these bars firmly avoiding any chance of injury. A folding shower seat can also occupy a place in your shower area. 

Shower Stall Can Be of Any Shape and Size

There is no fixed rule to get the shower stall designed of a particular shape or size. As per the available space in your bathroom, you can consult with your interior designer and finalize the right shape and size. 

If you have a small bathroom then you can allocate a small space for the shower area and fix the showerhead at the right place. Square and rectangular shapes are the common shapes that see for the shower stall. But, it is okay if you go for triangular or any other shape as per the design of your bathroom. 

Flexible Options for Doors

You can choose a hinged door or a sliding door, the choice is yours completely.  

What Drain Option to Choose For Curbless Shower? 

curbless shower ideas


Now, as the water is going to remain in that glass cabin and not going outside, you need to install the right drainage that can clear out the water. The drainage system should be much effective to remove the water instantly and there should be no water log in your shower stall.

For this, you will have to create a slight slope in your bathroom so that the water goes down quickly to the drainage. 

There are two options for drainage. Either you can go for the floor drain or the wall drain. 

Wall drain can conceal behind a tile and no one will notice it. It will match the overall style of the shower stall. The floor drain will be visible and it will cover some of your shower areas making you uncomfortable to stand and use the space. But that won’t be covering much big space so you can’t omit the floor option right away.

There are two options available in the floor drain. One is the point drain and the other is the linear drain. The point drain is the square-shaped drain that covers a small size while the linear drain is the rectangular drain covering a long portion of your shower area. 

Point drains are the traditional drainage that people are installing for years. There are various designs available in the same. If you want to go for a modern option then the linear drainage fits well for you. It is slim and accumulates more water as it covers a long length.  

Whichever option you go for, the conclusion to get the water removes quickly and effectively from your shower area. So, that you don’t have to manually remove it, again and again, every time you use the shower. 

What Are the Disadvantages of the Curbless Shower?

curbless shower ideas


To cover the shower stall area, you need to spend money on the glass panels and they are a bit expensive. Also, transparent glass panels will not give you privacy so you need to note down this point and get translucent or opaque glass panels if you want to let it remain private. 

The alternative to the glass panels is to use curtains to maintain privacy. If you use curtains then it will be easy for you to clean the shower stall area as you can just open the curtain and clean the area and then close it back after cleaning.  

It is okay if you don’t build the cabin at all. It is not mandatory to build a separate cabin for the shower area. You can just keep it open. This will save the cost of glass panels and make your bathroom look spacious. If you have a small bathroom then it is the best option to not have an enclosed cabin. 

The cabin area will be colder than the traditional showers as it is an enclosed space. People who can’t sustain cold can have an issue with this. 

It can be expensive if you have a bathroom already designed and then you want to modify it and inculcate the shower stall. Because you will need to change the layout of drainage and plan accordingly, this will be more complex and expensive than planning the curbless shower at the time of building your bathroom. 

So, if you are designing your bathroom from scratch then you should think of building a barrier-free shower at that time only as the planning can be accordingly done and it can be built easily. A complete makeover will be way costly so avoid it. 

The Conclusion:

So, here was an overview of the curbless shower. Hope you got a complete overview of it. Next time, when you are renovating your house or building a new house then don’t forget to have this zero-entry shower in your bathroom. 

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