Drywall is readymade sheets of gypsum to cover walls and ceilings. Earlier, when construction of any building took place, it took a lot of time to plaster a wall and make it ready for the paint. And if we need inside wirings then it took a hell lot of time to complete. But with the help of drywall, it has become easy to construct a house, make it paint ready, and put it inside wirings. The main concern comes from how to hang drywall. The application of drywall on ceilings is a little typical because they are heavy. Drywall is fit with the help of screws of proper size.

How to Put Up Drywall and How to Finish Drywall

The process how to hang drywall is easy. We require professional help because it requires proper alignment and a screwing process. We can hang drywall quickly and they are less expensive. Majorly the professionals use them. Because if any mistake is made it can be rectified.

We Can Learn Easily How to Put-Up Drywall

Adding drywall is a quick and essential step for your home. Learn how to hang drywall with the guide given stepwise. Just keep in mind the process of how to hang drywall cannot be done alone. It requires help. So, you should be two to three people for this.

Tools required for how to hang drywall- hammer, saw, measuring tape, smoother, knife, screwdrivers, drilling machine, hammer, utility knife, circle cutter, T-square, etc,

Precautions are necessary while doing the process of how to hang drywall: – we should wear proper gloves, mask and face shield. Because there are dust particles and pieces of drywall that can harm our eyes and lungs. And you can put plastic curtains or sheets on the doors to reap these dust particles from going into another room.

1. We Need to Measure the Wall First

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Take a measuring tape and measure the width of the wall. Now take the measure but reduce it to a quarter-inch, cut it on the drywall sheet with the help of a saw, etc. For the measure, you can even use a drywall calculator. It is easily available in the market. The process of how to hang drywall becomes easy with it.

2. Screwing the Screws on the Drywall Sheet

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Place the drywall sheet at the desired height. Screw the holes and put screws. Place the screws on both sides of the drywall. So, the process of how to put up drywall becomes quick. And we only need to place other screws. It becomes effortless after that. The distance between the two screws should be 15- 16 inches.

3. Adding Long Sheets of Drywall

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The process of how to finish drywall becomes seamless with the help of a drywall lifter. It is like a clamp for drywall. After the clamping process, you just need to add screws at a specific length.

4. Cut Out the Size of Doors and Windows

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Now to end the action of how to finish drywall, you need to take the cut out of windows and doors.  With the help of a router or a handsaw, you can cut the windows and doors. It is very important to cut the edges. But the edges should be cut neat and clean. You can even place the window and door and outline on the sheet. And then cut it.

5. Apply Joint Compound

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To complete the process of how to finish drywall, apply the premix of the joint compound available in the markets. With the help of a drywall knife, you can have the thin application of the joint compound. Dry the first coat for one day. And then apply the second and the third coat.

6. Apply Primer and Paint

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Give the finishing touch to the walls by applying colorful and vibrant paint. But don’t forget to apply the primer and waterproofing. But before applying any paint, we should use sandpaper. Rub the wall with sandpaper so that the wall becomes smooth. It will also help in removing the uneven coat of joint compound and mud.

Special Tips on How to Hang Drywall

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  1. Before the screwing, you can apply adhesives to join the drywall sheet with wood logs. Because adhesive makes the drywall firmer and stronger on the walls.
  2. You should cover the nails with a joint compound later on.
  3. You can use sandpaper to finish the edges.
  4. Use ring nails to fasten the drywall sheet with the wood. Because it helps in more grip and hold of the sheet.
  5. Joints should not be between doors and windows for the action of how to finish drywall. Because the drywall sheet can crack later on.
  6. Cover the joints and seams with help of mesh tape.
  7. Always keep half-inch gap between the floor and drywall sheet
  8. Cover the electrical wirings and plumbing pipes with nail protector plates.
  9. To ease cutting the drywall you can mark the lines and cut with a cutter. With saw now cut the sheets effortlessly.
  10. Buy two to three sheets extra to avoid mistakes. Because they are used to hide those spaces if any mistake happens.
  11. Always mark an X or any familiar letter where the sheet needs to be cut.
  12. Use leftover drywall for sides of walls and windows.
  13. Keyhole saw is slower but it is efficient for long cuts.
  14. Before lofting mark fastener guidelines.
  15. No seams should be there above and below window openings.


  1. Drywall is an easy option to use rather than using lather and plaster.
  2. They provide a firmer and flatter surface on the wall.
  3. It takes less time to install than plasters.
  4. Drywall is less expensive.


  1. Distance between screws should be kept in mind because if the screws are too apart then the wall can easily break. And if the screws are too close then the drywall can crack.
  2. Drywall sheets are heavy. So, a single person alone cannot use them. Some extra help is required in lifting, screwing, etc.

Drywall an Invention to Ease the Process of How to Put Up Drywall

Drywall is available in big long sheets. They cover a large area in a single go. So, building a home or any building becomes effortless. We need to put screws when the sheet is cut and placed. And if we cut drywall in the wrong size, without any worry they can be used elsewhere.

A joint compound can even hide the wrong pieces that are cut. You can cut it into the desired shape when the wall is applied. Door windows, doors, electrical boxes can be easily cut from drywall. Hence drywall is easy and efficient to use. It provides firm support to the wall. And the paint looks smoother and it shines more.

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