Easter decoration ideas usually carry with it loads of bright, bold hues but it doesn’t have to. This year, make your home festive with decor that feels refreshing, contemporary, and surprisingly grown-up. From eggs to bunnies, there is a wide range of springtime favourites to choose from. 

The popular colours in Easter decoration ideas are yellow, green, or pink, with rustic materials like wood, straw, and willow. Primarily rabbits, chicks and Easter eggs, and fresh flowers such as hyacinths, and daffodils, and of course the peach blossoms are used when it comes to decorating Easter original. 

Too often guests have to enter our homes to see our springtime welcome, but not anymore. Bring the decor right out the front door, through your porches and lawns into the drawing-room. When your Easter dinner visitors arrive, they are sure to feel warm greetings as soon as they step out of their car!

Embrace the season of spring with all of the classic pastel items that are part of the best easter decoration ideas provided for you right here! Check out these 18 incredibly elegant and original Easter decoration ideas. Fortunately, enough for you, most of these decorations can be enjoyed year-round.

1. Pair Peeps + Posies

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Welcome the season by swaying a festive floral wreath on your front door as a part of the outdoor easter decoration ideas. This festive decor is sure to steal your heart. Combine delicate dogwoods with textured branches and a pair of petite love birds, front and centre to create your wreath.

2. Create an Adorable Egg Countdown

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Build enthusiasm with the easter decoration idea by organizing an Easter Sunday countdown calendar out of multi-coloured, plastic eggs. Upcycle a wicker basket from the rear of your closet, and lay down faux moss as your base. Add twelve, counted eggs to the moss. Sweeten the deal by including small candy treats to experience and enjoy with the passing of each day.

3. Cotton-Bottom Curb Appeal

Best easter decoration ideas

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It does not get more toothsome than this. Design a cute, cotton-bottomed door hanger using two embroidery hoops, pastel fabric, and ribbon. Finish it off with attractive, faux-pearl embellishments to create your own DIY Easter decoration idea.

4. Bring Out the Bunny Vase

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Keep your eye out year-round for unusual discoveries that you can style for the spring and summer holiday season. This interesting idea, bunny bookend can be traded as a collection for kids’ rooms. But it can work overtime as a whimsical vase that would look astounding as part of a Sunday centrepiece in the easter decoration idea.

5. Layer on the Pastels

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Welcome light into your home by layering preppy prints, pastel hues, and gauzy fabrics. It’s natural for us to envision hosting Easter in a blue and white living room with the best easter decoration ideas. The open space will sport its Sunday best with lush hydrangea arrangements, pale pink throws, and Chinoiserie porcelain, galore.

6. Tinker with Antique Treasures

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Fetch out your treasured spring and summer tchotchkes, and style them with vivid, fresh-cut blooms. We cherish the easter decoration idea this vibrant display can feature a pair of beautiful vintage birds, glossy white pitchers, and an antique milk glass vase.

7. Take a Modern Approach

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Skip the pastels and stick to a sea of colour schemes with neutral hues instead in this easter decoration idea. We’re captivated by the earthy tones used to create this mossy, modern centrepiece. You can opt for muted or neutral colours, that will give your showcase more of an elevated and mature look. It will help you coordinate it with your existing and future seasonal decor.

8. Wow with Whimsical Details

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Infuse your coffee table or kitchen counter with Easter spirit with a fresh floral display. We’re obsessed with the easter decoration idea of hydrangea organization that features a rustic wire basket and pastel egg base. The adorable cake-stand-turned-bunny terrarium arrives at a close second.

9. Play Up Pastels

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Play up the airy, Easter colour palette by interchanging your staple terra-cotta or rattan planters with their colourful counterparts. This prickly pack decks up the otherwise white mantel with a wash of subtle pastel colour.

10. Try a Sunny Bunny Tablescape

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Rejoice in the season of sunshine by recreating this easter decoration idea by including a sunny bunny table display. A fresh yellow and white lattice tablecloth serves as an ideal backdrop to vintage serve ware. This can be coupled with miniature egg baskets and an attractive bunny figurine to make the setting brighter.

11. Brighten Your Bedside Table

DIY easter decoration ideas

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Start this Easter decoration idea with a new perspective and rejuvenated ambition. One way to get there is by renewing your bedroom design for spring. Replace any dull or bulky bedside accessories, and enhance your nightstand with fresh accents, white lamp and fresh iris organization.

12. Hardcore Hardware

DIY easter decoration ideas

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Ready to commit to the season with the easter decoration ideas? Swap out simplistic hardware with some elegant, rabbit alternatives. Trust us, all those minute and subtle details add up to major style results. You will end up creating a space sure to stand out from the rest.

13. Float Your Florals

DIY easter decoration ideas

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In an outdoor easter decoration idea, fill the floating shelves in your kitchen with a bounty of blooms from your garden. Design an organic and elegant display by arranging the fresh-cuts in varied vases and unique, vintage pitchers. Try to pair delicate, periwinkle posies with vibrant turquoise accents to design a chic Easter appeal.

14. Start Nesting

DIY easter decoration ideas

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Go to the nearest craft store to recreate a darling, dangling Easter nest, as a DIY Easter decoration idea. Use ribbon or twine to fix your nest from door handles, drawer knobs, or wall hooks in your mudroom. We love this project because it’s simple to customize as per your style and current Easter decor. Whether it’s bright and cheery or subtle and sophisticated with pastels, we can do it all.

15. Mix Veggie Garden Bounty + Spring Blooms

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When it comes to designing your Easter centrepiece this year, we encourage you to arrange the flower box outdoor. Bring together aromatic roses and fluffy peonies with an evenly dazzling cabbage or kale bloom. These amazing, veggie accents are ideal for Easter arrangements. They bring a unique texture to the display and make a nod towards rabbits and their vegetable garden stomping grounds.

16. Force Bulbs in Chalkboard Pots

DIY easter decoration ideas

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As a DIY Easter decoration idea, add a bright pop of spring colour to your foyer, living room, or anywhere. Chalkboard spray paint and reasonable terra cotta pots are all you require. Once the bulbs start blooming indoors, plant them in your garden to appreciate their flowers for many springs to come.

17. Get Your Glitter On

DIY easter decoration ideas

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Shimmering eggs in a bed of moss make a lovely and easy Easter decoration idea. To build them, paint wooden, cardboard or blown-out eggs in soft pastel shades. After you have applied the paint, apply glue dots in an irregular pattern. Spray glitter over the eggs for a shimmering polka dot effect.

18. Bring the Indoors Out in this Easter

DIY easter decoration ideas

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Why stay cooped up inside when dining outdoors in the spring is such a treat? Weather permitting, carry the dining table outside and enjoy your Easter dinner in the sunshine surrounded by trees, bushes, and flowers just breaking into bloom. These super-simple inspired easter decoration ideas will have your home looking pastel pretty in as little as an hour.

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