If you have a close property, driveway gate ideas will be perfect for you. Put an amazing gate at the end of your driveway if you want to get a little extra privacy. Furthermore, the gate for that driveway can provide your home an extra layer of security. It will help you to avoid solicitors, prowlers, and all other kinds of inconvenient visitors.

When you add a driveway gate to your property, it will be the first thing that your friends and family will see. Therefore, you have to be thoughtful while selecting a gate for your driveway. As you know, the first impression is the last, so your driveway gate must be functional and eye-catching at the same time.

Driveway gate ideas include numerous types, styles, and sizes from which you can choose. You should know which gate you want to build so that it will complement the architecture of your home. There are several types of driveway gate design ideas such as farmhouse driveway entrance ideas, modern driveway gate ideas, farm driveway entrance ideas, etc. Gates that have curves at the top and intricate metalwork are seen to be more formal. On the other hand, gates with flat tops and simple designs give a more informal vibe. Know all about entry gates ideas and how to choose a driveway gate for your home.

Gated Entrance Designs

It is time to get some privacy and security with the simple driveway gate ideas. Here is a roundup of some of the best driveway entry ideas that you should check on:

Rollup Metal Screen

driveway gate ideas: Rollup Metal Screen

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driveway gate ideas: Rollup Metal Screen Gate

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Looking for modern driveway gate ideas? The rollup metal driveway gate design is for you. It will be beneficial and it is a space-efficient design. It will add beauty to the space but will be see-through. However, you will get full security. An inherent light trapping function with a comprehensive look will be perfect. Choose neutral colors that will contrast with your home for better looks.

Ultra-Private Black Metal Slider

driveway gate ideas

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Automated Metal Gates For Your Security Home: Driveway gate design idea

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Black color will always look sleek and elegant. As the name suggests, an ultra-private metal driveway gate gives you full privacy. It has slim spacing in between and you get super durability. Furthermore, from each angle, you get maximum security.

Mediterranean Barn Door

driveway gate ideas: Mediterranean Barn Door

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driveway gate ideas: Mediterranean Barn Door

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The Mediterranean barn door idea for a driveway gate is warmer and more welcoming than many wood driveway gate ideas. If you have a Hispanic design home present in a more temperate climate area, you should choose this driveway gate design. Also, add a hinged stamp on the gate so that you get a full classic wood fence vibe.

Driveway Gate With Glass Viewing Slots

Modern House Gate Design 2020 - Iron Main Gate Photos | House gate design, House main ...

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Choose a wooden gate and add glass viewing slots to add. Not only will it maximize the look but also you will be able to see things from inside. To add a security factor, choose a glass that is impenetrable from the outside. Moreover, you can add warm lights to the gate so that it may look sleeker and more contemporary.

Wrought-Iron Lattice

driveway gate ideas: Wrought-Iron Lattice

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driveway gate ideas

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Luxurious houses need luxurious driveway gates and a Wrought-iron Lattice gate is for them. It is surely not one of the simple driveway entrance ideas, it is royal. Add pillars and make your house the most royal house in your neighborhood. No one can deny that if you add this gate to your driveway, it will be magnificent. Add front lamps and choose a matte black color to bring a strong hoary feel.

Lodge Entrance Door

driveway gate ideas: Lodge Entrance Door

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driveway gate ideas

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It is one of the most mesmerizing country driveway entrance ideas and it won’t make a hole in your pocket. Things made of wood are cheaper than metal. However, wood is less durable than metal but you can work with that. For a lodge entrance door, construct two large pillars from stones and place your gate between them. Choose something in western style so that it will give both a modern and rustic look.

Add Art To Your Gate

driveway gate ideas

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driveway gate ideas

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Adding art to the gate is one of the most eye-catching rustic driveway entrance ideas. Choose a gate that has some kind of art present in it so that it can give a rustic vibe. You can select a gate that has a metal frame and the space is filled with wooden planks. In the middle, there should be some kind of art, for example, a structure of a car. It will be perfect and unique.

Cheap Driveway Gate Ideas

Driveway gates add beauty and security to the house but sometimes it can be out of the budget for some people. You don’t have to worry because you can construct them all by yourself. Continue reading and you will find out amazing ideas. 

To build a driveway gate, first, you have to secure posts on either side of the driveway. After that, build two frames for the structure of the doors. Now, attach risers for doors to sit or roll on and start hanging them on the posts. Check out some amazing DIY cheap driveway entrance ideas and choose the best option for you:

Wood And Wire Mesh

driveway gate ideas

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It is one of the cheapest driveway entrance landscape ideas and you can easily construct it within no time. Wood and wire mesh gate is the go-to design for almost every DIYer when you need an inexpensive driveway gate. Use crafty thick wood slats and fill the spaces with iron mesh. Create a barn-type look if you like farm driveway entrance ideas.

Ranch Entrance

driveway gate ideas: Ranch Entrance

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driveway gate ideas: Ranch Entrance

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Here is one of the most common and easy ranch driveway entrance ideas. You don’t have to do much work, just create a geometrical look with raw wood pillars. Use classic white paint for the ranch entrance; it will look beautiful, basic, and simple. You can also make it one of the sliding driveway gate ideas by adding wheels at the bottom. 

Wooden Driveway Gate

driveway gate ideas: Wooden Driveway Gate

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driveway gate ideas: Wooden Driveway Gate

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The simple wooden gate is one of the easiest country driveway gate ideas. Take any wood that you like and start constructing the frame. Now, fill the space with similar wooden planks or you can also use contrasting wooden planks. You can either leave little spaces between them or just completely make them blind. It will be perfect if you want a farm vibe.

How To Select A Driveway Gate For A House?

driveway gate ideas

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It is necessary to match the architecture of your home with your entry when you decide to select a gate for your driveway. Keep the following points in your mind while constructing a driveway gate:

Gate Type:

Gate type is the first thing that should pop up in your head when you want a driveway gate for your house. You have to choose a gate according to the space that is available on which you have to install the gate. A Single-swing gate is up to 16′ wide, and therefore, it will require plenty of plain space to open inwards. However, a bi-parting swing gate is almost 32′ wide so swing clearance is only half of its width. If you have a steep driveway where you can’t construct swing gates, a sliding gate will be a great option for you.

Gate Material:

The second most important thing to consider is which gate material you should use. You can select Wood that will give a rustic look or you can choose metal for a classic look. If you choose wood material for the gate, it will be solid for privacy. On the other hand, metal gates will be open for visibility but will last for a very long time as compared to wood. Whatever material you will use, both can be manual or automatic.


There are mainly two types of constructions for a driveway front main gate and they are prefabricated and custom. In prefabricated construction, you will get many options of styles, designs, sizes, and finishes from which you have to choose. While as in custom construction, you can get the accurate size of your driveway and the exact look that you want.


You can attach your gate with the help of Posts or columns. Piers or columns are the supports for the gate which is made of stone, brick, or stucco. People usually top it with lanterns. On the other hand, posts are usually made of metal and are slimmer which makes them a little bit less attractive.

Automatic Opening Mechanism:

With today’s technology, the gate will open automatically. There are four ways to do that and are as below:

  • Remote entry, which works the same as your garage door
  • Keypad entry, the gate will be open upon inputting a code
  • Telephone entry, you can make a call from your home to open or close the gate
  • Sensors, it is commonly used when you have to leave from a gate, otherwise, it can create a security problem


The construction of a driveway gate wholly depends on the architecture of your house and the availability of the space. After that, you have to choose a design and that is when you have to consider your choice. There are many options for everyone. Less space won’t make it hard for you to construct a perfect driveway gate.

There are numerous small driveway gate ideas from which you can take inspiration. Hopefully, with this article, you can construct a perfect driveway gate for your house. There are small driveway entrance ideas for those who have less space and large driveway gate ideas for those who have large spaces.

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