If something makes it to the top list of home aesthetics this year, pools would easily be in the top five given how we have all turned into homebodies lately. From performing low-impact exercises or lounging by the pool with your family and friends, this place has seen more reunions than the great outdoors in 2020-21. While we agree that staying at home can get boring and stagnant at times, having a pool that makes your home feel more lively is one of the ways to keep yourself going. Every day on the internet, we’re seeing the new and improved versions of aesthetic pool trends that sport amazing architectural and digital amalgamation that can sometimes feel like magic.

However, you can have it too! If you’re looking to modify your pool or build one for your new home, we have a collection of the best pool trends that you can take a look at.

Curious to know more? Read on to get all the details!

The Cocktail Pool

Pool Trends

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These days having smaller homes is not an excuse to skip out on owning a pool anymore. If you’ve seen Instagram’s pool trends, you’ll notice that people are raving about an increase in miniature cocktail pool sales which are about 400 square feet; big enough to give you all the relaxation and small enough to cutely fit your front yard or backyard.

What is awesome about these pools is how they don’t cut back on luxury while being eco-friendly at the same time, irrespective of the size. There are customizable add-ons available such as water heaters, jets, seating, and more to make cocktail pools look just as luxurious as bigger pools.

Pool With a Spa

Pool Trends

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When you can’t go out to the spa, bring one home! Homeowners have started adopting a new pool design that integrates a pool and spa so that they appear to be seamless. The trick is that they are separated by a wall so that the cool water in the pool does not mix with the warm water in the spa. Luxury at your doorstep, literally!

Digital Lighting 

Pool Trends

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LED lighting is the present way to jazz up events, entrances, parties, and rooms. There is just about every color available to fit your mood, and thanks to automation, you can change the colors as and when you like. The newest trend has mixed digital lighting with the pools so that you can enjoy a neat light show along with your kids or guests when you’re feeling festive.

While the LED lights are encased and installed to be waterproof inside, around, and outside the pool, you can change the colors using a remote-controlled panel depending upon the kind of occasion. From lit-up pool steps to covering the complete pool in lights, this is one trend we feel excited about!

Rain Curtain

Pool Trends

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What if we told you that you can have a tropical setting just in your backyard, even though there are traveling restrictions at the moment? Bring the rainforest home by installing a pool rain curtain to create the stunning effect of water cascading down a wall into the pool with controlled intensity.

Saline Pools

Pool Trends

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Saline pools have multiple benefits that we are all in for, given that they eliminate the need to add chlorine that ruins the hair and skin texture. Adding salt not only makes your pool odorless but also has other perks such as giving a spa-like feel to the water with additional relaxing benefits.

Baja Shelves

Pool Trends

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Also known as sun shelves or tanning seats, Baja shelves are flat and shallow places inside the pool where the owners can lounge in to soak up some healthy vitamin D and get a lovely tan. What makes it better is the cool water hitting your body so that your skin doesn’t burn!

Energy Efficient Pool Automation

Pool Trends

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Automation is everywhere today, and can even be integrated into your pool systems so that you have a good experience every time you go for a dip. Installing automatic pool cleaners, digitized lighting, heated floors, jets, spas, and more features that maintain or enhance your pool’s utility are highly in demand today.

Since eco-friendliness, hygiene and sanitization are a high priority for everyone, having leaves, dust, insects manually cleaned isn’t practical, hence automated overnight cleaners, which have been in the market for quite a while have been made more efficient and sophisticated today. 

Fire and Water 

Pool Trends

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There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than watching contrasting elements combine aesthetically. Such is the charm of having a fire pit or water bowl at the center or side of the pool to stay warm in the chill while lounging leisurely or taking a languid swim at night.

These additions look beautiful since there are fire stones and safe architectural techniques followed to give you an exotic treat every day. If going to resorts is a restriction, you can bring the resort pool home!

Automated Pool Cover

Pool TrendsOld school pool covers ruin the looks of the pool you have invested so much into. They also don’t always protect the water from contamination, shedding leaves, dirt, insects, or algae formation. The best innovation to protect your pool is an automated and aesthetic-looking pool cover that acts as a strong shutter. What’s better? It can hold the weight of people standing or sitting over it.

The additional area can be used for other purposes when the pool is not required and you need the extra space for an event. Your guests wouldn’t be able to guess what they’re standing on!


Apart from the biggest pool trends that will bring a five-star experience to your house, pools are also becoming more environmentally friendly. Energy efficiency is something we all need to be mindful of as reducing our carbon footprint and use of resources is one of the most crucial practices to battle climate change.

The pool gadgets we see today use clean energy, get timed to function only when necessary, and recycle water rather than waste it away. We hope you gained some great pool modification inspiration from our blog!