If you don’t have that much space outside of your home but still want to have a garden then you can check out fairy garden ideas landscaping. This is such an amazing addition of garden that can be as tiny as your palm so you can set this anywhere in your home. Such kind of garden is the most beautiful garden but it requires effort to decorate it well as it is quite different from that of the ordinary garden that we have outside of our home. 

The good thing is that you can adjust the size of this garden so if you want it for the exterior of your house then also you can have it and at the same time you can also have this for your study table which is a great thing. Another great thing about this kind of garden is that there are several ways to decorate this garden and moreover such gardens are decor pieces of the home and you can have this as many as you want in your home which is great for sure. 

These are simply the miniature size of your real garden and the beauty of this garden is the reason behind the name of the garden as the fairy garden as it is as beautiful as any amazing fairy. If you are wondering about some of the best fairy garden ideas then here are some of them listed below that you can check out and at the same time you can try them out in your home for decoration:

Teacup fairy garden:

This has to be the cute one and is very small in size at the same time so you would not have to do too much with this fairy garden. This can be placed inside as well as outside of your home but it is better to keep it inside if you want to make people notice about this beautiful cup fairytale garden

Here the first and the most essential thing is a cup and dish set and make sure to choose a pretty one as that would be your garden base. Now you would have to fill the cup with some soil and cover it with a layer of grass and here you can either take time to let natural grass grow or you can also have faux grass for the same. 

Teacup fairy garden

Source: wnchistory.org

Here you can also keep some small pebbles on the cup and have one small chair in between and to complete the garden you can just have one white-colored flag as that would look very beautiful. You can also add colors as per your choice and for that, you can color pebbles and place that there inside the cup but do not overfill anything.

Box fairy garden with a hut:

This is a bit bigger in size and things that are inside this fairy garden are quite detailed which makes it look beautiful. Here you can start with a square wooden box that you can either get it from the market or you can even prepare the same at home easily. 

To prepare the box you would have to get some wooden flat base and then you would have to fix those with nails or super glue and then just attach one rope so that you can hang this box as well. Here you would have to half fill the box with soil and then you would have to place one hut at one corner of the box and such small huts can be found in any toy shop. 

Box fairy garden

Source: ebay.com

You would then have to surround the area with small plants and here you can even go with real plants but make sure to choose the one that doesn’t grow longer than one or two centimetres. Complete the look of this small garden by placing some pebbles on the soil and this would make the whole thing beautiful.

Indoor fairy garden table:

This would be great for you if you have a small tea table that is of no use so instead of throwing that away you can create this beautiful garden out of it which is great. Before you start with the formation of the garden you would have to surround the table surface with an inch long wooden long so that the garden could be secure. 

Now the most important part here is to fill the space with soil so that it would look like a real garden and moreover, this is just a miniature version of your real outdoor garden. Now you can start by placing a house at the corner or at the center of the garden which would indicate your real home and then you can plant some of the real as well as, faux plants of small sizes. 

Indoor fairy garden

Source: archzine.com

Here you can also set a patio at the garden where you can even place some dolls. Here you would have to get your hand on the small toy-sized chairs and table for the miniature garden and the patio would be ready.

A flowerpot miniature fairy-tale garden for your outdoor garden:

If you are looking for decorating your garden then this DIY fairy-tale garden would serve the purpose for you and this would even cost you anything as you would be making it at your home with minimal things. Here you would have to get some medium-sized plant pot and there you can grow one plant as well so give it a beautiful look. 

flowerpot miniature fairy-tale garden

Source: rainbeaubelle.com

Now you would have to set one small chair at the bottom of the plant and there you can even keep one small doll which would resemble you relaxing under a tree. You can, of course, keep some colorful pebbles inside the pot to make it colorful and beautiful at the same time. 

You can also attach one flag or hoarding where you can write welcome to my fairyland and this would prove to be a nice addition for sure.

Island-styled fairy-tale garden:

Here you would have to get your hands on either a small glass aquarium or you can also get a small glass bowl for the same but make sure to have good quality glass otherwise it can break anytime. Now, as usual, you would have to fill the container with soil and here you would have to get faux miniature beach or island trees and that you have to place inside the glass container and then you can place one small mermaid to give this a beautiful fairy-tale look which is beautiful for sure.

Island-styled fairy-tale garden

Source: pinterest.com

These were some of the most beautiful fairy garden ideas that you should check out and at the same time you should try them out as well and for more such ideas you can go through Homedesignnow.