Garden decor is that Anyone can do in any garden. It just a matter of knowing what you want and create it. After all day hectic activities you can relax in your garden. You’ll enjoy a fantastic view in the morning. Garden can be a play area for kids. We know that it feels wonderful having a beautiful garden. Where you have a lot of quality time with your family and friends. All these ideas are effortless, and you can easily add these garden decor in your garden. Turn the excess space in your housing extension into a beautiful garden. Decorate your garden with these awesome outdoor garden decor ideas. These garden decor will make your landscape beautiful and mesmerizing.

Take a look at these awesome garden decor ideas:


Fountains are beautiful, and they bring peace to your garden. Fountains are welcomed in every garden. They bring a motion element to your yard.  The trickling sound of the water helps in times of stress. You can invite the guest to your outdoor patio and have a relaxed time with them. There are various types of fountains that are available out there. Mainly there are two kinds- freestanding fountain and wall mounted fountains. A stonework fountain or a concrete fountain will be perfect for any garden.



Colorful Glass Panels:

Add beautiful stained glass panels to your ordinary-looking garden. They give height and color to your yard. These framed colorful glass panels alone will stand out in the garden. You can add multiple glass panels in different colors with different heights. They have a rich variety of colors and patterns.

Colorful Glass Panels


Stepping Stone:

Stepping stones are sets of rocks that are set to make the path. You can create pathways by these breathtaking stepping stones. They came in different shapes and sizes such as- leaf shape, swirl shape, and square shape or uneven shapes are also beautiful. These stones slabs can be surrounded by grass or water depends on your garden. This place could be a fun place for kids to do hopping and play games.

Stepping Stone


Garden Gateways:

Garden gateways are the first thing you saw when you enter any garden. From the oxford arch to arbor shaped entryways, there are plenty of options. They came in various materials like- vinyl, iron, steel, and wood. Go for a moon-shaped gate to get a look of fairyland. Surround this gateway with beautiful plants and flowers. 

garden decor ideas


Add Trellises:

Trellises are structures used to support growing plants. They guide the climbing plants to grow in a specific way. If you love to grow roses, then use these obelisks and trellis to help them. You can put these obelisks on either side of the garden. They could be a statement piece of your garden. 



Fun Plant Pots:

Colorful plant pots immediately transform your ordinary-looking garden. Colorful plant holders are very eye-catching and add fun elements to your garden.

Colorful plant pots


Statues And Sculptures:

Statues and figurines will bring the story element in your garden. Place a giant stone buddha in the garden center. These statues will be the focal point of the garden. You can choose multiple figures to create a story. Keep this simple to avoid confusion. Place them in an open space. Angel statue, mushroom sculpture, and funky animal statues are perfect for kids. You can use a bear or a chicken statue as a dustbin to utilize the space.

laughing buddha statue


Garden Screens:

Garden is an open outdoor space. But no matter how much you want the world know about your incredible garden. You still want a little privacy. So, these garden screens are perfect for you. They came in various sizes and materials. They can be fixed or portable, and you can place them in your outdoor seating area in the garden. Sunlight, breezing air and shadow can pass through them.

Garden Screen


Magical Lights:

There are tons of alternatives when it comes to lights. From regular LED lights to colorful bulb lighting, you’ll find hundreds of options in lighting. You can add some impressive wall light fixtures and fix them facing towards the garden. Use different shapes like butterfly and insects shaped lights in the garden to make it magical. Use mud lanterns to brighten up space at night. These light will look really amazing at night.

garden decor ideas



A pond will create that mesmerizing element in the garden. You can make a real small pond in the garden or purchase an artificial one. They are low cost to build and easy to maintain. River rock pond, a fish pond to terracotta stones ponds there are different styles you can choose from.

pond for garden decor


Beautiful Birdhouse:

Place a birdhouse on a tall pole or hang it on a tree. Bird feeders are a natural attraction to birds, you can watch beautiful birds feeding, and their chirping sounds are very pleasing to ears.

Birdhouse for garden


Cozy Fireplace:

Your garden could be an entertainment place for your family. Make a fireplace in the garden. A fire will add a visual appeal to people. Whether you want to roast marshmallows or want to do a barbecue party, this will be perfect for that. Fireplaces are evergreen, and you can use them in any season.

garden Fireplace


Outdoor Furniture:

Always make a little seating area in the garden so that you can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden in the morning or at night. Place garden furniture that is made especially for outdoor. A long bench is perfect if you are going to get a park look. Add wooden chairs with a solid concrete table. You can also add a hanging chair for kids.

Outdoor Furniture


DIY garden decor:

You can also do some DIY decor projects. These DIY’s are simple and easy to do. Take a wooden ladder and place multiple planters on its selves. This handmade decor piece will create a unique look to your garden. You can also make a wooden bench and place it near the fireplace. Make a favourite spot in your landscape to chill and relax. You can also make a chair from old car tires. Glue two tires on each other and put a circular wood on top. Place a comfy cushion, and your chair is ready. 

DIY garden decor ideas


Decorating a garden doesn’t have to be a complex gardening project. From vegetable garden to flower garden, there are numerous variety of decor options for every garden. Gardens can help you in enjoying the fresh air and healthy ambience. Your kids and pets will enjoy playing in the garden. Get some more amazing gardening decor tips at Homedesignnow