Each one of us, in our lifetime, has thought about painting surfaces across our home. Today, we are going to discuss the same. Painting a metallic surface is very different from painting a regular surface. 

There are different reasons for this. Firstly, we can say that the metal surfaces are different from the wood and hence, the paint would not get fixed to the surface regularly. Other than this, you can see that the metal surfaces are very much prone to rust as well as prone to oxidation. Hence, we need to design and paint the colors in such a way that these types of problems do not arise. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the ways and how to paint metal. We will also see how to spray paint metal.

There are different versions of paints available in the market and that are prepared specially for metal surfaces. These two types are Oil-based paints and water-based paints. To work with Oil-based paint is a bit complex and may be difficult to cope up, but they are long-lasting and give long term results. Contrary, water-based paints are nothing but a type of acrylic paint that comes in the form of a spray. Follow the steps mentioned below to see what way you can paint the metal so that the optimal results can be obtained. 

how to paint metal

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Strip the Surface Off

Work in a Ventilated Area

It may prove harmful if you are in contact with rust and paint for a longer period. Hence, you must try to work under an area where ventilation is proper and for the same, drop sheet down can be kept under the metallic substance. It is also advisable to wear protective gauges such as masks and gloves before working. 

It is also advisable to keep a wet cloth near you to wipe the dust particles and even the rust particle while working. You should not think to wipe everything at last and not while working. Try to work at times, in intervals, and it will not cause much trouble concerning the health of yours.

It may be possible that the metal you are working with and the paint that has already been applied contains lead. If It does, then the mask is a must precautionary measure and should be refrained from removing from the face. 

how to paint metal

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Way to Remove the Old Paint

If you want to remove the paint that has already been applied on the metallic surface, get a wiping brush, and strip it rigorously from the metal surface. While working, keep a wet cloth and clean the surface that has rust particles. Sandpaper can also be used if you want to remove the paint but it is up to personal preference, whether you want to use sandpaper or want to go with the conventional wipe brush. 

Some people also do a mixture of both wipe brush and sandpaper. The wipe brush will help you in clearing the majority of the portion, while the sandpaper will help you in removing the colors from the corner. 

If the surface area you are working with is extremely large, then a drill without wires can be used for cleaning the area. But yes, earmuffs are required and prescribed to wear before working with the wireless drill. 

Cleaning the Metallic Surface

Well, as we already said, use a wet cloth to wipe the dust that has come with paint and after working, throw away the cloth. Use a fresh cloth to wipe everything after, and clean the surface and give a good look. Always use a fresh cloth at last to remove minor spots. If you haven’t cleaned properly, then the colors that you will apply later would not stick to the surface properly. 

how to paint metal

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Priming the Surface

Usage of Zinc-chromate Primer

Zinc-chromate primer is essential if you are dealing with a metal that is rusted. Before applying the regular primer and if your surface has rust, make sure you use this zinc-chromate primer beforehand. Make sure the rust is removed before applying the commonly used primer.

Zinc-chromate is applied before because it protects the surface of the metal from rust as it is a corrosion-resistant product. It should be applied as the first layer and on the second layer, immediately apply a full-bodied primer. The second aspect of zinc-chromate is that it acts as an adhesive to the full-body primer and hence, it sticks properly to the surface. 

how to paint metal

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Method to Apply Paint

First of all, spray paint is an option that can be used here. It isn’t long-lasting so it is not widely preferred. Apply a single coat of acrylic paint. Make sure you do not dip your brush too heavily in the paint as it will create an extremely heavy coating and thick coating.

Allow this coating of paint to dry. Drying time may vary from product to product. Check the details of the product you are using to see what are the approximate timings of the drying phase. We make sure the drying is enough as if it isn’t, then the finishing will look dull. If you work it out correctly, acrylic paints dry quickly, and hence, you can proceed further without wasting much time. 

After this, we are ready for the second phase of the coating. Here, make sure you paint the surface properly and do not leave out space. Coating it again will ensure proper finishing design and will also give the paint to last longer on the surface of the metal. 

People who design a logo through paint do the following thing. They coat the surface with different colors for the second time. This will make amazing designs if you make them carefully. 

As the paint we are talking about, acrylic paint, is very much water-resistant, to achieve various effects, we apply multiple numbers of layers to achieve the desired effect. The only thing that is important here is to let each coat dry. Letting each one of them dry will make the finished product look more exquisite. 

After applying the coat for one last time, make sure you let it dry at least 36 hours. Do not paint the object in a place where you can not keep it for the required time. Do not use the object beforehand else it will degrade the quality of finishing. Let it dry for around 36 to 48 hours before the usage of the object. Two days are enough to let the surface dry properly and then you can proceed with the usage of the product. 

This was all about the topic of how to paint metal. Painting a metallic surface includes various steps. All these steps are easy to follow but one must not skip any to gain quick results. We hope that the article has served its purpose and during the time of need, you will get the required information on the topic of how to paint metal.

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