Your home is the place where you rest, relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones. You want your home to give that comfortable and convenient feel that makes your time memorable and exciting. It is the reason why we spend too much on different home furnishing aspects such as furniture, window treatments, painting, showpieces, and many more. We want to have a home that looks and feels like our own small but cozy paradise. 

Style is one of the pivotal aspects to think about when you consider window treatments. Yes, blinds, shutters, and other window treatments have been in trend for years, but curtains are still leading the way. Curtains are stylish, comfortable, convenient, and serve the core purpose brilliantly. They are also cost-effective compared to other window treatment options and offer the best value for money. 

In curtains too, there are many types of curtains available in the market. For example, sheer curtains Melbourne is one of the most preferred curtains for homes. They are lightweight, versatile, and brighten the room perfectly. They give a different aesthetic appeal to the room, and they have the best longevity if cleaned and maintained correctly and regularly. 

You need to ensure that you buy sheer curtains online in Australia from a reputed manufacturer who uses high-quality materials for sheer curtains. They will give a refreshing paradigm shift to your home’s decor and will blend well with any home decor. 

When it comes to hanging sheer curtains, there are many funny ways to do it and also there are various facts about sheer curtains which people are not aware of. In this post, we will discuss some of the ways to hang sheer curtains. Stay tuned! 

Layer Sheer Curtains with Thicker Curtains 

The first and foremost way is to mix sheer curtains with other curtains, especially blackout curtains thicker than sheers. When you layer curtains with other thicker curtains, they will, together, act as an insulator and also add some privacy to your affairs. Are you worried about those prying eyes of your neighbours? Then this idea can prevent them from peeping through your windows. Also, they are eye-pleasing. 

Hang Multiple Panels to Add Depth and Colour

Another way to hang curtains is to hang multiple panels on windows to add depth and colour to your room. Generally, sheer curtains are thin and highly flexible; combining multiple panels will give a new style to the room and create a beautiful setup. It will look more elegant, charming and dreamy, and you will have the desired look of the room. Also, it takes care of privacy. 

Hang Sheer Curtains


Create a Window Scarf

If you want some more elegant and sophisticated look for the home, you can always go for a window scarf. It can be achieved by draping a sheer curtain fabric over a curtain rod so that it drapes down in front. 

Furthermore, to make the room more versatile, you can also hang the fabric at different angles. Another way is to use two different shades to add more colour to your windows. However, if you decide to go for this hanging pattern, you will compromise your privacy as the setup does not fully cover windows. 

Frame Your Windows and Display a Centerpiece

It is another way to hang sheer curtains Melbourne when you have a plant or a centrepiece to showcase in the room. Here, you need to frame the sides of the window with sheer curtains and use a windowsill as a functional shelf. Here, using a standard drape or curtain is acceptable, but sheer curtains will draw more attention to the item as they are attractive. Furthermore, you also might need to find the perfect tiebacks to pull panels back to give the complete look of your windows. 

Hang Sheer Curtains


Beautify your Bedroom

There is no written rule that you cannot buy sheer curtains for bedrooms. They can be used to beautify bedrooms, especially when you have a higher ceiling in the bedroom or a four-poster bed. You can hang sheer curtains like canopies to lighten up your bedroom. Also, you can display them as a backdrop behind your bed. 

Enhance a Doorway or Entryway

Do you want to make your doorway or entryway more noticeable and worthy? Using sheer curtains to spruce up your porch or patio doors, closet doors and other doors can enhance privacy and insulation. However, use curtain tiebacks to draw back the panels when you want to open the doors or allow more light to the room. 

Combine With String Lights to Illuminate Your Windows

The last way to hang curtains is to combine them with string lights to brighten up your windows. You can do it occasionally as it is not a permanent set-up to go for. When you are celebrating festivals, or you have guests at home, you can go for it. All you need to do is drape string lights on the rod closest to the window and then hang sheer curtains on the other rod. 

How to Wash Sheer Curtains?

To ensure that your sheer curtains keep serving you for an extended period, you need to regularly clean and maintain them. There are many cleaning methods you can go for, but ensure that you don’t end up warping, tearing, and damaging sheer curtains. You can also take professional help if you think you will not justify cleaning perfectly. 


Sheer curtains offer some fantastic decorating ideas, and you can explore them to make the room look more bright, innovative, and dreamy. These seven ways to hang sheer curtains Melbourne will surely give a new meaning to the room and lighten up your faces as well. Just go for them and enjoy the jaw-dropping reactions of your visitors.