These are the terms used interchangeably with the perception that they are exact twins. People often use these two terms in place of each other. Although these two professions are similar in many ways, they are more uniquely identified with their differences. Considering the type of project the differences between interior design and interior decoration are identified distinctively. 

Having the same root origin interior designing and interior decoration are just different branches. Many high-profile organizations offer both services. Fixit Design is a well-known firm, with a highly qualified team of designers and decorators. 

Before we move on to look at the differences between interior design and interior decoration. Let’s check out how people think of these two services. 

General Perception of People About Interior Designing & Decoration

“Most people consider these terms as the same thing. Generally, with no knowledge, people take these professions the same. They think hiring an interior decorator or interior designer is the same. But with more clear considerations these two differ in critical ways.” 

These two different professions may have few subtle similarities. But if you are considering becoming a professional designer or decorator, then you must know what both of these branches entail. 

To help you make an informed decision we’ll discuss all the details about interior design and interior decoration. Let’s Start!

What Is Interior Designing?

Interior Designing


Interior designing is basically a sense of connecting multiple designing themes to create one uniquely identified look. Consulting with people to understand their designing needs and relatively creating a design that suits their choice is the basic job of interior designing. Being an interior designer needs a degree. 

Designing is not all about a sense of creativity, it needs a proper path that contains qualifications, certifications, working experience, and pepper knowledge of creating superlative interior ideas

If you want to be a CID( certified interior designer) then you must be highly specialized in this field. you have to go through a proper process, formal education & licensing for being a trusted choice for people. 

Let’s check what are the educational requirements for becoming a CID. 

Education and Certification

With the current perception globally for interior designers, a person should have a bachelor’s degree. Some related courses are offered for becoming a certified interior designer!

  • Interior designers, CAD – computer-aided drafting
  • Space planning, Human factors & Environmental design
  • Sustainable building principles and practices & Building and safety codes
  • Interior architecture & Materials and specifications
  • Barrier-free design
  • Residential design & Commercial design
  • Textiles & Lighting design

Along with these 4 years programs, some other associate degrees are also available. Currently, there are many online programs available that enable the students to get experiences along with learning. 

Responsibilities of an Interior Designer

  • Complete a design project from start to finish.
  • During the “brief,” define the project’s needs and timeframe.
  • Customer requests are interpreted and translated into initial blueprints.
  • Set project expenses and fees in accordance with the budget.
  • Investigate and make a decision on where to get resources and products.
  • Make “sample” and “mood” items.
  • Monitor the progress of the work.
  • Collaborate closely with interior designers, decorators, architects, and builders.
  • Investigate and track developments in the industry, as well as evolutions and best practices.

What Is Interior Decoration?

Interior Decoration


Looking at these two terms, anyone will be confused to differentiate, but designing and decorating are important individually with different specifications. Interior decorators are supposed to furnish or accessorize the place with beautiful things. 

The important thing is that for becoming an interior decorator, being certified is not the requirement. You can confidently trust your creativity skills or you may go for some basic courses. 

You can get a good idea about different interior assortments in order to completely specify the decorating theme. Not a high-end education but a professional interior decorator needs to have a diploma related to their skills. 

The education requirements for interior decorators as listed below, you must follow for being the master of your profession!

Educational Requirements for Interior Designing 

An interior decorating qualification needs some basic course or diplomas. Further, you can add the essence of your creative skills to make people inspired by your art. Courses offered by schools or colleges are:

  • Principles of design ( Consider focusing on these basic principles)
  • Perfect understanding of color combinations
  • Lighting setting & putting up the right accessories  
  • Space planning with significant floor measurements 
  • Furniture and architectural styles and periods
  • Knowledge about material 
  • Know all finishes for floors and walls

These programs also offer online within a very less duration. These certifications can add value to your interior decorator career and boost better opportunities for you. 

What an Interior Decorator Can Do

Interior Decorators are responsible for planning and implementing perfect decoration schemes. Considering the place, the interior decorator set up a plan for residential and commercial space. 

The planning may contain the paint, color scheme, lighting fixtures, furniture placement, or more. Below listed are the basic responsibilities of an interior decorator. 

  • The decorators first visit the clients’ place and take a view of the existing design and measurements. 
  • Have a discussion on the selection of color scheme, furniture, flooring, lighting fixtures, window dressings, paint or wallpaper, and more. 
  • They showcase different designs & Sketches to clients, giving ideas about the theme. 
  • Provide quotations to clients & get if approved for further plan execution. 
  • Take charge and supervise the team for executing the plan. They coordinate with the installation team for all accessories like flooring, furniture.
  • They have to ensure that everything is smoothly working with the quality and reliability within customers’ budget. 


Whether you are looking for this guide to consider one of these as a profession or you want to decide which one to hire. We have given a brief guide. If you want to choose a profession, then you can opt for one that suits your interest. 

And if you want to decide which one to hire, then both of them are important for a complete appealing outlook and much-needed functionality of your space. You make your intent clear, read the guide briefly and make an informed decision for you!