Often also referred to as French Country style, the French Provincial style of interior design creates a traditional and luxurious look in the home using a combination of decorative features, luscious textures and rich, refined materials. French Provincial style kitchens are especially popular thanks to these classic features as they provide a timeless and elegant feel in the home.

The traditional style has evolved over time, displaying a modern approach to this elegant style; the popular Hamptons style of interior design, for example, shows a modern interpretation of the classic French style, adapting classical decorative and romantic features to create something new.

Kitchen tiles add a characteristic charm to these styles of interior and kitchen styles, adding a creative touch to the space that allows you to explore your creativity in terms of colour, texture and pattern. Popular options to consider include warm and luxe natural stones such as marble, classic subway tiles or square tiles, as well as diamond or triangular shaped wall tile options. 

What Is French Provincial Style Interior Design?

Made popular in the 1700s and 1800s, traditional French Provincial style interiors use a combination of highly detailed, ornate carvings, mouldings and ironwork with a range of sleek textures and warm colour options. The style continues to be a popular design choice for homes, being adapted over the years to suit a more modern aesthetic.

This style of interior design creates a warm, elegant and romantic vibe in the home, making use of ornate patterns, materials and warm colours such as creams, whites, deep blues, grassy greens and metallic gold. 

Ceramic Kitchen Wall Tiles

French Provincial Style: Ceramic Kitchen Wall Tiles

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Ceramic kitchen wall tiles are one of the most popular choices when it comes to creating a French Provincial styled design scheme thanks to the many luxurious options available. Ceramic tiles are most often thinner than other options (such as natural stone tiles or porcelain tiles for example) and as a result, they are often restricted to wall use only.

This quality allows for a range of different styles and finishes to be achieved in their design as there is no concern of slipping or adequate grip requirements as would be the case for a kitchen floor tile. Etched surfaces with raised and lowered patterns, 3D effect options, and rich, hyper-glossy surface finishes are all qualities you can find in different collections of ceramic tiles.

Due to the endless range of options available, ceramic tiles can easily be incorporated in any interior design style, being especially popular in French Provincial styled interiors thanks to the luscious colors and charming qualities these tiles offer. 

Caption: Textured ceramic kitchen wall tiles add a charming, timeless quality to this elegant kitchen design scheme. This space uses influences of the traditional French Provincial style while creating a sleek and modern look that will never be out of style thanks to the timeless materials and all-white color scheme used.

Marble Wall Tiles

French Provincial Style: Marble Wall Tiles

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A staple in French Provincial interior design schemes, natural marble has long been used to create a rich, elegant and timeless experience that only an authentic natural material can offer. White-based marbles are most popular in this style of interior design with the most popular option being traditional Carrara marble.

This luxurious natural stone features a warm white base with soft grey streaks or veins running throughout it and adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen. Carrara marble can be used as luxurious kitchen splashback tile as well as a timeless benchtop option, pairing well with a range of traditional French Provincial color options such as blue, gold, white, and cream. 

Caption: Carrara marble kitchen wall tiles offer a rich, timeless look in a French Provincial-inspired interior design scheme. It is important to note that natural stones are porous in nature and will require sealing at installation and then, every few years thereon. This process will ensure a quality finish on your new Carrara marble kitchen wall tiles, assisting in the prevention of stains or marks on the surface of this luxurious natural material.

Pattern Kitchen Tiles

French Provincial Style: Pattern Kitchen Tiles

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In traditional French Provincial kitchen design styles, patterns play a large role in the overall look of the space. Patterns are introduced in the ornate and decorative moldings and carvings in the joinery as well as in the traditional tiled splashbacks. Diamond or triangular-shaped tiles are most often used in these designs to add structure and dramatic touch to the kitchen. 

These geometric shapes can be used in more traditional French Provincial designs or more contemporary styles that draw inspiration from the traditional stylings of this elegant look. The tiles can be paired with various grout options that will either enhance the tile’s shape and laying pattern in the case of contrasting colored grouts or provide more of a discreet touch with the use of a matching grout color. 

Caption: Feature splashback tiles in geometric shapes such as diamonds or triangles are often used in traditional as well as contemporary French Provincial kitchen styles to add a sense of pattern and energy to the space while proving a structured look.

White tiles are a favorite choice as they will of course easily tie in with the balance of your kitchen’s color and material selections. Other popular selections include metallic or pearl-finished varieties, soft, dove greys, and powder blue for a classic touch. 

French Provincial-style kitchens provide a timeless look in the home as they draw inspiration from traditional design styles to create a romantic and elegant vibe. Materials such as ceramic and marble are often used in these design styles while patterns and ornate, decorative etchings and moldings create a stunning visual in the layout of your new kitchen, adding a bold touch of character and charm in the home.

These exciting kitchen splashback tile options will tie in seamlessly in a modern or traditionally styled French Provincial kitchen design scheme thanks to their classic tones that will perfectly complement your choice of colors and materials.