French doors have become a popular choice among home buyers over the years. They combine elegance and functionality making it a great option adding beauty to your home. However, what defines a French door? Is this really one of the best options on the market? What makes them so popular? If you are thinking about installing this type of door in your home, here are some things that need to be considered. 

Why French

What makes a door ‘French”? Is it because it was made in France, or is it because it enjoys a freshly baked baguette? This would be quite the door if it had either of these qualities, but the term French door simply refers to the type of doors that it is. 

How to Identify a French Door 

These doors are easily identified by their appearance, including a wood frame with divided glass panes taking up the majority of the door, much like its cousin the French window. The windows are an excellent option for viewing the backyard or patio and are also an excellent source of natural lighting for your home.

A French door can also be fully opened, utilizing the full area of the door frame. Browse high-quality doors or consult with a skilled home designer at ETO Doors to find what door best suits your needs.

French Door


Easily Customizable

A French door comes in standard size options for more traditional entryways in your home, but a French door can also be easily customized to accommodate your unique interests. The window type can also be customized, as well as the glass type, material, and color to best suit you’re home. 

Makes Your Home Look Bigger 

This type of door has the ability to make your home look much bigger. How you ask? The glass on the door creates the illusion of there being more space than there really is by adding visibility between the spaces in your home. It eliminates the barriers a traditional door imposes. The windows allow natural light in which fills the room creating a more spacious and homely environment. 

Where Do I Put It?

The French door can also be used as an exterior or interior door. It can easily separate the living room from the dining room without making the area feel cramped. This door can also make the patio feel like an extension of your home’s space. The windows on the doors allow for the rooms to feel joined rather than separate. They conveniently create separation from one room to the next. 

Natural Beauty 

It must be emphasized that a French door is aesthetically pleasing. Simply put, they are beautiful. These appealing doors create a peaceful home environment as well as increase value to your home altogether. Many consider this style of door to be a high class installment in any home. They offer a stylish, classical look that makes your home stand out. 

French Door


Needs Space

On the downside, a French door requires a bit more space to open than most doors since their hinges give them the freedom to fully open up in the space of the frame. This means you will have to be careful when considering where to install them. Your home or apartment may not allow enough room for them to be fully opened comfortably. Some things may need to be rearranged so these doors have enough room to breathe. 

More Expensive 

Yes, a French door adds immediate appeal to any home, but it comes with a price. Nearly all French doors on the market are more expensive than your standard solid doors. For some people, this might not be an issue. Regardless it is something to keep in mind. This is due to the complexity of its design and how much effort goes into making these doors. After all, beauty comes with a price. 

Limited Styling 

In addition, these doors look amazing, but they do not go with every design style (contrary to what some people may think.) Be sure you carefully consider whether or not a French door will be a positive addition to your home because if not it will cost you. A French door can look awfully out of place if it doesn’t go with its surroundings.

Higher Bills 

Finally, a French door is not energy efficient. This is due to the area where they are joined being susceptible to air and water leakage. This can skyrocket heating and cooling bills, and also lead to extensive repairs in areas with abundant rainfall. 

In Conclusion 

A French doors combination of windows and paneling creates a sense of space that floods the room with elegance and sunlight. These doors are the first solution that should come to mind when you want to add a touch of class and openness to any living space. Just be sure to consider the pros and cons before deciding if this is the right match for your home.