No house is complete without any windows. Windows look simple but essential in any home. They facilitate natural light indoors. You can enjoy views of the neighbourhood and locality. Also, they can keep the house cross-ventilated and enhances the visual appeal of the home.

Below are twelve different types of windows which give your house an outstanding look:

Hung Windows:

Hung windows came in two varieties- single-hung and double-hung windows. Single-hung window has one window section which you can tilt to open. Whereas the double-hung window has two side panels. You can move the bottom panel.

Hung Windows


Awning Windows:

Awning windows are also known as hopping windows. These types of windows are ideal for those places with heavy rainfall. It has a canopy on top outside the window. It provides both air circulation and resistance to the drastic climate. 

Awning Windows


Bay Windows:

Bay windows are at particular spots of the house. It has protruding kind of look to the wall when seeing from outside. You can add a window seat to this and enjoy the outside view. These are mostly in the family room or in the bedroom.

Bay Windows


Arched Windows:

They are also known as eyebrow windows. Arched windows have a round-shaped top. They give a mesmerising look to the house. Most of these windows are not openable. You can also add these arched shaped windows to your regular window. It will give your home a different look.

Arched Windows


Picture Windows:

This type of window provides you an excellent view. Picture windows are large, stationery, and non-functional. You can add these windows in front of your garden to enjoy the natural sight. If your apartment is on a high rise building and it has a fantastic view, then you can include picture windows to your home.

Picture Windows


Round Windows:

These are just like a standard window that has a circular shape. If you want to have some fun elements to your home, then add these. You can include this anywhere in your house.

Round Windows


French Windows:

French windows work as a door and a window both. It has full-length glass panels with cross-sections. They are mainly built for the exterior area of the house, which gives easy access to the patio or balcony. They provide an elegant look to your residence.

French Windows


Skylights Windows:

Skylights windows are also known as roof windows and made on ceilings. It works as a natural light source and air circulation path. You can also get a great glimpse of the sky at night.

Skylights Windows


Sliding Windows:

Sliding windows are always high in demand. It has large glass panes. They can be in half or floor to ceiling length in size. It has a locking system which gives you security. They are not expensive and mostly used in apartment buildings.

Sliding Windows


Colorful Glass Panels Windows:

These types of windows have a history of thousands of years. It is a different mixture of colored glasses. Traditionally they made in flat panels and used as windows. You can go for evergreen solid colors or chose a pattern or a painting style. They are very pleasing to your eyes. They not only work as a window but also works as a form of art and decor in your house. These types of windows are prevalent in Rajasthan, India.  

Colorful Glass Panels Windows


In-Built Blinds Windows:

Blind windows are those windows that have horizontal or vertical line dividers. These lines or blinds are made up of plastic or glass that are inbuilt in the window. They are easy to adjust and gives you both privacy and outer view. They are perfect for private space and office area. 

In-Built Blinds Windows


Personalized Windows:

If you want a different shape and size of a window, then ask your architect. They can custom built the windows for you. You can choose a wooden, plastic or iron frames for your windows. 

Personalized Windows


Every window has a different purpose for the house. The kitchen window permits the escape of heat and hot air. In the bathroom, they facilitate the escape of steam. You can also utilize and save energy when you work in natural light. It is essential to ensure windows are good quality so that they can perform all their functions efficiently for long years. Get more amazing ideas at Homedesignnow.