You would have switched the thermostat settings to the right temperature and it may respond. But within a few minutes, the furnace would shut down. It is a frustrating situation where you should call a reputed heating engineer to diagnose the problem and find out the reasons fast. Some common reasons where a professional would recommend considering furnace repair or furnace replacement Framingham,  MA are as follows. If the issue is possible to solve, he would do the complete repair and suggest only maintenance services. 

Situations where the furnace causes frustration to the Framingham MA homeowners!

Faulty Safety Switch:

Furnace Replacement Framingham MA


An important issue that you need to take immediate attention to is when the safety switches of the furnace fail. Though it aids in safeguarding you and helps your furnace to furnace properly, it can occasionally malfunction. It even covers the fan limit switch.

It determines when to turn on the fan. It may automatically turn off the furnace when the flame is not detected. Do not delay to schedule for heating services of furnace replacement Framingham MA when you are noticing this issue. 

Failure of the Standing Pilot Light:

Does your furnace come with a standing pilot light that can last throughout the season? Well, you have to upgrade the unit. In recent years, the furnace utilizes electronic ignition that does not easily get affected by the heavy draft. It also utilizes very little energy to start when you require heat. 


If the culprit is dirt, it easily results in frequent repairs, frustrating the homeowners. When the dirt accumulates on the flame sensor, it has chances to result in ignition failure, pressuring to shut off the furnace since the sensor fails to recognize the flame after a point.

It is suggested to call a pro and schedule furnace repair Framingham, MA immediately after you determine this issue in your furnace. 

Furnace Does Not Start:

Furnace Replacement Framingham MA


Is your furnace making your house uncomfortable and cool? Is the furnace finding hard to switch on as you are using it after a long time? It is a major issue which you should depend on the experts for a repair. It may even happen when it is experiencing a wiring problem or due to a faulty thermostat. 

However, we recommend checking whether you have set the thermostat correctly. At times, when the activation level is less than you have set, there are possibilities where it would not start and leave you in an uncomfortable status. In this scenario, you have to try to reset the circuit, so that the furnace functions at the breaker. 

Furnace Gusting Cold Air:

This is a common pretty issue complained about by most furnace users. The furnace is set in your home for one exclusive purpose, which is to heat the house. It means when it blows cool air throughout and fails to heat the house. You may have not imagined experiencing this failure suddenly.

But yes, you should accept that furnace failure happens any time and you have to take proper actions according to the issue. This condition may happen when there is an issue with the combustion of fuel or leakage in its ductwork.

You may have accidentally fixed it in the fan mode. Ensure that all the settings in the furnace are set appropriately before approaching a contractor for furnace repair

Furnace Gives Out Burning or Gas Smell:

If you can smell burning or gas odor from your furnace, you have to approach the necessary authorities. It is an issue that has to be taken care of instantly. If you do not take action, there are chances to witness various outcomes. So, ensure to take the issue seriously and take necessary steps. Gas leaks are highly hazardous. 

Are you sensing a burning smell when you switch on the furnace after several months? It would happen due to the burning up of dust in the furnace’s combustion chamber or when the heating coil turns off. Other reasons include bad wiring, etc. If the odor continues coming from your furnace, you need to call the Pro Comfort Control team. The furnace replacement experts are available at (508) 684 5362. Call now for more details.