With different coffee types, it is still easy to brew it, then maintaining a kitchen coffee bar. With dozens of things to store, from K-cups, travel mugs, shakers, and coffee bags to its machine (if you have one) storing it can really get one heck of a job.

If you are a coffee lover, then definitely, you will have every little thing used in the making of coffee, including stirrer and measurements. So how to arrange it in a way it looks appealing as well as functional.

You can’t assign one whole side to a coffee bar, where will other essentials go? So to help you with maintaining the coffee bar, we have come up with a few awesome ideas, whether you are renovating the kitchen or not, you will get all the answers here.

From DIY to installing shelves and getting a mobile cart for the same, we have covered it all. Let’s take heed!

Clutter-Free Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas

Having a personal touch to the most loved thing is all you need to arrange it in a dreamy way possible. Take out the inner Monica from you and start arranging coffee kits with the help of the following ideas.

Counter Coffee Station

kitchen coffee bar

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Make a space on your counter and arrange a coffee bar over there. You might need to add shelves for the mugs and shakers. Though we have different options too, get a decorative mug stand and a few trays, baskets, or both.

Now in the tray or basket, place the coffee bags, shakers, and stirrers. You can also keep travel mugs. Besides that, place the mug stand and hang the cups on it. Tada! Your counter coffee bar is ready. To give a more personal touch, you can stick wall stickers of coffee-related or morning quotes.

Cart and Side Tables

kitchen coffee bar

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Don’t want to go to the countertop bar? Isn’t there enough space? Don’t worry! A coffee cart or side table is also a good option. You will have to buy them and place them in an easy-to-access space. Then decorate your coffee kit, and it’s done. You have an organized coffee bar ready. If you have selected the cart, then my friend, you have a mobile coffee bar.

Customized Coffee Cabinet

Customized Coffee Cabinet

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Is there any empty cabinet? Are you remodeling the kitchen? If yes, then get a separate cabinet ready for the coffee essentials. Here you can organize your collects of mugs, K-cups, coffee bags or beans, shakers, and everything. Below that, keep your coffee machine, so whenever you wanna make coffee, you won’t have to run here and there with the kit.

Engraved Shelves for Coffee Bar

Engraved Shelves

source: trendir.com

This is possible only if you are renovating the kitchen, as you will have to engrave shelves in the walls. This will give your kitchen a farmhouse look. So if you haven’t yet got the coffee kit, go for the one with the farmhouse accent on it. But those shelves will store only mugs and cups, so for rest, get the wooden or bamboo basket.

Coffee Bar Shelves

kitchen coffee bar

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The most uncluttered and straightforward coffee station idea is the coffee bar shelves. With this style, you will only have a coffee machine on the counter. How? The shelves will store the rest of the kit, including shakers, stirrers, and coffee bags. Here you can transform it into a modern coffee bar by adding geometric texture to the wall and iconic shelves.

Floating Coffee Bar

kitchen coffee bar

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What is a floating coffee bar? It is more like a shelved coffee bar, but here you will place the shelves at a certain distance and with a design forming diamond or square shape however, you like. Here every element of the coffee kit will work as decor.

Decorative Coffee Kit Display

Decorative Coffee Kit Display

source: bestcoffeeforyou.com

Do you have a fantastic coffee kit collection? Why hide it? Showcase it in one of the corners of the kitchen. Make sure it has that attractive vibe, which makes everyone go near them. With this, you will gain uncountable praise. Creating and maintaining it is a bit difficult, but you will love it.

You test tube jars for storing coffee beans and get the mugs hangers (of 3 to 4 pairs) and display the collection of mugs. Place a tray and showcase your shakers and stirrers, beside them will your super cool coffee machine.

To enhance the look, paint the particular area of your wall black, and write quotes or phrases for coffee in a decorative way, you can also get the coffee quote sticker for the introducing the area.

2-in-1 Beverage Cart

kitchen coffee bar

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We already discussed using a cart as a coffee bar, here it’s a little in-depth information on the same. You read the sub-heading it says 2-in-1 beverage cart, what it is? By 2-in-1, we meant you could use it for morning brews and nightcaps. Store all the accessories for both and secure it in a place, and you are good to go.

Built-in Kitchen Coffee Bar

kitchen coffee bar

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It is nothing but a specified cabinet or area dedicated to the coffee bar. It is known as a built-in kitchen coffee bar, as you have to get it ready while construction or remodeling the kitchen. It can be anywhere, from the cabinet to the countertop or separate area (will discuss it later!).

When you have a specified area for the things, arranging and organizing gets easy. This also makes maintaining easy-to-do.

Separate Coffee and Beverages Bar

kitchen coffee bar

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This one is possible only if you are going for proper remodeling of the kitchen area or the entire house. For having a separate coffee and beverage bar, you will need a space where you can get the countertop and shelves built. It will be like a minibar, where you can store everything from a coffee kit to your beverages collection.

Butler’s Pantry Coffee Bar

kitchen coffee bar

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The best place to create a coffee bar is the butler’s pantry, yes you read it. Why? As it has many cabinets, where you can store all your essentials without worrying about separate space or clutter. Plus, it also adds proximity to the dining room with its size and layout.

Coffee Bar for Coffee Lovers or Monicas:

So these were the coffee station ideas that you should go for having a stylish and modern coffee brewing area. You can use these ideas for creating an office coffee bar as well, where you will get the home-like feeling. For more ideas on remodeling any area of a house, visit HomeDesignNow.