Japan always has a beautiful and rich culture, which sets them as the best from the rest when it comes to reputation and uniqueness. In this hefty race to improve the standards of life, we somehow forget to live life. Are you able to relate to this stress and vicious expectation cycle? Why don’t we create a peaceful haven in the comfort of our own house with the Japanese interior design? Consider the following ideas to create your own den, your own Zen. Japanese believe that “Emptiness is almighty,” which means enough space for ample space and a very small amount of furniture. 

If you wish to add the elegance of Japan in your home, follow the following Japanese interior design style to create your Zen:

Introduce Elements of Nature

 japanese interior designsource: wallpaper.com

Japanese believe in keeping mother nature above all, and the best way to keep the warm relation with nature is by bringing nature indoors, wondering how to do it? Bring Japanese plants like Bonsai, bamboo, umbrella tree, maple to bring a little touch.

While choosing any green plant, make sure to choose simple, green, and natural as most often, you will not see colorful floral arrangements in a typical home. Another way to do it is by expansive and large windows that will help to bring many angles of nature inside. 

To do it, take the help of shoji, a wooden frame with the translucent paper, which allows diverting the shadows and natural light when not needed.        

Soaking Tubs an Essential Part of the Interior

 japanese interior design

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Japanese soaking tubs are an essential part of the interior. For Japanese people, bathing is not just cleaning the body, but for them, it is like meditation where they believe your body needs to calm and compose. Japanese tubs are deep but small in size with a bench seat(sort of). Add an elegant and beautiful soaking tub and create a spa-like environment to enjoy each bath. Wooden flooring adds cherry to the settings.      

Special Japanese Doors

 japanese interior design

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When it comes to the door, you have plenty of options to choose from to bring the Japanese feel inside the house. The traditional door is called shoji, which is authentic sliding doors. Due to the high cost of living, generally, Japanese homes are small in size, so they use sliders to save the cost and space.    

Wood is the First Love

 japanese furniture

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Wood has closely resembled mother nature, so to infuse the Japanese touch, natural wood is the answer. As we already discussed above that they love to keep things at a minimal rate, so keep less wooden Japanese furniture in the living room. The most common wood includes hemlock, red pine, maple, cypress, and bamboo. It helps to create a serene calming effect on your home.        

Interesting Japanese Decor

 japanese furniture

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When it comes to decorating the living room with the Japanese theme, you have plenty of options. If you want to go for the traditional style, then go for the shoji version as you can separate sessions with the shoji screen as living space, kitchen, and lots more. Japanese believes in keeping things simple. Introduce brown and beige shades of furniture and keep the seating low. Fill the room with the natural lights with large windows and ceiling openings. 

Stylish Entryway

stylish entryway

source: homedezen.com

Japanese called the entryway as genkan; this is the place where you can greet the visitors, so make sure to reserve a space where you can immediately ask them to keep shoes (according to Japanese, it is not good to walk inside with shoes). You can see in the image; there is a shelf to store shoes in a simple and elegant cabinet. At the entryway, you can go for stone tile flooring as it is very easy to clean and highly durable when compared to other types of flooring. 

Japanese Style Furniture

 japanese interior design

source: roadtitans300.com 

Japanese believe in keeping the furniture simple and clean. Most of its furniture is low to the ground with the floor cushion, ideal for tea ceremonies, dining, and normal chit-chat. In this image, you can see a low seating table without chairs, a low plank table, a small and grounded coffee table, and minimal decor to live up to the impression.        

Beautiful Color Choice

 japanese interior design

source: futuristarchitecture.com

Till now, we all have understood that the Japanese love simple things and the same rule applies in the color choice also. Just like decor, their choice for the color is also inspired by nature like wooden elements and green plants. They prefer light color for walls with the natural elements surrounding the room like wood shelves, flooring, and natural houseplants. 

The Bedroom is a Serious Affair

bedroom interior design

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Japanese believe that a bedroom should be such that provide comfort without harming the elegance factor. One of the main elements of the Japanese style includes tatami mat, perfect lightings, low bed, abundance of cushions, pastel palette, and low tables near the bed. The most important clutter-free arrangement as Easter people do not litter their house. You can add green elements with house plants. While doing all this, remember that in Japan, there is no space for a wardrobe in the bedroom.  What do you think about the Japanese style bedroom?


With little efforts creating a cozy and Japanese interior design. These were some of the few tips and ideas to create your own comfort zone, what do you think about these ideas. Keep reading HomeDesignNow for all beautiful ideas.