Decorating a kid’s bathroom can be fun. Kids are very creative, and being surrounded by exciting decor inspires them to create amazing things. Kids bathroom decor should represent their personality. Transform your kid’s bathroom in one of these ways. Turn every corner of the bathroom into fun for your kids. Use bold themes with little details. Unusual shapes and colors make them spend more time in the bathroom. Bathing time is the playing time for kids. Here we are proving simple and easy bathroom ideas to make your kids’ bathroom a playful bath space. Your kid love to use his bathroom specially made for him alone.

Take a look at these awesome kids bathroom ideas:

Ask Your Kids

First, ask your kids about the bathroom designs. Ask your child what they like and what kind of bathroom they want. They have many more creative ideas than you. Go shopping with them to the home center to get some supplies. Also, guide them to select the best ones for them.

Amusing Themes

There are numerous themes that you can choose for your kids’ bathroom. No matter how old is your child, you’ll find the perfect theme for them.

  • If you have a little girl, then go for the princess themes like snow white princess or Cinderella princess.

         Girl:  fairy, Disney princess, barbie, mermaid

girl bathroom idea


  • For boys, there are also plenty of themes from superhero to their favorite cartoon character.

Boy: Buzz light year, a superhero like a spiderman, batman

boy bathroom idea


Color Combination

Make sure the colors that you are using in your kids’ bathroom should be bright and bold. Use a splash of colors with soft textures that are naturally amazing to the eyes. Sit with your kid and draw some fun patterns and characters on the wall. 

colour combination of kids bathroom


Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are also playing an essential role in making up any place. Use tiles that are child-friendly and too easy to clean. You can use colorful tile combination or lively patterns. Sea characters, flower printed tiles, garden design tiles are popular ones.

Bathroom Tiles for kids


Cute Bathroom Set

A bathroom set is a collection of items like a toilet seat, sink, vanity, and bathroom furniture. Buy a complete set for your child bathroom in their favorite character. You can go shopping with them to the nearest departmental store and help them to find their bathroom accessories.

Cute Bathroom Set for kids


Adorable Accessories

From toothbrush holder, soap dishes to shampoo dispensers all come under bathroom accessories. Mix and match their accessories to create a fun element in their bathroom. Add a cute shower caddy near to the bathtub. Place crazy mirrors, shower curtains with cartoon characters printed on them. A sea themed bathroom slippers are ideal for your little princess.

Adorable Accessories for kids


Comfortable Rugs

There are different kinds of rugs for bathroom like an area rug, rug around the shower area, etc. Place a carpet near the vanities to feel them comfortable. Cute animal print and sea motifs with fun patterns and color rugs are perfect your little one.

Comfortable Rugs for kids


Storage Ideas

It is very natural for kids to be messy. You can better things by making things easier for their little hands. They easily create a mess with clothes and towels. So make a laundry bag for their unwashed clothes. Add clothes hamper, hangers to remain organized. Add a large size rack for towels and clothes. Use storage furniture that is functional and as well as colorful. 

Storage Ideas for kids bathroom


On A Budget

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on constructing a new bathroom for your children. Reinvent your old bathroom into a child-friendly. By simpling painting your old vanities and storage in colorful paints. Cabinets, drawers with eye-catching handles and fun wall decor make the bathroom interesting place for kids.

kids bathroom decor On A Budget


Cool Vanity

A vanity is a place where your kid can wash their hand and face. Early morning your kid uses it and after he returns from playing in the evening. Use a smaller and shallower sink. Place a dish near to the sink, where they can put items from their pockets. If you have two beautiful daughters and they love to get dressed together then place two vanities with two matching mirrors.

Cool Vanity for kids bathroom


Windows and Wall

Use unique shaped designed windows and doors. Use window mosaics in different colors around the window. You can also paste wall stickers on the walls in themes like hello kitty, ninja turtle or spiderman. 

windows and wall ideas for kids bathroom



Kids love to play in the bathroom. Use a decent size bathtub according to the age of your child. Buy some bath toys like a yellow duck and place them in the bathtub. Let your kids pick their floating toys for their tub. Toys will make bathing like playing in the water for your kids. Cute little baby boy taking bath playing with foam and colorful rubber duck toys in a white sunny bathroom

kids Bathtub



As a parent, you should always concern about your kid’s safety. Bathroom accessories should be functional and fun but safe as well. Place a rug near the slipping areas like near the shower area. Carpets will protect your child from slipping and falling over the wet surfaces.

rug for kids bathroom


Keep these ideas in your mind when next time you go shopping for your kid’s bathroom. These ideas will help you to add some fun elements to your kid’s bath space. These are easy ideas and also budget-friendly. Colors make everything attractive and exciting. Use bathroom furniture that is comfortable and specially made for kids. Like, use a small toilet seat for little growing up child. Add a step stool under the sink to reach the vanity mirror.

No matter what your child loves, you will find everything from color to unique design patterns for their bathroom. Get some amazing ideas and tips on Homedesignnow.