A good functional furnace system is a blessing in disguise, which we do not realize its worth until winter. No matter how cold it is outside, the furnace system helps us to keep warm and comfortable. Just like other household appliances, the furnace system also comes with an expiry date. However, if it is properly cared for and annually maintained, it can reward you with 15-20 years of comfort. If this has already got you excited, then contact the professionals for furnace installation El Dorado Hills, and experience the magic yourself. 

As per the experts, annual maintenance is very important to keep the furnace well-operational. It is usually modeled to last 20+ years, but if the furnace has already turned 15 and has started giving issues, then maybe it’s time to consider a new furnace system.

Though, a new furnace may come with a little heavy price, however, coping with an old system doesn’t cost you any less. An older system is not just a costly nuisance, but also may pose a risk of carbon monoxide or house fire

If your furnace has not reached 15 years’ period time and is giving you problems, then this does not mean you will have to get it replaced. Contact furnace repair service El Dorado Hills, and seek help from the experts.  

If you have made up your mind about a new furnace, then make sure the following facts are checked right and sorted. Let’s get started. 

Repair or Replace 

Furnace Installation El Dorado Hills

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This is the first phase when it comes to new furnace installation. You will first have to decide whether you are ready for a new furnace or can go ahead with the older system for another couple of years. Since a new furnace comes with heavy pricing, you can consider repairing your older system, only if you think it will be fruitful.

To start with, consider the cost of repair and compare it with the new system installation. If the cost exceeds or reaches at least 60% of the new system, then the smart move will be to invest in a new system. Why waste money on an old system that will again give you trouble in a few months, whereas, adding a little more money, will bring your 15 years of stress-free and repair-free days. 

Air Ducts 

At times, the problem may not be with the furnace, but with the air ducts. If there are leaks in the air duct or have been damaged, get it repaired and check the efficiency and operation. If this does not fix the problem, then consult with the HVAC technician and act accordingly.


Furnace Installation El Dorado Hills

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The right furnace size is the key to a good operational system. It will not make you waste money on an overloaded and overworking system. This will in turn save you from future repairing troubles. To choose the right size, you must get help from the technicians, for they will calculate the square feet of your house and then suggest you the system accordingly.

The technicians will also consider your house insulation, home construction, window efficiency, and more. A wrongly sized system will bring you tons of operational troubles and you will end up your days repairing and fixing the issue. Therefore, before you invest in a furnace system, contact the technicians for help.

Fuel Type

This is the next important factor, as every fuel comes with both pros and cons. A gas furnace is a common choice as it is cost-effective. But one would need a vent space and a gas line. Propane or oil is another powerful heating source, however, this will also require space and they are costly.

The next easy option is the electric furnace, which is both eco-friendly and easily available. But the only drawback it comes with it is its pricing. Hence, choose the type depending upon the easy availability and your convenience. 

When you look in the market for a new furnace system, you will be introduced to many models, which again come with many features and benefits. It will surprise you with terms, which you have no clue of.

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