This festive season is all about sharing happiness, moving towards a more positive attitude in life, and of course, spending quality family time. We are here to do our part of the work by sharing some of the fantastic DIY Christmas Planters ideas to solve your decoration idea’s block.

Christmas Checklist

  • Budget preparation 
  • Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Gift for guests
  • Turkey or ham
  • Movie list

DIY Christmas Planters Ideas

Hey! Don’t panic; listen to us very carefully. We are here to help you with decoration ideas. 

You can thank us later, but before that, have a look at some of the beautiful and creative decoration ideas. 

1. Pinecone Flower Box

Pinecone Flower BoxSource:

Material requirement:

  • Wooden box
  • Few pinecones
  • Faux branches
  • Green pinecones

Take a wooden box to arrange a few wooden pinecones, faux branches, flowers, and green pinecone. If wooden pinecones are limited, then place stones or anything at the surface and then pinecones on them. You can even put fairy light to set it as Christmas ready. Place it on the porch and let the passerby stop and appreciate the beautiful pinecone flower box.

2. DIY Rustic Washtub Christmas Planter

Rustic Washtub PlanterSource:

Materials requirements:

  • Washtub
  • Ribbon
  • Faux branches
  • Chopped firewood

Here come the next DIY outdoor Christmas planters. Washtub planter gives a nostalgic feel of a farmhouse. In a rustic washtub, add firewood, faux branches, glittering ornaments, light, and arrange them beautifully. Now to give a complete look, tie the lovely red ribbon at the neck of the tub to form a bow. Place in on the wooden table in the porch area.

3. Lantern Planter 

Lantern PlanterSource:

Material requirements

  • Lantern
  • Sprigs
  • Candles
  • Wooden sticks
  • Lights
  • Decorative ornaments
  • Pinecones

The old and rustic lantern can do wonders in creating a showstopper planter for Christmas decor. In an ordinary planter, add an oversized lantern along with evergreen sprigs, candles, larger ornaments, pinecones, colorful wooden sticks, and bright lights.  

4. DIY Pinecones Basket Christmas Planter

Pinecones Basket Source:

Material requirements

  • Wooden basket
  • Ribbon
  • Pinecones
  • Decorative ornaments
  • Paint color

The decorative pinecones basket works great as the dining table centerpiece. You need to take pinecones in the wooden basket along with the evergreen sprigs, larger ornaments, and ribbons to add a personal touch. To add more fun, color pinecones, and with this, your Christmas centerpiece is ready to attract attention.  

5. Galvanized Bucket 

Galvanized Bucket Source:

Material requirements

  • Old bucket
  • Mini tree
  • Decorative ornaments
  • Paint color

Use the old galvanized bucket to turn into a most beautiful planter for the Christmas decor. Are you ready to create one? Take your old galvanized bucket and paint it a white color. Add a mini tree accompany by few decorative ornaments and pinecones. This looks even greater if the bucket has a bit of rust. 

6. DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Planter

Tomato CageSource:

Material requirements

  • Tomato cage
  • Garland
  • Light
  • Big bow
  • Silk poinsettias
  • Large pot

Tomato cage is one of the best DIY Christmas planter ideas. To begin with, take a large pot and keep the cage in vertical in an upright position. Now cover the cage with the garland, silk poinsettias beautiful. Once the tree is created, decorate it with the light, bow, and other ornaments. 

7. Black And White Planter

Black And White PlanterSource:

Material requirements

  • Black and white planter
  • White decorative ornaments
  • Wooden branches
  • Birch branches
  • Faux branches
  • A string of clear light

The white and black planter looks very elegant and decent for your Christmas decor. You can even use any planter on the hand. Grab your planter and add birch branches, ornaments, faux branches, wooden branches on the top, and of course, a string of clear light to lighten up your evening mood.

8. DIY Cranberry Christmas Planter

Cranberry PlanterSource:

Material requirements

  • Tomato cage
  • Real branches
  • Large plant
  • Cranberries
  • A string of light

Not the only cranberry tastes good but equally good when it comes to the planter. Take a large planter, tomato cage, real branches, cranberries, and light to decorate your porch. The actual branches around and inside the cage, with the light placed on the top of the cage. Add cranberries bunch around the lower side of the cage. And here you are set for the Christmas celebration. 

9. Milk Can Planter

Milk Can PlanterSource:

Material requirements

  • Old milk can
  • Fake candy cane
  • Silk poinsettias
  • Sprigs
  • A bow
  • Fake cranberries 
  • Colorful branches

It’s time to turn your old milk can into a fantastic Christmas planter. Curious to know how? Fill the milk can with silk poinsettias, sprigs, fake flowers, colorful branches, and fake cranberries. A bow and fake candy cane can do wonders in outdoor decoration

10. DIY Wood Reindeer Christmas Planter

Wood Reindeer PlanterSource:

Material requirements

  • Reindeer planter
  • Tiny plant
  • Plastic berries

Wooden reindeer planter is one of the best ideas for DIY Christmas planters as here you can use the real plant. Fill the reindeer planter with sufficient soil and plant a live plant in it. Decor the plant with plastic berries. Reindeer planter is easily available online as well at the mart. 

11. White Winter

White WinterSource:

Material requirements

  • A large white planter
  • Branches
  • White paint
  • Colorful decorative ornaments

Allow your planter to speak about your love for winter through the white branches’ planter. Paint the small branches white. In a beautiful and large white planter, place evergreen sprigs along with white branches and colorful decorative ornaments at the top. 

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Time to Welcome Festivity 

Decorating the home for Christmas is one of the best parts of the festive season. We hope with this post how to make a Christmas planter problem is solved and now you can tick the decoration tips box. Time to welcome good vibe, peace, and happiness with Christmas. Merry Christmas. To get these types of decorating ideas visit Homedesignnow.