Most people think that it is silly to buy a furnace during summer. But if you are thinking of a step forward that is what to do when the air conditioner fails, then furnace investment would be a smart move. Have you decided to opt for furnace installation Rochester, MN? Well, we suggest you do sufficient research and write down all the possible options before scheduling for the installation. 

5 Things to Check Before Investing in a Furnace!

1. Installation Cost:

Furnace Installation Rochester MN


Are you changing the fuel type? In this case, most furnace installation companies Rochester, MN present extra installation costs and works such as added venting and gas lines, and upgraded electrical service. Ensure to double-check this factor when you are choosing a home furnace

2. Which Fuel Form Would You Choose to Function Your Furnace?

There are three options like propane or oil furnace, natural gas furnace, and electric furnace. 

Propane or Oil Furnace: 

Propane and oil furnaces are not popular due to the cost of fuels. As the fuel price is always on the rise, most people would not choose a furnace with this fuel type.

Homeowners also evaluate the system’s looks, see whether it does not appear massive or needs unattractive storage tanks on-premises before shortlisting one. If you are living in a region where you do not have proper contact with natural gas, then propane or an oil furnace would be the best and affordable heating option instead of electricity. 

Natural Gas Furnace:

It is recommended for areas that experience long winters and where the residents can easily access natural gas. The main downside of the natural gas furnace model is it involves expensive installation that is more than electric models.

However, natural gas is affordable and due to its affordability, many people purchase and install gas-powered furnaces for their homes. Some of the top benefits are low-cost fuel and an efficiency rating of about 98%. Gas furnaces are economical and affordable for the long term. It can be paired with heat pumps or air conditioners, permitting efficient heating and cooling throughout the year. 

Electric Furnace:

The best part of an electric furnace is it is known for high efficiency that is more than 95% and low initial buying price. It is recommended to consider an electric furnace when you are finding it hard to access natural gas in your locality. If you are still not convinced about an electric furnace, you can consider a heat pump heating system for your house

3. Timing:

Summer is the best time to upgrade the furnace though it may look odd from outside. No person would prefer to spend the winters waiting for furnace repair professionals to boost or tune up the unit.

Many homeowners fail to maintain or upgrade the furnace during summer and due to this, they would be rushing for furnace experts at the peak winter months. Do you want to fall into this late-action category? If not, call for a furnace expert and get the best furnace for your house before the winter arrives. 

A Quick Furnace Tune-Up Checklist:

Furnace Installation Rochester MN


Regular furnace care and maintenance aids in enhancing the system’s efficiency and provide significant savings. Maintenance costs less money and time, offers peace of mind, and the system will also function reliably throughout the winter.

By performing routine furnace maintenance with the help of a licensed professional, you can reduce the requirement of costly emergency furnace repair and keep it in peak status. 

In this blog, along with furnace installation tips, we have shared an important tuneup checklist that you should follow with your local furnace repair contractor. If you already have a furnace, ensure your contractor follows this checklist. 

Turn Off the Power:

It is recommended to turn the power off before starting to perform any maintenance or tune-up in your furnace. 

Remove the Ignition Chamber Door:

When it comes to removing the combustion chamber door in most units, you have to just lift and pull outward. However, some units come with a burner cover with two screws. So, you have to remove the screws to remove the burner cover. 

Turning the Power On:

After removing the cover and door, the power has to be turned on, and also the temperature setting has to be activated on the furnace. 

It is always recommended to hire a licensed contractor, be it you need furnace repair or furnace installation Rochester, MN. Contact Hawk’s Services at 507-577-5430 if you wish to schedule furnace installation, maintenance, or tune-ups today.