If you are also a type of person who is always in search of a home that has sensibility, rawness, comfortability, and coziness, then you should also go for – Industrial House. You would have heard a quote, “imperfection is what makes you perfect.” We must say the industrial style follows the rule quite seriously.

In the era of reuse and recycle, don’t you think there should be a reuse of unused spaces too. Obviously, there should be, this way you will be able to get a modernized look and on top of all a place that has a sense of priority and ancestry. We have seen many sites that have been converted to a classic place to live. 

Let’s move towards the very first and basic question revolving around the back part of your head,

What is the Industrial House?

Basically, a house that has elements reflecting the vibes of old factories and industrial spaces. Many of them have been converted to lofts, living spaces, and even office areas. The industrial house will have an aesthetic interior design trend and will emphasize the usage of distressed wood elements, and exposed bricks (the ones that were used in industrial areas).

The modernized industrial house has all the basic as well as advanced necessities that you would have seen in luxurious houses. Though they take you back to the industrial era, they will also assure that you stay in touch with modern technology as well.

So get your old-school inner self out and be free to create the house that will give the rustic and functional look both at a time.

Here are a few key features to scrutinize before you start with the design of the industrial house.

Firstly, industrial is a kind of outlook so that it will be incorporated into the interior of the house. So don’t panic if you have an a-frame house, apartment, villa, or any other type of house. You can also utilize the old factory that your father owned and now looks more like a haunted place. Convert it into your new business venture or a classic place to live.

(*Note: Look at images with full attention for the detailed information on the industrial decor.)

industrial house

source: modlar.com

What are the Characteristics of an Industrial House?

If you have ever renovated your house before, you would have instructed your builder to hide the elements that may look uneasy at the place. You did that, right? Everyone does, but when you are opting for the industrial look, you won’t have to instruct the builder to do so.


Because this is the thing that gives the raw and desired effect to the house. 

Do you know? The industrial farmhouse has also caught the interest of many people. The style was first introduced for the office spaces and commercial centers, and then farmhouses got the chance to transform themselves, later on, people bought them to their day-to-day lifestyle, seeing their functionality and comfortability.

1. Let Pipes and Tubes be seen

You would have visited a factory during your school or college trip. Factory and industrial spaces have uncovered pipes and tubes. They had this to identify and fix the problem ASAP! But this the most prominent feature of it.

The bare pipes and tubes look best with the white background and metal or dark color coating (such as black, grey, silver, etc.). The same can be incorporated into the furniture and walls. The exposed brick design is the best one for the wall. If nothing, get the texture on the focus wall.

2. Install the Stainless Steel Appliances

Fabricated appliances are in trend, but this style needs a stainless look. Yep! We are talking about the appliances in the kitchen or any part of the house. There are chances that you won’t find metal appliances. Then what’s an alternative?

If not stainless steel, be okay with its color. But getting steel will make your cleaning work easy too (they can be cleaned easily and quickly, without much effort). 

3. Use Metal and Vintage for most of the Decor 

To be specific… Rustic Metal. Okay, we know the farmhouse looks better with rustic effects. But try it once at your place, we bet you won’t regret it. Don’t go for a complete rustic look, rather add a hint of it in the rooms with the decoratives.

And another is vintage pieces! Eight out of ten people like vintage embellishments. And the industrial look demands the same. But what kind of vintage piece should you go for? Let us answer that, the ones that remind you of old laboratories, factories, or industries.

Those old-fashioned chairs, tables, and even storage. You can convert shipping containers into a home office, guest house, or even your own house. You can also get the chandelier or pendant lights defining the geometric shape and metallic effect.

4. Opt for Concrete Staircase

Concrete was the thing that is most used in factories and the past. Not just concrete walls or outshined bricks gives the sense of the industrial look, consolidating concrete stair tread in it will add an effect like a Sirius star to the sky. 

To beautify it, go for the waterfall stair railings of metal, of course. It will give a seamless look to the floor and has the highest durability.  

5. Have more Spacious Areas

Nothing promotes spacious areas as industrial style does! You can say it can be your final touch on the house. Don’t have much of mess in any room, the main point that attracts everyone is its less fuss and more organized.

Vintage furniture can take less space and give more storage. Embracing industrial style is all about hugging minimalism and let space have its own freedom at the place.

These are elements that you need to blend to have an industrial look. Don’t miss any of the factors or else you will end up getting something else against your wish.

Few of the best examples disclosing the Industrial decor fused into a living space:

Here you will see the industrial version of every corner of the house, and by this, we mean from exterior to bathroom, we have included everything.

Industrial Style Exteriors

industrial house

source: houzz.es

This elegant and luxurious outlook of the house is damn enticing. With the placement of windows and the selection of brick walls with its contrasting color, everything is on point. The designer does deserve the praises.

Exterior Industrial House

source: decoratorist.com

The tiny brick house was smartly converted into an industrial guest house, which is pretty and also functional. You can see the outer wall is of exposed brick and two foldable chairs on the porch.

Industrial Style Interiors

Living Room

living roomsource: designferia.com

Who said you couldn’t go bold with this style? See how the interior designer has balanced the look of the living room combining the hot pink sofa and rug having the color theme that blends everything perfectly. The walls are creamish in color and the ceiling is black, but the furniture and order of books are made in such a way that it isn’t allowing the hot pink sofa to shine out.

Industrial living room

source: stylemazing.nl

The image only is giving warmth. The grey concrete walls (giving out an unfinished look) and sea green floor sofa are looking just wow! The combination of wooden furniture and green plantation will surely make one’s heart happy.

industrial house

source: nimvo.com

Wooden ceiling, exposed brick walls, sliders, and classic floor lamp, everything defines only one thing. You already know what! The vintage style chair and cabinets are placed excellently in the spacious living room


imdustrial house

source: realliving.com.ph

Kitchens are meant to be functional, spacious, and inviting. And the one in the image is an ideal example. The designer has selected a combination of stainless steel and vintage chairs.

industrial house

source: archilovers.com

The wooden flooring with naked pipes on the walls and ceilings described the industrial look. The best thing in the kitchen that is applied by the designer is a movable dining table. The dining table with wheels is damn functional and the box concept.

kitchen interior design

source: cocolapinedesign.com

Narrow and simple kitchen with all over white theme is looking just gorgeous. The sunlight through the window makes it look a bit spacious. The thing that draws towards it is the vintage wall lamps.


industrial style bedroom

source: comelite-arch.com

The owner of the bedroom seems to be close to the industry and ancient elements. This simple yet elegant bedroom has a geometric metal chandelier creating a focal point. Grey-colored wall, white furniture, four-frame order, and furry rug, what a comfortable and cozy combination!

industrial bedroom deign

source: home-designing.com

Spacious bedroom with exposed bricks and white sidewalls and ceilings. Other elements reflecting the same are a shelved library, cactus plant, frame arrangements, antique decor pieces, and a study corner with a classic lamp. 

industrial bedroomsource: pinterest.co.uk

The prominent industrial bedroom with vintage pieces, such as lamps, pots, storage, and decoratives.

bedroom interior

source: homishome.com

Elements added to the bedroom:- Ceiling of wooden siding, pendant lights, uncovered pipes, ancient classic chair, dark color, and plush bedding.

Living Room cum Garage

industrial house

source: reddit.com

This one is the classic and elegant living room with a car parking space. The concrete stairs with the grill railings are giving out the industrial vibes.

industrial house

source: tumblrgallery.com

It does seem like the factory is converted to the living area having a small garage attached to it. The lemon yellow iron beams on the ceiling create a focal point. And the most basic element is also added – exposed bricks.


bathroom interior

source: concretedecor.net

An ancient look. The designer has carefully and wittily applied the washbasin and platform of stone. The grey finishing takes you to the past world.

bathroom interior

source: pinterest.com

The half-done concrete walls and functional shelves are the elements of industrial style. The red pendant lights add a definitive statement to it. And white sanitary ware is complementing at its best.

bathroom interior design

source: houzz.es

Anyone can agree that this one is part of the industrial style house. The exposed brick walls, bare pipes and tubes, and the sleek, sanitary ware, what else you need to have for the look?

Industrial House is all About Unfinished Look 

Okay! Not just unfinished the one with metal and steel. This is an iron house just like an iron man. People are loving it 3000 times more. Now you know everything about the industrial house and the main thing all its characteristics, so get working and have one for yourself. Good luck! 

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