Most people do not know the significance of the floor until they walk on an ugly or garish carpet. Then only those floors affect the feelings of the house. There are countless dark hardwood floors that most homeowners are implementing for their homes. Floorings can make a significant change. The wrong choice can leave you feeling trapped in a particular floor style for years.

At the same time, the appropriate choice will potentially transform the room completely. The type of flooring you have says a lot about your personality. The dark floor laminate flooring will provide you with a unique and modern look that you may have never seen. It is now in the trend and will be here for quite a time.

Sometimes, it may be challenging when it is about choosing the type of flooring. Even when you know that you want solid wood floorings, you will have a hard time choosing whether it should be light or dark hardwood when you know the type.

If you want to enhance the look of the living room, you can opt for dark wood floors in the living room as it is the best choice to go for. Many homeowners opt for the living room with dark wood floors. You will know why after going through the article.

If you are also going through this problem, this guide will tell you all about the dark variations of the hardwood floors and learn all about them.

What are the Benefits of Dark Wood Flooring?

Before choosing any type of flooring, the initial step is to consider the type of flooring in general. Due to the various choices that are accessible, you must learn about all types of options and decide the flooring type. Below are the advantages of installing hardwood for your house or office. 


dark wood floors


Dark hardwood flooring is durable, and it will stay for years if you do the proper maintenance. High-quality hardwood is treated and kiln dried, and it does not also need high maintenance from your end. Unlike the carpets, you can get the hardwood floors refinished instead of getting them replaced. It will also help you to reduce the cost in the long run. Additionally, with sufficient maintenance, it will enhance the value and the appearance as time passes.


dark wood floors


A home that has dark hardwood flooring tends to go on a higher price than those laminate of other types of flooring. Hardwood will help you convey the feeling of richness and the quality that is not accessible with any other type of flooring. Back in time, hardwood floorings were the only option for the wealthy. However, the refined products in today’s time allow for the accessibility of the affordable process for a broad range of budgets. Dark brown floors are cost-effective. You will not even have to clean them that frequently as the dark flooring does not show an excessive amount of dust.

Space and Style

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Most people think that a room with solid wood flooring will look more spacious than the one with carpet or another flooring type. For this reason, dark hardwood is best for those homes that do not have big spaces. Hardwood is something that does not go out of the trend, wood is considered to be classic. It will help you to get a warm feeling in any room. Other flooring products may be in style for now, but they will go out of style and trend as time goes on. If it is about the styles, the living room’s dark wood floors will look awesome. It will become the focal point.

Air Quality and Cleanliness

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Commonly, people who live with carpets will have respiratory problems resulting from inhaling the carpet fibers. The allergen gets caught in them and does cause problems. Additionally, you can easily clean the hardwood compared to the carpets, and it does not need any chemicals to keep them looking awesome and beautiful. A dark wood floor living room for your house is the best choice to go with. You will love the way it will match with the interiors.

Living Room Dark Wood Floors

These were the benefits of hardwood. Let us look at the benefits of installing dark hardwood floorings:

Modern and Elegant

dark wood floors


Living rooms with dark wood floors will have a modern and elegant look compared to the light color. There are various shades on the spectrum, light wood was preferred before, but now people prefer the dark wood floors in the living room or any other part of the house. Dark wood laminate flooring can help you to enhance the look even more and you will get a glossy look.

Less Susceptible to Fade

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Dark wood vinyl flooring will absorb light and will not be susceptible to fading than light floorings. In other words, they may have to be refinished less than the light wood floors. This is why a kitchen with dark wood floors is best as they will give a cozy feeling in the kitchen.

Choosing a Finished for the Dark Hardwood Flooring

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You may now have been convinced that the dark shade of the hardwood is something that you want for your house. You may now be confused because now you will have to choose the shade of the dark. There are various things to consider when it comes down to it. Such as:

Initially, you should consider a shade that is easy to clean. The darkest stain there is usually ebony, and it tends to show dust. The 1-2 shades lighter can help you get the modern and dramatic floor that will keep the dust and fur of the pet hidden. You can choose a popular color, such as Jacobean, it is a little lighter but also dark.

If you are about to go and purchase the hardwood floor, you should try and choose the correct base. It will help you to kick off things properly. Ideally, the proper flooring should be made of natural dark wood such as maple. Or you can also choose the light wood that has a dark finish. For those who want an excessive dark stain, such as ebony, it is better to choose hardwoods such as oak and teak hardwood floorings. You can also choose a cherry floor and dark walnut floors. There are many types of hardwoods that work well. 

The third factor to consider is to choose the wood that is durable. Red oak is a good choice for pets and children because it is durable and difficult to scratch. There are other choices that you can choose from, but ensure that they have high tensile strength.

The fourth factor is choosing the color of the wood that matches the house’s existing décor. You should look at the room’s components, and if you do not want to change those components, you should choose what will look best with the room. You will be able to get the tool that will allow you to use the picture of the existing room to visualize what it would look good with the finishes.

How to Clean the Dark Wood and Keep the Shine?

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For some people, the thought of cleaning the floor may be daunting, but it does not necessarily have to be. On the whole, you can easily clean the hardwood floors than rugs and carpets. They are also eco-friendly and sustainable. To help you out, read the following on how you can clean them.

Wear Shoes

You should avoid walking on the dark hardwood barefoot, as they tend to show footprints on the floor. You can tackle this problem by implementing the rule that everyone in the house should wear shoes or socks when walking on the hardwood.

Get a Good Vacuum Cleaner

It is essential to avoid scratches on the wood floors. After taking the necessary precautions, you can use the vacuum cleaner as you normally do. 

Get a Dry Dust Mop

It is the most efficient cleaning tool you should have that will help you do a quick touch-up when you spot any dust. You can take its help when you do not want to use the vacuum and clean it with it.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

You may get away with the mopping once a week if you want to make a point of using the dust mop every couple of days and vacuuming as needed. The essential thing to know about hardwood is that they do not have to be perfectly clean all the time. A quick touch-up is sufficient unless you have kids with muddy shoes that come barging in.

How to Décor with the Dark Hardwood Floor?

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You should choose furniture a few shades lighter than the floors. If you have furniture that is lighter than the floors, it will help you create a harmonious look that is not dark overall. Some people like to match the legs of furniture such as chairs to the floor to get a unified and elegant look. If you have light furniture, white walls will be the best option to go for as it will help you to the natural forest look that will look best with the dark floors.

You should also look for the best colors for the wall if you have a large room and want to have a cozy feeling. For a cozy feeling, you should get a dark or rich color on the walls so that you can add warmth to them.


It is all the essential information about dark hardwood flooring. They are always on the trend and will not go out of it any time soon. You should take your time and choose the best dark shade for your house by keeping the existing interior in mind.

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